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Well, I think whether Morgan will survive depends on Raina’s choice. It is possible that she choose the „greater good” and that she was addressing Morgan when she said she was sorry.

Of course it is just as likely that she made the selfish choice and is sorry for that. I hope it is the latter but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the former.

Regarding Maynard: Someone said in the on-page comments that they saw them at the execution and while I didn't see him there is a silhouette that could fit him. Based on that it is entirely possible that he will wake up soonish.
Agreed, I just think that Raina's instant glomp of joy when seeing Morgan is a sign that she chose Morgan. I figure if she didn't choose Morgan, she'd be a bit more subdued when seeing Morgan again.

Maybe. A silhouette seems kinda weak to me.