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    Default Re: [Dreamscarred Press] Path of War: Expanded! (Discussion Thread VI)

    I believe I brought it up in my Harbinger review that a 10th level Harbinger would generally have an expected DC 6 Higher than an equal level wizard. Assuming that in both cases the enemy is shaken, if the Wizard can't shake the target beforehand the Harbinger's DC is 8 higher.

    Bonus to both
    2: Shaken (Generally the Harbinger will have the advantage on applying this). Later Harbies can inflict shaken through a flank.
    2: Discipline focus/Spell Focus/Greater Spell focus

    Unique to Harbinger
    2: That one Stance +2 (Can also be a buff for the Party Wizard since it gives a -2 save penalty to those in range)
    2: Ill Intentions +2 (In my specific case I used Fly-by attacks, so a Wizard would need to ready an action to cast a spell specifically when I'm in a flank position to benefit)
    2: Discipline Weapon +2

    Doesn't have an effect
    That +1 competence bonus to save DC from Dark Focus since it's lower than competence bonus from a discipline weapon.
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