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Permission granted.
The lack of production is the genesis of this thread's downfall. I better make a plane before it shifts my alignment. I hope you're ready to rock, Illyahr.

The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Flaming Riffs

The plane of flaming riffs is entirely dedicated to the three true virtues, the greatest of which is rock and roll. Located between the positive energy and fire elemental plane, "Flaming Riffs" is almost entirely dominated by the largest venue in the great wheel. Rockers and other musicians play their heart out 24/7 365 days a year. The plane is not only a venue for music, however, it also has a backstage area for a musician to spend time with his groupies and a large parking lot to party before the big gig.


"Flaming Riffs" is inhabited by it's own form of petitioners known as "groupies". The groupies listen to music and sing their praises to the performers greatest hits. Not only do their praises grant the performer even greater morale when preforming, some of the other planes have literally heard their cheering across the planes. Mechanus has put in a formal noise complaint against Flaming Riffs, in fact.

It is said that once per year, Illyahr, the greatest bard to have ever walked the prime material, plays a gig for a week straight. This week is known to the groupies as "Ragnarock'n'roll". It is also said that all bards across the planes gain bonuses to their ability to shred while Illyahr is playing.

Planar Traits
  • Normal Gravity: With exceptions to some righteous hairdos. Or is that just a +1 can of reverse gravity hair spray?
  • Normal Time: Rock is meant to be enjoyed at its own pace.
  • Mildly Positive-Dominant: Don't harsh the mellow, man.
  • Not Aligned: You can't put an alignment restriction on rock.
  • Special Trait: While a performer is playing an instrument within Flaming Riffs, all groupies are considered both under the effects of Hero's Feast and a Bard's Fascinate class feature.