Name: Loopee, LoopeeDK or Loopee0 is what Im always called everywhere.
Availability to Host Campaigns: Depends on alot, but mostly yea
Contact Information: Here, Roll20 and Skype(PM)
Posting Frequency: Daily close to "Hourly" currently Im in between jobs
Systems You Can Run: 3.5e(Core, Eberron and Custom made.)
Preferred Campaign Types: Roleplay heavy with a focus on developing the Char's personalities, Somewhat "neutral", depends alot on the players.
Sample Game Threads: Havent run games over Giant Playground before, and moving electronic is the big new for me, tho Iv been in DnD for 10+ years and for about 4 years on the Electronic play area.
Current Games: Im Currently running a d20 Modern post apocalyptic, with some homebrew elements to put more focus on realism(Open/Unstarted), I have plans of running a DnD 3.5 Eberron campain, but I want my players before I start the big plan stages.