Wow... it's been nearly two months since I posted on the log. Real life has been tiring, consuming, and quite a bit busy. We had two sessions in this time, that I need to update. The first deals mostly with downtime between the modules, a sort of "Mid Campaign Interlude", which... didn't go so well. Some tension in the group rose, and what I thought was good plannign turned into a poor execution.

Still, from mistakes I learn. The second session dealt with a few more Interlude matters, and then preparing to the journey to the Abyss, and the attack on the Midnight Fane, which was quite a bit of fun.

So... I got two sessions to update. I'm not sure I remember all of it, but I do keep quite detailed notes, and I think I got most of what happened. it may take me a little while to update, I hope you enjoy what's coming.

Session 20, Part 1- Mid Campaign Interlude: Loot, Rebuild, Revelations, Arulashee's Path

We decided to start with dealing with the ludicrous amount of loot the party got from the Ivory Sanctum, upgrades and the like. This took a looooooong time. I asked the party to deal with this before the session, through emails, but they... didn't. So we ended up spending quite a bit of time from the session's start dealing with the loot. They also just remembered to deal with the rebuilding. I'm spoilering the info, in case you're just interested in the story. But if not, then you can take a peak.

Spoiler: Loot distribution, purchases, and such
So, some of the main changes:
  • Julian got: Persistent spell rod, Lesser maximize rod, Black robe of the archmagi (Turned to white in the purity forge), Diane's robes (Julian's mom. She intends to merge their properties with the white robe, can't do it quite now).
  • Julian's equipment upgrades: Brilliance (her headband) got to +6 Cha, +4 to int and wis. She also upgrades her belt to +4 dex, +2 str, +2 con. She likes her attributes!
  • Sena got: Rod of quickening, Headband of mental prowess (+4 to wis and int), Rod of Withering (Sena wishes to merge it later with the Blade of Paradox, can't do it right now), Pearl of power 6th level.
  • Sena's equipment upgrades: Sena upgrades his armor to +3. He also buys a Mallable Holy symbol (He mostly likes the ability to change the shape of the symbol, which goes with his developing beliefs. The ability to change the shape of the channel energy is just a nice bonus to him). He also buys the Mite of the Heirophant. He likes being masked, and the diplomacy bonus. Sena sold his Lion's shield for a light shield, to be able to hold the rod of quicken in his non weapon hand. Sena also buys a cloak of resistance +5, not liking failing saves.
  • Andera got: Cloak of resistance +4, Wakizashi of the planes (Andera joined it with Changi's properties), various wands (Mirror image, cure serious wounds, Resilient Sphere, dispel magic)). Manual of bodily health +2.
  • Andera's equipment upgrade: Andera adds the "ghost touch" quality to Changi, which is quite fearsome weapon indeed by now! He also upgrades his armor to +4
  • Mad Dog got: Ring of protection +5, Warlord's Breastplate (The custom made unique item).
  • Mad Dog's equipment upgrade: He manages to add the "defiant" property to his Warlord's armor. With the ring, his AC even surpasses Sena's, which takes the group by surprise (Though that is prior to spells). Lastly, he buys boots of flying. He doesn't like being stuck in pits...
  • Miscellaneous: They gave Xanthir books and library to Aravash and the city. They think about purchasing a holding bag for the books (Give a hefty bonus to knowledge rolls) as a portable library. The 4 Ambrosia were divided of course between them.
  • They sold a ton of stuff, worth in total 207,275 gp. Despite some difference in gold value, they decided to distribute the wealth evenly. (Mad Dog's player, who's value was the least, insisted.
  • Total "Value" at the end: Julian 270,000, Mad dog: 222,500, Sena: 265,400, Andera: 264,925. It may seems like a lot, but with the characters being 12th level/ 5th tier, (And about to hit 13th) they are equivalent of about 15th level characters. The WBL should be between 240,000 and 315,000 per character, so we're t about the right place!

Spoiler: Rebuild changes
First, a quick summary:
  • Julian: She took Display of Charisma as her 5th tier power. Brilliance also has the Adroit (Diplomacy) power. With each effectively able to give +20 each to diplomacy, (+40 together), And a +25 at her basse (Very high charisma) she can be a killer diplomancer. Other than that, she focused on metamagic (She got silent, still, selective, persistent and the new dazing metamagic feats). She invests heavily into social and arcane skills.
  • Sena: Takes Mythical Heavy Armor feat (To shore up his "touch AC" defenses), and takes Display of Charisma (He views this as sparks of divine insight). He spreads his skills more, putting more into diplomacy, bluff, and the various knowledge skills. Still quite a bit short on skills though.
  • Andera: Takes the Master disguise and ghost step tricks (He remvoed 1, I forgot which). He also takes Mythical Improved critical. He upgrades Changi to minor artifact, now capable of casting dimension door on his own 3/day. He removes Combat Trickery from the path abilities (Which he never used) and takes Master of Escape.
  • Mad Dog: Precision power, Mythic Dodge Feat (To avoid really crucial attacks), and chnged Reckless Abandon to Intimidating Glare (To work with his armor)

I got the character sheets before the rebuild. My plyers still haven't sent me the ones after it. Once I get it, I will post a table.

Back at the Ivory Sanctum
That dealt with, we go back to our story, just after the battle at the sanctum (We assume all of the purchases tak place in the interlude afterwards behind screen).
Mad Dog: "So.. .what's now?"
Julian: "Lets destroy this place!"
Sena: "I propose we do something else- Consecrate it. Everyone can destroy but such a revenge is more subtle, and more sweet..."
Julian: "I like it! We're in agreement!"
Sena: "Then it makes it better. Please, return to Drezen, I will need to work on this place for two days. I will return later."
Andera: "What about your followers?"
Sena: "They will know what to do. They know I'm busy." Sena then turns to Arulashee, who came after the battle, lookign at everything stunned, bewildered. "I will need your help in this matter." Arulshee, surprised, agrees to stay.

The rest of the party teleports to the main gate of Drezen, with Mad Dog lifting the halves of Jerribeth' body above his head. They quickly head to the makeshift stage near Horus Emporium, as the people of Drezen rush to see, with Arabeth quickly coming to greet them: "heroes of Drezen, you always bringgood news! What do you bring today?"

Julian speaks clearly. "I made a promise- I promised you that we will come back after we kill Jerribeth. And return with the proof. Well, this is Glaberzu, we have destroyed her, and she will haunt this city no more!" With that MadDog threw down the halves of Jerribeth to the floor, at the astonished crowd, who quickly rose up in cheers and excited applause!
Julain waited a bit, and continued "She was with another menace" She spread the remains of Xanthir Vang, charred distorted worms "These are the remains of Xanthir Vang, the Worm that walked, Who was foolish enough to oppose those who would reclaim this land and rebuilt it!" Aravash, greatly affected, stepped forth and bowed before her.
Julian: "In the city of Kennabres the worm to the wlk has done a terrible to your order, the Riftwrden, of the Black Wing library, we hope these will start to rebuild it." With that she gave him the stolen relics from the library, and Xanthir Vang's books.
"People of Drezen This land Will! Be! Free!" The crowd burst into more applause and cries of excitement.
Opoli, and others of Sena's cult called out "The Spirit Walker, Where is he?"
Julian accosted their fears: "Have no fear my friends. We have found the Sanctum of the Ivory Snactum and he will destroy it and will be with us in two days..."
She then turned to the crowd at large: "We all are proud of the people of Drezen.
"This will be the right time to honor those we have lost to reclaim the city. Those who have foguht and died on the way here, taking it back, and the ones who died of Jerribeth. Tonight we have a reason to celebrate, tonight we need fear no more!". The crowd cheered for the heroes of Drezen, and celebrations were ordered.

A work of Consecration, annd spiritual talk
Before startign on the work of consecratign the temple to Baphomet, Sean relaxes bit, and then sends a message to Aravash and Qulin Longshadow: "I have a mission for the two of you, seek information about the demon Oodkalakt, who holds the Soul stone of the tiefling host." Qulin replies "You ave the thanks of me and my brethren."

Sena then talks to Arulashee. "Before undertaking such a task, we need to pray, and contemplate." They do so in silence, after which Sena speaks to her:
S: "I believe you have been here before".
Ar: "Not like this!"
S: "What do you feel?"
Ar: "I feel Alien."
S: "To this place or in general?"
Ar: "To the world... or so I was. After you have shown me your new vision, your idea of the future... I thought that maybe... I could fit there... Somehow." She then gave a sigh. "And yet, I could not overcome my fear, and you could not trust me to fight with you. I was not courageous enough."
Sena's player shot an angry look at Andera. "What do you believe? I don't ask about the logic, about belief. Think about the answer- why didn't you come?"
Ar: "Mostly due to self doubt, and being a danger to you all..."
S: "Who persuaded you so?"
Arulashee gave another desperate sigh. "The rest".
Sena offered her a chair (This part coems from the last season of Babylon, if you recognize) "Sit".As she came to sit, eh took the chair from her.
"Why did you sit? Just because I ordered you to sit?" She looked a bit stunned. He then spoke, more gently "Sit please."
But she would not, and shot him an angry glare "I don't like these games"
S: "It was to make a point."
Arulashee started "look…" but Sena cut her our "No, you look! I care only of what you are going to do in the future, not of what you've done or have been in the past. I too, have done a lot in my life."
She gave a mirthless hollow laugh. "Not as much as I have!"
Sena replied: "We are not in a comptetition."
Ar: "But you are a mortal, our very essences are different. There never a demon that changed. Why should I be the first?"
Ar: "For you have done something magnificent and extraordinary."
(They have a conversation about change, and the meaning of it. Unfortunately I lost track of this)
S: You are not merely a demon, you are a person, and as such capable of decision, and of change Every day is a struggle."
Ar: "I'm not sure I am strong enough."
S: "And if I say that you are?"
Arulashee would not answer...
S: "If we can take for example a lake- throw a stone to the lake. Wht will happen?"
Ar: "Ripples"
S: "An effect- even the simplest things have effect. Each day you have a choice to do good, or to do bad. Yes indeed, because of what happened it's more difficult, and you need more resilience in order to not slide back to the past. But what determines between good and bad is our actions here (he pointed to his head) and what feel and believe here (he pointed to his heart). And maybe you think my opinion doesn't matter, and that you don't have a place. You will be the judge. I think… no... I believe, that you are strong enough, that youhave a place, and believe that you have a very important destiny."
Arulashhe was caught up in his words: "You don't know me at all, what do you see in me?"
Sena looked at her kindly "I look in her eyes, and see your soul. We are connected. We are both creatures of Paradox, and our new life was forged by it. We are both the same. We are both sides ofthe same coin. Together we make the coin whole."
Arulashee seemed moved. "I need to think of this. Let us go on with the consecration. I will help any way I can."

Sena makes a bit of a show of it. He uses his ability to rest for 1 hour to regain his abilities to cast loads of Bone Shatter spells, to wreck the place and the temple. He also then spends one day to remove the Unhallow Spell on the temple, and another day to cast Hallow on it. He uses Sculpt stone to put his mark, the new mark of Drezen in the ruins, and lastly closes the place with several walls of stone.

As they work, Sena continues to challenge her: "We have two days here, make use of it. If you wish to help, that is good, but you need to think for while. Think about the questions- Think about who are you? What do you want?" (Babylon features greatly in Sena's player's inspiration. )
After some time working, Arulashhe replies "Who am I? I am adrift. And what do I want? I just want to find an answer"
S: "Then Join me, I ask the same questions. I don't doubt myself as you are, but I also have blood on my hands, to redeem myself. "

At this point I deemed it appropriate that helping Sena was an act of redemption. Andera roleld a save for her- 1! Failed....
Arulashee was still in doubt. "You are a good friend, I do not... have friends... but I don't think you understand. "
S: "You are a wise woman, but I don't think YOU understand. But it seems you need more time. I am changing, and my proposal still stands- join me."
Ar: "I will join you, even if just for the companionship"
S: "I will be honored if you will wear this." He offered her the pin of the Vision of Drezen.
Arulsahee accepted it. "I will honor Drezen"

As they stand outside the throughly "reclaimed" ruins of the Ivory Sanctum, they breath together. "It is done. Let this be a sign of our determination. Let us go home..." And with that, he used word of recall to take them both to his temple.

She returns in her image as Sena's apprentice, the half elf Lash. a big discussion starts in the group- Do they let the people of Drezen know who Lash is? What she is? They don't mznage to come to a conclusion. Julian and Sena's player wish to have her known. "We have lied to them before and we ate crap because of it. We can't lie to them again!" But Mad Dog and Andera were not sure. they thought it might undermine their entire achievements till now, especially since they themselves were not sure of her yet. (Sena was the only one who had full confidence of her. The rest did not).

Spoiler: Sena's "little talks"
The long talk with Arulashee was the first of many "small arrangements" that Sena had in this session. He interacted with practically every NPC in Drezen, some shortly, some at more length (I probably haven't written down notes for all). This got to be somewhat bothersome, but I understood this only after the session ended. Needless to say, the other players got somewhat annoyed at him hogging the spotlight for so long.

I should have noticed this earlier, in session.

The Queen's Visit
Shortly after Sena returns, The Queen arrive at the city as well, with her small teleport-sized Entrouge of her mage Nulan, an Iomedae's priest and two bodyguards. The party wait as she gives yet another rousing speech, giving her thanks to the heroes, saying that the demons were held in check, and tht the wr effort and the struggles of Drezen give rise to new hope and moral to the troops. The crowd cheers, nd she retires with the heroes to the war room.
S: "Ok, now for the truth".
The Queen seems tired all of a sudden, sits down, as Nulan puts a hnd on her shoulder, concerned, but she puts it away. "We are at a stalemate with the demons. The reclaiming of Drezen, and the Sword of Valor did indeed give a much needed moral boost, but as most such things, it is fading. And the demons are starting to attack swiftly again, wear us down. We have tried a few counter maneuvers, but it seems their infiltration runs deep. We are stopped and out routed at every turn. We are not making any headway in the war effort, other than stop the advance. I am not sure how long this will last..." But she then looked at the heroes, and smiled "But I hear you have been doing miracles again? You beat Jerribeth, and The Worm that Walks! That's excellent! Now, what have you found? I assume you found something that can help us?"
The party offers her the notes from the Sanctum. The main pieces of information are as follows:
- Xanthir's research into the Nyhadrian Crystals, and that all of this, even the destruction of the Wardstones, is just an experiment for some grand project Areelu Vorlesh is planning.
- The elixirs are made from crystals on some other abyssal plane, and transported here. The plane is the Midnight Isles, the plane of darkness, rueld by the demon lord Nocticula- the first succubi, risen to demonlord status, mistress of seduction, lust, darkness and assassinations.
- The Nephilim Hepazimerah herself, Baphomet's own daughter sees the operations of mining the Nyhadrian crystals in the Midnight Isles. The notes however do not say where in the Isles are they located.
- Minhago, Who orchestrated the Red Massacre, hs fallen from grace with Baphomet, after her fiasco with the Wardstoen Fragment. She is tryignto redeem herself, but it i unknown how.
- The forces of Deskri and Baphomet are trying to ally with some other demon lord! But which one, this is unknown, as the notes re heavily coded. The Queen is most alarmed by this. "We braely manage agaisnt two demon lords. Against a third? This must not happen!" She takes the notes for her sages to decipher.
- There are also a lot of coded messages of the Bahpomet spy network. She takes these eagerly as well.

As the pary finishing discussing the main findings, Julian speaks cautiously. "My Queen, in our adventures we have found something else, that may help end this, or at least shed a light, ofthis whole war."
The Queen looked intrigued. "What do you mean?"
J: "How did the war start?"
Q: "With Areelu Vorlesh. She manged to tear a way to the Rasping Rifts, Deskri's domain."
J: "How did she managed to do it?"
The queen looked confused. "We never manged to make sure, but we assume Deskri gave her a lot of power... Why, what have you found?"
But before Julian continued, Sena stopped her. "Shouldn't we perhaps talk about this with the Queen alone?"
J: "yet her aids might help us, they are people of vast knowledge."
S: "And yet her top liens have been infiltrated."
At last, the Queen agreed to talk with them privately, but she wished to keep Nulan with her. "I trust him with my life." (The entire party went: "Ok, so he's OBVIOSULY a traitor. )

More alone, Julian continued, and explains about finding the Lexicon of Paradox.
The Queen and Nulan were both thrilled "So we can use it to close..."
S: "Or completely open the rift apart. The key was half turned. Using it again may save the world, or doom it entirely."
Q: Where did you find this?
Julian explains about the expedition nd the guardian. paradoxical angel.
the Queen semeed as if a new fire hs been lit in her, excited, thrilled, determined. "Why has it been given to you?"
J: "It was given to us by paradox because we are part of the paradox. My Queen, you are pure..."
The Queen laughed. "The decisions I've made, the sacrifices, the losses, I am far from pure, believe me!"
Andera stepped in: B"ut you are chosen for Iomedae, her leader on Golarion."
Q: "Yet, he gods have chosen you. This is great news! We will use this Lexicon, and close the rift!
Sena was alarmed by her enthusiasm: "Queen maybe we should reconsider."
But the Queen will not be deterred: "NO! We will do this! We shall end this war! Once and for all! You have done the impossible, can you do it again?"
Mad Dog rose excited: "YES!"
Andera tries to calm things down, with Nulan helping:"We cannot rush into things! We must understand what's at stake, what can and cannot be done." It taks a bit, but they calm the queen somewhat.
Sena had more questions though: "What if we manage to close the rift. What happens for those who live in this world, such as the tieflings?"
The Queen though assured hun: "If they learned to live with us, accept our ways, then they shall live with us. "We do not deal with petty vengeance, we are not Harkun."

As things seem to have settled, they chatted a bit more amiably.
J: "I understand this war is not easy on you. "
Q: "I have been doing this more than a century"
J:"Maybe the tide will change."
Sena speaks to the Queen about his vision for a new world, wanting to prepare her for the news bout Arulashee. She listens, and says it is a commendable effort, but that she cannot think of it now. "When the time comes."
Sena decides to reveal Arulashee. But before that he asks the Queen "I wish to show you to someone, someone who may greatly aid our efforts. But I want you to promise me not to harm this person, I want your word for it."
The Queen narrowed her eyes. "I trust you Sena, but I do not give my promises lightly, or blankly. You seem agitated, and there seem to be a danger."
J: Look your majesty, at this interestingtimes people go through a lot of changes, war, killing, people find new ways. Do you think you can trust us and in our judgement."
The Queen was confused, but alert: "I cannot speak only for myself, though I value your opinions greatly. I am the country, and as such I cannot simply trust, though I value you greatly."
J: "Even if our opinion do not see eye to eye?
Q: "You are speaking in riddles. Why is that so?"
S: "My first oath is for you your safety and regards. My second oath, is to kill those for whom we fight to give freedom an I will not rest. (Sena goes bit about his duties, oaths, past and so on... lost it a bit here) The bottom line is that I need your assistance in order to make the draem true- a word can make a lot. You saw what happened with Lann. . In our quest we found a demon that is trying to redeem herself."
The Queen and Nulan gasped, and then turned angry, and cautious: "That is impossible! Demons cannot turn! You have been tricked!"
J: "The impossible was made possible by the paradox itself. It is not a demon anymore, it is something different."
S: "I am connected with her by the paradox. We are two sides of the same coin. This woman has knowledge and understanding of our enemies. She is staying on the crossroads. We need your help in helping her."
"A successful diplomacy roll later) "I will trust her for this. Show me to her.
Sena goes in front to prepare Arulashee.
Ar: "What does she want?"
S: "You said to me you don't have a place. What if I tell you you were wrong.?
Arulashee gave a wondering smile:"I will be surprised. Does she know who I am?"
Sena was nervous "Be calm! I will help you. Just wait here" Sena started pumping out buffs, in case he will have to step to protect Arulashee from the queen.
As the party (Plus Queen) arrive atthe door ofthe temple, where she resides, Julian turns to Galfrey. "Before we meet her- she is quite famous. She is the former demon Arulashee." Nulan curses, the Queen as well. "Do you know of her, her past? She was oen of the gretest demon spies, an assassin, infiltrator, saboteur! Her very life, essence is one of concealment, trickery, lies and deceit? And you think you can trust her?!"
J: "Yes we do. Desnais her guide now. She is on her way."
The Queen shows great concern, but Julian manages to gain her trust, for now. They go in, and Queen meets demon.
The Queen greets he teeth, but greets Arulashhe: "In this time of Paradox, I trust these heroes, who vouch for you. On my behalf you are... welcome..." This was a bit too much for the queen to bear (nd this was going on for quite some time), She turned away and walked.
Ar: "I Never thought she would greet me like this!".
S: "We are making the impossible possible."
I deemed this another possible test of redemption. This time they rolled a success!
Arulshee fell to her knees, crying: "Thank You Desna for leading me this way, I see this more clearly now. If Iomedae's chosen has accepted me, maybe I do have a place."
Sena hugs her, and sens a message to the Queen afterwards: "My oath to you stands still, and foremost. I know it was difficult, especially due to the history. Thank you." The Queen does not respond. The Queen and her entrouge leave, after agreeing that her sages will try to decipher the coded messages as fast as they can. Meanwhile, Enjoy the short break, the hero status and rebuilding Drezen. The Queen urges Julian to explore the Lexicon of Paradox in order to find a way to reverse the process. "Anything Julian! There MUST be a way! There MUST!" She emphasizes on her. Julian promises to explore just that, even though she has her own agenda in exploring the Lexicon.

Arulashee has gone 1/4 points towards redemption.

Time goes by... various happenings in Drezen
Here we assume time goes by, the characters change some of their training (Rebuild), and they use teleports to prosperous cities, plus Horus connections and so on to make purchases, enchantments and the like. Julian is mostly engrossed at learning the Paradox, with Sena aiding her to restore her mental faculties when the madness gets at her. Andera tries to learn more of demonic doings in this area, and Mad Dog just kicks back and enjoys his hero status!

Andera talks with Anevia, Aravahs and Qulin in the Sleepless eye. After taking down the Ivory Sanctum, the whole structure of demonic dominance in the area crumbles, and hearing the news of the tiefling host, many other tieflign tribes make their way to Drezen, turning sides! Within a few weeks, the city almost doubles with new tieflings "immigrants", and the turmoil grows a lot. But Sena's new vision, his cult, and Qulin's teachings go logn enough to keep a shallow calm over the city. Many of the new tieflings find the "new ways", challenging and baffling. "They will learn, or else WE will deal with them." Reassures Qulin.

Anevia explores into Sena's "New disciple", a bit more, and the party decides to tell the leaders finally, despite Mad Dog's objections. "We can't have them find out on their own" Andera says. The news come... with raised eyebrows, but they accept her enough.

Meanwhile, Sena continues to try and help Arulashhe on her spiritual path. At one night, they seem to get closer...
Ar: "I cannot express how thankful I am to you. You keep showing your faith in me, your belief, your convcition, even when I have not."
S: "We are two sides of the same coin..."
Arulashhe came closer to him, and tentatively laid her hand on him. She then laughed. "I'm Embarrassed!" She laughed nervously.
S: "Don't be, not with me."
She came closer. "Who would have though? A succubi, embarrassed?"
Sena put his hand on her hair. "I will never harm you. I will let no one harm you. Even in the temple, when the hag came for you, I will not let her."
Arulashee came into his embrace. "Yes, you intervened, you stopped her..."
Sena smiled "Let me relieve you of your embarrassment, let us come together, and I will protect you, share with you..."
They came together, closer, coming to a kiss, when suddenly her head came back, looking at him curiously. When she spoke, it was as if someone was speaking through her, with a soft, rich, amused voice.
Ar: "There you are! I ave been looking for you! You have gone amiss! What has... happened to you? Your aura... your soul... I can't quite see it no more. It is if it is... not there? Not part of the universe? Not part of me? Hmmmm?"
Sena cursed "Calistria! I have given you my pact at the tower of Drezen. This has not changed! What is this?"
Calistria gave a wicked smile, using Arulashee's face. "You have been gone. I was soooo worried! You seem... out of place, out of touch... like you're gone to me? Where have you been my champion of champions?"
Sena looked angry, and broke off the embrace. "You need not worry. I have changed, but our pact still stands."
Calistria seemed amused. "Oh, Worry? Not so much. Curious? Very much so! You are... something new! Something I haven't yet seen. Hmmmm? I wonder..." She walked slowly around him, seductively, reaching with a hand to touch-not-touch him. She came to kiss him, but he stops her. "Enough! Leave her out of your games! I am yours, she is not!"
Calisria laughed "As you wish, my champion! Just don't go missing... I'll be watching..." and with that her influence left Arulashee. Sena went to her, but she turned away. "Not... not now... perhaps some other time..."

Andera's player, worried about where Sena might lead her, decided to have a talk with her on her own. I swear the rivalry between these two has been getting out of hand lately.
An: "You could go on the path you deem for yourself, and it may help. But for ages you prayed for Desna, and me also. But if you wait for the power of others, for others to save you, guide you, you will never achieve your freedom. Desna is strong, yet still, where hs she led you? Why is this taking so long? The gods are not interested in us, they do not look for us. If you want to make a change, you need to put your own meaning for it. I wouldn't just pray all the time. Don't wait for a miracle. Make your own way! You were my mile stone. You gave me the motivation. We ARE bound, like Chandi. Find your own meaning."
Ar: "But Desna has shepered me for so long, she has gotten me this far!"
An: "It's time to let go of prayers of Desna, don't wait for her. Forge your own path! You seek a revelation from outside? Why don't you make a revelation by your own actions?
Ar: "The queen has accepted me. Is it not progress?"
An: "You are not a demon anymore."
Arulashee was relieved: "You believe I am not a demon anymore? What shall my meaning be?"
An: "This is for you to find, something will drive you there, but you must act, you must strive!"
Ar: "I shall try to seek my meaning, whatever that may be…" and she hugged him.

Sena also made other "small talks", with various NPCs, mainly trying to consolidate his vision. I won't add these here, lost track of those.

I will start with the second part soon enough, where a bit more action is to be had, and a bit of a... philosophical debate...