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    Default Re: The Mundane Trickster - Because who needs spells? (3.5 class, PEACH)

    List of Mundane Trickster Tricks

    The Assassin and the Thief by JSfantasy
    "There are so many things... so many finicky tricks and traps to learn, but that's okay. I've learnt them. All of them."

    The following are the mundane trickster tricks available to a mundane trickster. Note that if the mundane trickster is being used in the Pathfinder roleplaying system, all skill requirements should be reduced by 3.

    Always Strike First
    You are lightning fast, and none can match your speed.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can't be surprised; if there's a surprise round, you can always act in it. You always go first in the initiative order.
    Special: Two or more characters with this trick roll normally to determine which acts first, but all act before anyone else in the combat.

    Your athletic abilities are legendary
    Prerequisites: 4 ranks in any three of Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, and Tumble.
    Benefit: For the prerequisite skills, you use your strength, dexterity or constitution modifier, whichever is highest. You also get a +10 bonus on any of those skill checks.

    You have an instinctive awareness of everything about you.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You have blindsight out to 30 feet.
    Special: This trick can be taken multiple times; the range of the blindsight stacks.

    You can create even more special items.
    Prerequisites: Herbalist, Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks.
    Benefit: You can create additional powerful items. You also get a +10 bonus on craft (Alchemy) checks.

    Envoy Firework: DC 30 to make. An envoy firework can be used as a weapon, dealing just 2d6 fire damage and 2d6 bludgeoning damage on impact if it even hits a creature in the first instance, but that's not really the point. Envoy fireworks are packed with explosive of high enough quality to send them either a steady 4 miles/level, or you can create a more risky explosive that will send the firework up to 2d6 miles/level. Either way, the envoy firework takes 10 minutes to reach its destination, and can send anything that can fit in the small compartment inside it - this usually entails something of the calibre of a small book, or a dagger, some deadly poison, and a note. The envoy firework isn't in condition to send back.

    Of course, the decent damage and long range make an envoy firework a possible long-ranged artillery weapon, especially if you put something more dangerous (such as some explosives on a 10 minute and 6 second timer) inside. That's your call.
    Explosives: DC 30 to make each set. Explosives can be linked together and linked to the user by a fuse cord, allowing them to be detonated from a safe location and all at once. Alternatively, they can be put on a timer.

    When detonated, explosives deal 1d6 damage per level, half fire and half force, within 60 feet.
    Poison Gas Grenade: DC 30 to make. Fired just like exploding potion. Fort against 1d6 str 1d6 con/1 str 1 con.
    Stun Grenade: DC 25 to make. Fired just like exploding potion, those in 20 feet take 1 sonic/level, fort vs deafened 1 minute/level, reflex vs blinded 1 minute/level, on both failed stunned 1 round/level.

    Combat Coup
    You can make coups de grace against opponents you're fighting.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You can Coup de Grace nonhelpless creatures, you can do so from up to 30 feet away, you can make Coups de Grace even against normally-immune foes, and making one doesn't take an attack of opportunity.
    Special: If the target is immune to critical hits, resolve the Coup de Grace anyway; it's just not a critical hit.

    Combat Maneuver Master
    You are a legend at performing special attacks.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You gain the benefits of the following feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Sunder, Improved Overrun, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple. You also get a +5 bonus on your attack roll to perform cleaves, bull rushes, sunders, overruns, disarms, trips, and grapples as well as +5 bonus to any additional rolls needed to perform any of these actions, or a feint, successfully.
    Special: You can use these feats as prerequisites, but you can't retrain them or use spells such as Embrace the Dark Chaos to remove them. An effect that would remove one of these feats, short of removing the mundane trickster trick itself, fails.

    You can defend against enemies' attacks and strike back with your own.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 6th.
    Benefit: The mundane trickster gains the ability to counter attacks. As an immediate action, the mundane trickster prevents one attack that would be made against the mundane trickster, and makes one against the would-be-assailant. This can be done from any range, but can only defend against attacks which must roll to hit.
    Special: A mundane trickster can counter an attack regardless of ability or inability to attack back. If the mundane trickster can't complete the counterattack, this doesn't stop an attack being prevented. Similarly, a mundane trickster is under no obligation to attack even if capable of doing so.

    Craft Flying Machine
    You know how to create a simple machine that allows you to fly by body power.
    Prerequisites: Craft 8 ranks.
    Benefit: With a DC 25 craft check, you can create a flying machine. This consists of a large fixed-wing glider combined with a nonfixed-wing propeller connected to pedals that are used to operate the thing. You can direct the glider with one hand to move with clumsy maneuverability, with two to move at poor maneuverability, or with none to move straight forwards. Either way, you can move up to 30 feet per round as a move action. You can't charge, run or dive. Operating a flying machine requires a DC 10 strength check each round, or the machine falls 30 feet (as well as moving in the intended direction) as you lose control of it.

    A flying machine can be collapsed or unfolded in 3 rounds, so that it can be carried easily when not in use.
    Special: There's no reason another creature couldn't operate the machine. A flying machine costs 500 GP and weighs 20 lb. Flying machines require a large number of pre-built parts and only actually take 1/5 of the normal time to craft.

    Craft Legendary Trap
    You can craft almost any kind of trap quickly and efficiently.
    Prerequisites: Craft (Trapmaking) 7 ranks.
    Benefit: You can craft any trap whose CR is no greater than half your level as a full-round action, so long as it doesn't involve modifying the floor, walls, or other major features of the room, doesn't require items such as large boulders which you could not possibly have about your person, and of course is nonmagical. Further, you can do so out of improvised materials; it costs you nothing.

    If you craft a trap of any sort properly, it gets a +10 bonus to attack rolls, save DC, or whatever other mechanism used to hit (Except, of course, "Never miss") and deals double damage.

    To make traps requiring poison, you must have the Herbalist trick. You never risk poisoning yourself while making these traps.
    Special: The traps that can be crafted in this way, of those listed on the SRD, are basic arrow, fusillade of darts, poison dart, poison needle, razor wire, scything blade, spear, javelin, large net, tripping chain (even though it's "Really" two traps), hail of needles, poisoned arrow, doorknob smeared with contact poison (requires prepresent doorknob), ungol dust vapour, fusillade of spears, whirling poison blades, wyvern arrow, burnt othur vapour, fusillade of greenblood oil darts, lock covered in dragon bile (Requires prepresent lock), insanity mist vapour, drawer handle smeared with contact poison (requires prepresent drawer handle). There are no CR 10 traps listed on the SRD that can be crafted in this way, but you can make your own.

    Craft Masterwork Flying Machine
    You can make a superior flying machine.
    Prerequisites: Craft Flying Machine, Craft 10 ranks.
    Benefit: You can craft masterwork components for flying machines just as you might for weapons. When you construct a masterwork flying machine, it increases the user's strength check result by 2 just like any other masterwork tool, but also increases the speed to 45 feet and the maneuverability by 1 step. They can be collapsed or unfolded in just 2 rounds.

    Create Airship:
    You can make larger flying machines that carry multiple people.
    Prerequisites: Craft Masterwork Flying Machine, Craft (architecture and engineering) 12 ranks.
    Benefit: You can create larger flying machines that can carry multiple people. The airships consist of a gondola held aloft by either a gasbag, (which can be filled with a buoyant gas created by a Brewmaster using a DC25 Craft (Alchemy) check) and propelled by one or more propellers which are operated by pedals. The gondola of an airship can be made the same size and weight as any type of ship (rowboat, galley, keelboat, longship, sailing ship, warship). An airship costs twice as much, moves the same speed as and requires as many crewmembers as a conventional ship the same size as the gondola. Airships can stay aloft without being propelled.

    Death Attack
    You can make death attacks much like an assassin does.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 6th.
    Benefit: You can make death attacks much like an assassin does, but you only need to study your target for one standard action.

    Death Mark
    Your attacks mark enemies for death.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: When you attack an enemy, if you hit, you mark them for death. Their armour class is reduced by 2 for each death mark they have (Death marks stack). A creature with one or more death marks is always a viable target for a sneak attack, but if they couldn't be sneak attacked anyway, the sneak attack is limited to one die per death mark on the creature.
    Special: A creature can remove a death mark with three rounds' rest.

    You can block attacks headed for your allies.
    Prerequisites: Counterattack, Sudden Movement
    Benefit: You can move suddenly and counter an attack as the same immediate action to block an attack that would have hit an ally. To do this, you must interpose yourself between the attacker and the target. The attack is then countered just as though it was aiming for you.

    You can disappear into thin air by distracting your foes and hiding.
    Prerequisites: Hide 8 ranks.
    Benefit: You can hide even while being observed. You can hide as a swift action. You can move while hidden.

    Dominating Shout
    You can rattle a creature so badly that they follow your commands.
    Prerequisites: Intimidate 6 ranks.
    Benefit: You can intimidate creatures normally immune to fear, and creatures don't get morale bonuses against intimidation attempts by you. If you pass an intimidate check of any type by 10 or more, you rattle the creature so much that they live in fear of your wrath for one day per level. Their terrifying experience haunts every waking moment, and they are shaken for the duration, but it also makes them fiercely loyal to you. They will obey any command you give them, even if that command puts them in immediate danger.
    Special: You still can't intimidate mindless creatures, but you can intimidate those immune to mind-affecting abilities.

    Escape Death
    You're very hard to kill.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 8th
    Benefit: If you're killed, you turn out not to have been dead and wake up 3d6 minutes later at 1 hit point (although your fast healing will quickly give you more). To all inspection, you are still dead for those minutes. If you die three times in a single 24-hour period, your body finally finally gives in and you don't get up.

    Find Planar Rift
    Between any two planes that are connected, there are countless rifts that allow for one simply to walk through, though to do so by accident would be almost an achievement as they require very specific negotiation.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 13th, Find Rift
    Benefit: A mundane trickster can take a knowledge (The planes) check to see whether or not there are any known planar rifts between the mundane trickster's plane and a specific other plane. Beating a DC of 30 finds the closest, which is about (3d6-3) miles away (0 to 15). Beating a DC of 20 finds the second closest, which is about 5d6 miles away (5 to 30). Beating a DC of 10 finds some planar rift or other within 10d6 miles (10 to 60).

    When a planar rift is found, a mundane trickster can move through it through bodily contortions specific to that rift. This takes one minute to achieve, and planar rifts lead to a specific location on the other plane; a mundane trickster who knows the rift's location on this plane knows its location on the other plane.

    A mundane trickster can instruct another creature on how to pass through the rift, but doing so takes five minutes as the mundane trickster painstakingly instructs the other creature on exactly how to move their body.

    Interrupting a creature who is trying to move through a rift disorientates them a little and they must start anew, but has no appreciable negative effects.
    Special: Planar rifts are nonmagical and can't be detected magically, except perhaps by epic magic. Even in demiplanes or dead magic planes, there are planar rifts. A planar rift is usually the effect of planar movement, but sometimes due to repeated plane shifting. Either way, a mundane trickster doesn't lose conviction for using one unless a wizard or wizards deliberately plane shift until they create a planar rift.

    Find Rift
    When mages teleport, they leave behind a small tunnel in space called a "Rift." To enter it accidentally is nigh-impossible, and even doing it deliberately requires much skill.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 9th
    Benefit: A mundane trickster can take a knowledge (The planes) check to see whether or not there are any known rifts between the mundane trickster's location and a specific other location. Beating a DC of 30 finds the best, which is about (3d6-3) miles away (0 to 15) from both the start and end locations. Beating a DC of 25 finds the second best, which is about 5d6 miles away at one end (5 to 30) and 3d6-3 from the other. A DC of 20 finds one which is about 5d6 miles away at each end. Beating a DC of 15 finds some rift or other within 10d6 miles (10 to 60) at one end and 5d6 at the other, and a DC of 10 finds a rift which is about 10d6 miles away at each end.

    When a rift is found, a mundane trickster can move through it through bodily contortions specific to that rift. This takes one minute to achieve. A mundane trickster who knows the rift's location at this end knows its location at the other end.

    A mundane trickster can instruct another creature on how to pass through the rift, but doing so takes five minutes as the mundane trickster painstakingly instructs the other creature on exactly how to move their body.

    Interrupting a creature who is trying to move through a rift disorientates them a little and they must start anew, but has no appreciable negative effects.
    Special: Rifts are nonmagical and can't be detected magically, except perhaps by epic magic. A rift is usually the effect of planar movement, but sometimes due to repeated teleporting. Either way, a mundane trickster doesn't lose conviction for using one unless a wizard or wizards deliberately teleport until they create a rift.

    Full Attacker
    You can make your full complement of attacks rapidly
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can make a full attack as a standard action, or as part of a charge. You can make a full attack twice as a full action.

    Healing Hands
    You are talented at healing creatures' wounds.
    Prerequisites: Heal 4 ranks.
    Benefit: You can, by spending a minute to heal a creature, restore hit points equal to the heal check result. You can also cure the effects of poison or disease by using your heal check in place of the fortitude save against the normal DC.
    Special: If you're interrupted or choose not to take a full minute, you instead heal 1/10 of the normal number of hit points for each round you spent healing. For example, a mundane trickster who would heal 36 hit points but is interrupted after 2 rounds instead restores only 7. Because the instances are counted holistically, not separately, they are rounded down together, not individually.

    Mundane tricksters can heal themselves like this.

    You can make some all-natural concoctions which aid the drinker... or explode, of course.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can use Craft (Alchemy) despite not being a spellcaster. The results are always nonmagical. You can also craft some interesting items which others cannot, taking 10 minutes to achieve. The save DC against these effects is 10, plus half the mundane trickster's level, plus the mundane trickster's intelligence modifier.

    Deadly Poison: DC 20 to make, injury or ingested, fort. vs death/4d6 con.
    Exploding Potion: DC 20 to make, when thrown (range incr. 10 ft) or used in sling/crossbow/ballista etc. explodes 40 feet, dealing 1d6/lv fire to target and 1/lv fire to others in area, sets everything flammable in area ablaze, fire spreads at 20 ft/round.
    Healing Salve: Restores 1d6 HP and 1 ability score per level. Permanent drain is removed by sacrificing 4 points of damage removal (so at level 8, can remove 3 CON damage 5 INT damage, or 1 STR drain 4 DEX damage, or 1 WIS drain 1 CHA drain, for example).
    Ignition Paste: DC 10 to make, burns for 1 minute/level when lit, on weapon adds 1d6 fire damage. Enough to cover 1 weapon or 50 ammo. Can also be used for anything else you might want 1 minute/level fire for (eg put it in a sling and throw the entire thing, sling and all, through someone's window?).
    Rage Brew: DC 15 to make. Imbiber rages as barbarian of own level; only effective 1/day per person.
    Sticky Paste: DC 10 to make. Very slightly sticky (like a post-it or old tape) until activated as standard action, then becomes very sticky; anyone who touches it is stuck to it. Loses its stick after 1 minute/level. Dealing it 10 points of fire damage destroys it. Can also be used to stick inanimate objects together, though the short duration might not make this the best idea.

    Heroic Killing Blow
    You can kill anything you can hit.
    Prerequisites: Killing Blow
    Benefit: Any hit you make is automatically resolved as a successful coup de grace, even though it's not necessarily a critical hit.
    Special: Just like the coups de grace from combat coup, these coups de grace ignore critical immunity: the coup de grace is still resolved, it's just not a critical hit.

    Incorporeal Bane
    Your weapon cuts through even ghosts and spirits.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Your attacks function absolutely normally against incorporeal and even ethereal creatures, the force of your blow carrying through much like a force effect.
    Special: Your attacks are treated as force effects for anything related to incorporeality and etherealness.

    Instant Identify
    You know what an item does just by looking at it.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You know what an item does just by looking at it. This includes its functions and how to activate them, its current hit point total, whether or not it is a cursed item, and anything else that is to do with an item's functionality, capabilities, or usage.
    Special: This doesn't just apply to items that you can pick up and use, but also to houses, bridges, castles, and so forth.

    Iron Mind
    You are able to resist powerful spells of control.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You are simply immune to divinations, enchantments, illusions and telepathies. You do not show up in scrying spells.

    Jump Master
    You are a master of jumping in all situations.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You can Slow Fall any distance just like a monk does. Even if there's nothing for you to grab, you only take half damage from a fall. You can jump while grappling if you take the "Move while grappling" option. You can try to escape the grapple once during your jump as a free action; if you do your opponent falls and you complete the jump rather than moving into an adjacent space.

    Killing Blow
    You know how to score a deadly hit on a foe even in normal combat.
    Prerequisites: Combat Coup
    Benefit: Every critical hit you strike is automatically resolved as a successful coup de grace.
    Special: This is useless if your foe is immune to critical hits, even though Combat Coup works normally.

    Leopard Sprint
    You can move at lightning speed for a short time
    Prerequisites: Sudden Movement
    Benefit: Once per minute, you can put on a massive burst of speed, moving 10 times your movement speed as a full-round action.
    Special: If you have the Run feat, you move 12 times as far instead. If you're wearing heavy armour (and don't have an ability such as Armour Mastery which negates the penalty for doing so) you move 8 times as fast instead. If both are the case, you just move 10 times as fast.

    Loyal Companion
    You can obtain a companion on the field of war.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 6th.
    Benefit: You obtain the service of an unusually strong cohort to aid you on the field of war. This cohort works much like the one from the Leadership feat, with a few exceptions. First, the cohort cannot take levels in any class with the righteous desperation class feature. Second, the cohort acquires the righteous desperation class feature as though they had levels in such a class. Third, the cohort is always of the mundane trickster's own level, and doesn't gain experience separately.

    Master at Arms
    You can use any weapon proficiently
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: Whenever you are wielding two weapons, you can wield them as though you had any feat with the words "Two-weapon fighting" in them as long as you meet the non-feat prerequisites. Whenever you are wielding a non-reach melee weapon in two hands (whether it is two-handed or not) you gain the benefits of the Power Attack feat. Whenever you're wielding a reach weapon, you gain the benefits of the combat reflexes feat. Whenever you're wielding a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other, you gain the benefits of combat expertise (even if you don't meet the prerequisite) and improved shield bash. If you're unarmed, you gain the benefits of improved unarmed strike. If you have a ranged weapon, you gain the benefits of point blank shot. If you're wielding a weapon in one hand and nothing in the other, you gain the benefit of weapon finesse.
    Special: You are treated as having the benefit of the above feats for purposes of prerequisites, but any feat contingent on one of these feats is lost temporarily when you don't meet the correct conditions. For example, if you selected stunning fist using master at arms as the prerequisite, then you could not apply it to an attack with your left hand if you held a sword in your right.

    Master Craftsman:
    You are a master of your craft. And all crafts, for that matter.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You gain a bonus to all craft checks whose magnitude is equal to your mundane trickster level.

    Magic Resistance
    You have started to resist the magic of your enemies
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You gain SR and PR 6+level, or increase your current SR and PR by 5.
    Special: This talent can be taken more than once. Its effects stack.

    Martial Artist
    You are a powerful martial artist.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You gain the unarmed strike bonus and flurry of blows of the monk. You also get the monk's AC bonus.
    Special: These abilities function in as much armour as you like but not with a shield.

    Master of Disguise
    You can change your disguise at a moment's notice.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can disguise once per round as a free action. You get a +10 bonus on disguise checks.

    Mortal Wound
    Your attacks are difficult to heal and impossible to resist.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: Your attacks with any kind of weapon always do the full complement of damage, regardless of damage reduction, resistances, or any other clever way your opponent can think of to reduce the damage you deal. You can deal lethal or nonlethal damage entirely at your option, even if an opponent has a special ability such as regeneration which would normally stop you.

    Any damage, lethal or nonlethal, that you deal should be tracked separately. This damage is impervious to magical healing and can only heal naturally or through other nonmagical action (including by the giving of long-term care).
    Special: There's nothing to stop you missing due to cover, concealment, or simply failing to beat your foe's AC.

    Not on My Watch
    Mundane tricksters are responsible for everyone not dying, and they take that responsibility seriously.
    Prerequisites: Heal 12 ranks, Healing Hands
    Benefit: You are so good at healing that you can heal creatures after anyone else would pronounce them dead. For 6 hours after someone has obtained the Dead condition, you can use your Healing Hands ability to restore them above -10 hit points, after which they are no longer Dead.

    You have more raw ability in one or more areas.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You gain a +4 perfection bonus divided as you wish between any number of ability scores.
    Special: You can take this trick more than once. Its effects stack.

    Piercing Strike
    Your sneak attacks are far more powerful than normal.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can sneak attack normally immune foes. Further, a single attack you make each round can be designated a sneak attack, even if it wouldn't normally be. The opponent loses their dexterity bonus to AC for the duration of that attack, and so it is revolved as a sneak attack.

    Perfect Aim
    You can shoot past cover to strike foes you can barely see.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You ignore all cover and concealment with any type of attack you make.
    Special: Your opponent might still be invisible to you.

    Rapid Craftsman:
    You can create items even more quickly.
    Prerequisites: Craft (Any) 5 ranks.
    Benefit: Any items you craft are completed in half the usual time.

    Running of the Walls
    You can run, jump, and roll around at rapid speeds.
    Prerequisites: Athleticism
    Benefit: You can run, charge, dive or withdraw without having to move in a straight line. You can take as many balance, climb, jump, tumble, or even swim checks as you need to reach the location, and you can move freely over difficult terrain like this, and hopping onto or over anything smaller than your waist requires none of your movement distance.

    Second Chances
    In your time of need, you can perform an act of great skill. But you're a mundane trickster; it's always your time of need.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 5th.
    Benefit: Once per round, you can substitute a natural 20 for any one d20 roll made during that round. This takes precisely no effort and can be done even after the result of the roll is determined.
    Special: Because this takes no actions, you can do it when it's not your turn.

    Sixth Sense
    You can find things without looking for them.
    Prerequisites: Search 4 ranks.
    Benefit: You're entitled to a free search check to find anything you might possibly want to find, such as secret doors, traps, foes, or valuable items (even ones that you can't use).

    You are simply more skilful than others of your kind
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You retroactively and forevermore increase the mundane trickster's skill points per level by 4 (16 at first level). You spend these extra skill points immediately, even though you couldn't normally spend them at this time. Further, you get a +1 bonus on all skill checks and treat all skills as trained.
    Special: You must remember which skill points are a result of this mundane trickster trick in case it is lost or swapped out. You can take this trick more than once; its effects, where relevant, stack.

    Snap Out of it!
    You can allow people to regain control over themselves.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You can negate the effect of an enchantment, illusion or telepathy by shouting at someone to snap out of it. This takes a swift action, as it's a little more strenuous than actually talking.
    Special: Obviously, you can't end instantaneous effects like Phantasmal Killer.

    Snap Shooter
    You can shoot enemies who are distracted
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Quick Draw feat, and you can make attacks of opportunity with a ranged weapon, and don't provoke them for using one. Your threatened area is increased to the range of your weapon (or a weapon such as a throwing weapon that you can draw as a free action) but only for actions other than moving through a threatened space that provoke attacks of opportunity, such as casting a spell.

    You are a master of long-ranged attacks
    Prerequisites: Piercing Strike
    Benefit: You're not limited to 30 feet to make a sneak attack. You can make a sneak attack from any distance away that you can hit.
    Special: Any additional information about the feat, for example whether it can be taken more than once.

    Sudden Movement
    You are faster than most
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You move twice as fast as normal. You can move up to half your new speed as an immediate action. You don't provoke attacks of opportunity for moving.
    Special: You can move out of the effect of an ability, or out of a creature's attack. This might waste someone's action.

    You swim masterfully, and move through water as though it were air even when you hit the bottom.
    Prerequisites: Swim 4 ranks.
    Benefit: You can hold your breath 10 times as long as normal. You get a +10 bonus on swim checks. When you're moving on ground that's under a body of water, the water doesn't slow or impede you.

    Terrain Master
    You can move through any kind of terrain without issue.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Benefit: You don't take any penalties for moving through any type of terrain.

    Terrifying Presence
    You demoralise your opponents into submission just by your presence.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 4th
    Benefit: Your enemies within 120 feet get a -1 penalty on all D20 rolls per 4 levels, and a -1 penalty on damage rolls per 2 levels.
    Special: This is not a morale penalty and stacks with morale penalties normally.

    Trap Mastery
    You know everything there is to know about traps.
    Prerequisites: Disable Device 4 ranks.
    Benefit: You can find and disable traps in the same manner that a rogue does. You get a +10 bonus to disable device checks, and spot checks taken to notice traps, as well as search and open lock checks to use a bypass method. If you successfully disable a mechanical (non-spell) trap that can reasonably be picked up and moved, you can take it around with you safely, and also re-set it as a full-round action.

    You are automatically entitled to a search check to find a trap even if you're not actively searching for it.

    The Speed of Light
    You can move insanely fast.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 16th, The Speed of Sound.
    Benefit: Each turn you can take an extra standard action.
    Special: Due to the fact that you invariably have an extra move action, this allows you to take an extra full-round action.

    The Speed of Sound
    You move faster than eye can see.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 11th
    Benefit: You can take an extra swift action and an extra move action each round.
    Special: This allows you to take extra immediate actions, and with a source of an extra standard action might entail allowing you another full-round action.

    You are near-impossible to hit.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: You roll any saves twice and take the better result. Creatures attacking you roll the attack roll twice and take the worse result.

    Volley of Arrows
    You load a ranged weapon with a fistful of ammunition and fire the lot of it at your enemies.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: As a full action, you can make a volley of arrows attack with a ranged weapon. You choose a location within the weapon's maximum range. Everyone within 20 feet of that location takes the weapon's base damage per level. For example, if you're 8th level, wielding a composite longbow (+3 strength bonus) then you'll deal 8d8+24 damage to each creature in the area.
    Special: There's no reason you have to use a bow or even a crossbow: slings or even throwing weapons would work. Most firearms aren't suitable for this kind of attack, though.

    You are much better at breaking objects.
    Prerequisites: Strength 16+
    Benefit: Your strength check result (including the D20 result) for any strength check to break any object (including, for example, walls) is multiplied by 5.

    This allows you to pull off some exceptional feats. If you can pass a DC 60 strength check, you can break a Wall of Force, an item made of Riverrine, or a similar force effect. A DC 100 strength check will break pretty much anything.

    Despite the name, this allows you to bring even magical flyers to the ground.
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Whenever you strike an opponent with an attack, you may injure them such as to prevent them flying for 1 round/2 levels (minimum 1). If they're actually flying, they fall (though spells such as Fly usually have special riders to prevent the user being damaged in this way).
    Special: This doesn't prevent the use of spells like Feather Fall. For the purposes of this trick, any means of becoming airborne for longer than the duration of the actions taken to do so (such as levitation but not jumping) is treated as flight.

    You have no power over me!
    Enemy wizards find that their abilities aren't quite as good as they think they are.
    Prerequisites: Mundane trickster level 10th
    Benefit: When the mundane trickster's attack would be blocked, prevented, impeded or interrupted by a spell effect, it isn't.
    Special: As normal, this includes powers, spell-like or psi-like abilities, as well as martial maneuvers.
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