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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Session 21, Part 2- Preparing for the Abyss

    Julian's "condition"
    So Julian slept, While Sena stood guard outside of her door. Her home has become a place of congregation, with a great deal of the people of Drezen coming there, quite confused, yet filled with awe, that they have just seen something special.

    At morning Andera came to see Julian, yet Sena stopped him.
    S: "You need to give her some time. She is part of the process now."
    An: "The process?"
    S: "Yes, the new way. I cannot fully explain it now."
    An: "You talk about your new symbol? The new pins many of the people in town are sporting?"
    Sena hesitated for a bit. "That as well, it's a part of it. We need to give Julian time to rest."
    An: "I have no time for this. We need to understand what just happened there. She slept enough." And with that, he used ghost step to just go through the wall.

    Julian was awake though, She was at her table, seeming tired, but otherwise soemwhat refreshed. She looked at the enterign Andera in strange white eyes. "Ah, Andera the scorpion."
    An: "The Scorpion?"
    J: "I... I see things differently now. I think I see souls, or impressions of them. Maybe a part of the divine power... It's strange. I can't see the rest of the world, and even what I see, only from close up."
    (As discussed at the start of the session, Julian's player wanted to "pay a price/ mark a change". She can now only see sentient living things, as a sort of a soul, and up to 60 ft. She is blind to the rest of the material world. She can target creatures, but not see unliving matter.)
    Sena entered as well, a bit flustered. Julian turned to him, but her eyes were a bit as if searching. "Sena, you are here as well?". Sena bowed. "I am the guardian of Paradox, and you are it. I promised to protect." Julian looked at him with focus. "I can barely see you. You are as if barely flickering on the edge of sight... But thank you."
    Shea asked Andera and Sena's help to prepare food. And then she sat to eat. After a few bites, she seemed a bit more relieved.
    J: "This spell took more effort than I thought!"
    An: "I am not sure it was a spell. More like a sortof a small miracle! How did you pull it off?"
    J: "I grabbed some of the divine power, it was very draining. But it affected my sight- I see Andera like a scorpion, Sena flickering, it is... quite odd. The images do not always confer to the being. They are a bit confusing..."
    Andera thought for a few moments: "Well, it could be helpful to find some infiltrators. I do not know how to translate. Maybe we can try it.".
    Julian turned to Andera: "Perhaps. But It makes things... difficult. Andera, will you be my guide?"
    Before Andera could answer, they could hear a bit of a commotion outside. People understood she has awawkened.
    Sena was worried of this: "There is a crowd outside. I don't think you should go on in the city in your situation."
    Julian however did not agree. "People need to see me now." She finieshed her meal and spoke. "Sena, I appreciate you, but eave me and Andera alone." Sena bowed, and let to guard the door again.
    J: "Andera, it's not easy for me, but you remember ages ago, when I wasn't quite myself, and things went weird between us?" She coughed a bit. "Well, as I was... transforming... I saw you in my visions, have you seen them yourself, or only me?"
    Andera looked suspicious: "Not that I remember."
    J: "Well, I told you in those visions that I appreciate your compassion. I trust you, and if it's ok with you, I wish you to help me in this predicament, and be my eyes."
    An: "No problem in the city, but what's next?"
    J: "When fighting will come? When fighting will come, I will be there. We will act. Trust me."
    An: "I hope so. Just remember. But when fighting comes, I go for the source of the fire, I can't stay behind."
    J: "Of course."

    Spoiler: Julian and her guide Andera
    Julian's player also wanted to involve the rest of the group. Part of this handicap he proposed was to have him rely on another character, and strengthen the roleplay between the two. He chose Andera's player, to enrich the interactions. Sena had enough already. Andera's player also feel more at ease roleplaying with Julian's player, so this bode well. The agreement was that he will guide her physically, her hand on his shoulders, outside of combat. The player had an idea for that.

    Fourth Module- The Midnight Isles

    Queen's visit- "Your next mission, if you chose to accept it."
    Julian goes outside, her hand on Andera's shoulder, and Sena as a barrier between her and the people. She gives a short speech (We were now edging for a bit more action, so we just skipped the specifics), in which she called for those who can, when not working, help Brian in building the Abbey of the Forgotten, which will be the first outpost for teaching self defense, self reliance, and the responsibility to help others and do good, as you can. Julian's first temple, of a sort...

    "We got company. I swear she must have some very good spies!" alerted Sena, as the Queen was making her approach yet once more. The crowds parted, but the group decided to convene at the Citadel, and discuss things more privately there.

    The Queen herself was quite amazed at Julian's transformation, but did not comment on this other than. "You never cease to amaze me. This is good! We may need some miracles in the time to come. You have already done so much! Thanks to The Purge, we have been able to eliminate the infiltration in our camp, and now our plans, efforts are not immediately known. We have been able to deal some major blows to the demons laying siege to Narossian, and have even been able to push int othe Worldwound itself! Our army is marching to Raliscard, the front line military hold of the demons, lost to use in the second crusade. I shall return to lead it after finishing here, but finally- the initiative is ours! We are striking back!" The group seemed pleased at this.

    The Queen explained the situation: "I come to you, to ask you yet once again of a great service. I have asked of you many great things before, and you have always delivered, but this time... It is different. I need you to go into the Abyss itself, into the realm of Nocticula, demon lord of darkness, lust, and assassinations, into one of the greatest centers of evil in creation, into The Midnight Isles... While in the past we could lend you some support, I fear that on this dangerous mission, the most dangerous of all before now, you will most likely go alone. I... am uneasy of this... I am not fully convinced that I should send you into the great darkness, but I see no one more capable, and the stakes of this venture are... well, we never played for higher."

    She sighed, and then continued. "It seems all of our latest discoveries converge on this matter. The Nyhadrian crystals are mined somewhere in the midnight isles, an operation we suspect is headed by Hephazimerah herself, daughter of Baphomet, and source of the new powerful demons we have seen this far, as well as being crucial to some nefarious plot by Areelu Vorlesh. Whatever it is, it can't be good. But possibly more alarming, are the attempts to ally with Nocticula herself. I... we... my sages... have not been able to learn anything new of this most enigmatic of demon lords. She is a mystery. But she is also one of the most powerful demons in all of creation. The Midnight Isles is her realm, her reflection, and is composed of the bodies of great many demon lords she assassinated, which now form the hundreds of isles in the archipelago that form her domain. If they ally with her, the crusade is as good as over. We will lose. The world will lose... This, above all else, must be stopped." (Sena's player cursed silently. "Oh F***!" )

    The group listened, and so the Queen continued. "We have located The Midnight Fane, which is the portal through which the Nyhadrian Crystals are being transported. For some curiosity, they cannot be teleported ,and so they must be transferred by non magical means. It is located deep in the Worldwound, in an old defiled Sarkori temple to Pulura, goddess of the stars, the cold and the void. We know from Xanthir's notes there is a foundry there. So my proposal is this- We go to the Midnight Fane, we shall use scrolls to get us there. We shall attack it, destroy the foundry, and you shall trvel through the portal to the Midnight Isles. Julian, in your... studies... have you foudn a way to cloe the portal?"
    Julian has, a sort of a ritual, which she will discuss later, she was not fully sure, but she theorized it could work. "Excellent!" The Queen's spirits seems to have been lifted. "We must try this!" Nulan seemed excited, yet worried. The Queen continued. "Once you cross over though, you are on your own. I do not know where in the isles does the portal lead, but hopefully you might find some clues as to the location of the Nyhadrian mine. I suggest making headway yo Porphyry city, or Allushira, as it is also known. We know that Nocticula has erected this massive metropolis as a place of commerce, the biggest one in all of the Abyss, full with various demons, and other extraplanars. It is said to be one of the most corrupted places in the universe, filled with all kinds of sin, debauchery, temptation and schemes, yet it is also your best bet to get information, and also get the attention of Nocticula herself."

    The Queen paused. "I... am not sure how to approach this. Odd, isn't it? That for this most important of missions, I have no information to give you..." She gave a mirthless laugh. "Try to find out about the negotiations, about Nocticula, and stop this. Whatever it takes! I put my trust in you..." They could see the heavy burden on her. "And lastly, find the mine, and put a final stop to Areelu's plans."

    She gave the party a few moments to let it sink in. The enormity of the task ahead. She then continued. "Prepare for the journey well. It is unlikely you will see Golarion, or Drezen for awhile. I suggest you use Aravash' expertise on the planes to learn more of where you'll be going. Also, your new... friend..." The Queen's eyes narrowed a bit "Might provide some very useful information. Nocticula was the first succubus, and many of them revere her. Succubi are said to hold positions of import and influence in Porphyry city, perhaps she could help. Prepare, but do it quickly. We do not know how much time we have. In 2-3 days at the most, we leave."

    Andera noticed something. "We?" The Queen smiled. "Yes, we. I will join you in the attack on the Midnight Fane. I will need to see this ritual that Julian proposes to close the portal with my own eyes! If this can actually be done... do you realize the implications? We have a tool to end the war! There is no way I will miss this! I must see it!" Nulan approached her "My Queen, but the danger! It is far behind enemy lines, we cannot allow you to risk yourself on such a..." But the Queen stopped him, smiling. "I know of your concerns Nulan, but I have to do this. Both to see the ritual, and to give these heroes a last farewell, before they travel into the abyss on our behalf!" The party was a it doubtful, but agreed.

    With the main things said, the Queen relaxed a bit, and turned to Julian and Sena. "You two have gone through a lot of changes in this past few months... I know what it means. There are many rumors as to my long life amongst the people, some spread by me... They think I use Sun Orchid potions, but it is different- Iomedae has made me her herald, her messenger, her icon on Golarion. She has infused me with some of her essence, which has some benefits, some hindrances." She looked at them both, and then caressed Julian's cheek. "I hope you bear the change better than I do. It... separates you from others. You are no longer fully mortal..." She then left to prepare herself.

    Preparations for the Abyss
    Most of this we conducted not in roleplay, but rather amongst us as players and DM. We assumed that the following info they can get from Aravash, Arulashee and Brian. Most of this comes from the module, with a few little tweaks of my own. I sent the party maps of the realm, from the module (Which looks like a huge archipelago, with lots of isles, some bigger, some smaller. A BIG place.) and of Porphyry city (Which is a city in the middle of the big lake, on the biggest isle, which looked quite cramped, and purpulish). I don't think I can reproduce these maps here, but I hope you get the idea. I put most of these under spoilers, in case you know the module, and do not wish to read it again. (The changes on the whole are minor. i mostly increased the penalties for conditions)

    Considerations when traveling to the Midnight Isles:
    • Banishment: When the PCs travel to the abyss, they are considered outsiders, and so are subject to Banidshment, Dismissal and Blasphemy. The demons there are not. They are considered Native to this place. As per the module, the party decides to buy a few scrolls of Plane shift and Greater teleport, for is some of the group get sent back to Golarion, while others are in the Abyss, ?(They mostly worried about Blasphemy). Most of the scrolls are with Andera.
    • Constant Midnight: There is no real cycle of a regular "day" as we know it in the Midnight Isles. The sky is either completely dark (Granting full concealment), or it has a moon, and some "Stars" , as Notcticule decide to adorn the "sky" at that time (Granting partial concealment). In total the "Day" is about 16 hours, each period lasting about 8. I decided to have spells lasting a day conform to this, and not go with the module's suggestion of 24 hour spells lasting as such, since that would be too much book keeping without any real benefit in experience.
    • North Isn’t North: “north” indicates the direction to Nocticula’s private boudoir, deep within her palace in the city of Allushirra. (I explained that long distance traveling might be quite difficult).
    • Altered senses: Things feel different, the sounds, smells, noises. In many ways, it is an alien palce, which plays tricks on the senses. -5 to -10 on perception or related skills. (This is more than the module's suggestion, since that penalty is pathetic, and I wanted to make it feel like having a real effect).
    • Divinely Morphic and Sentient: Nocticula can alter the Midnight Isles at will, as can the Abyss itself, but she generally avoids doing so as she is quite pleased with the shapes her defeated foes have assumed. Sena's player was quite confused at this. I explained that as said in the exceprts, higher beings, such as demon lords, are not just shape, but also an idea, and a place. The entire of Midnight Isles are an extension of Nocticula. In some ways, she IS the plane. The party gave a few more delicious curses.
    • Strongly Chaos-Aligned and Strongly Evil-Aligned: A –4 circumstance penalty applies on all Intelligence-, Wisdom-, and Charisma-based checks attempted by creatures that aren’t chaotic or evil. The penalties for the chaotic and evil components of the alignment trait stack. (This is more than the -2 suggested by the module, for the same reasons specified earlier). Sena smiled at this, as the choice of "beyond morality" started paying dividends.
    • Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the chaotic, evil, or darkness descriptor or of the shadow subschool are enhanced. CL +2
    • Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the lawful, light, or good descriptor are impeded. Concentration 25+ spell level.

    The Porphyry city- Allushira:
    This the mostly learned from Arulashee. Apparently she has lived there for a while, in her more demonic days, but it has been ages since she has been there. She was somewhat hesitant about relaying her connection to such a place.
    • Population: This is the biggest metropolis in the abyss, and caters for demons from all of it's layers, plus quite a few more visitors from other places. "Many demons? How many are we talking about?", "Oh a few millions... plus a quite a lot of slaves from around the planes, and other kind of extraplanars." The group? "F***, that's a lot of demons!" Other than Mad Dog who just grinned widely. "So it will take us a bit slower to clean up the place."
    • Trade: Porphyry city is the major trade hub of the Abyss. Anything, ANYTHING can probably be bought and sold there- from items, slaves, experiences, sensations, information and more. The place caters greatly for delights and pleasures, of many kinds. However, counterfeits, schemes, and charging high prices is quite common. For game purposes, the party can assume there is no purchase limit there, but prices are usually 10-20% more. Plus, not everything they buy is guaranteed to be "Kosher".
    • Morality: Porphyry city prides itself being submerged in sin. Slavery, abuse, addictions, violence, and much more is common everywhere. The many succubi cater for any kind of temptation, most of them not quite healthy. Brutality and violence in the streets is common, and power plays a great deal. The place sports many powerful visiting beings, so it may be wise not to draw too much attention to yourself. Nocticula rarely intervenes, and the place is chaotic and extremely dangerous. The only rough rule is not to disturb the flow of the city itself and it's commerce. Nocticula is known to never intervene directly, but rather use-
    • Shamira: An immensely powerful succubus, and not of the tempting kind. With wings of fire, and a furious temper to match, Shamira is the ruler of Porphyry City in Nocticula's name and sees to it's continuous operation. Shamira holds tremendous power, nearly matching that of Nocticula, and is her Herald on the plane. In Arulashee's words- "I really suggest to avoid her if at all possible. Do not irk her temper- none have survived it before."
    • Succubi: The succubi holds a special place in Porphyry city. They are considered a sort of elite, and holds many places of power and import. They are the main owners of property in the city, and nearly any place accepting visitors (Of which there are plenty), is owned by one. It is practically impossible to find an inn that doesn't serve as a brothel of some kind as well.
    • Nocticula's Boudoir: Does not exist in any specific place. It is rumored to exist as a sort of a demi plane that can open to any place in the Midnight Isles, as Nocticula sees fit. You cannot get there, unless Nocticula shows an interest in you, in which case an opening will become apparent.
    • Regions: We decided to discuss these as the party gets there, but some names such as "The Flesh Markets", "The Ten Thousand Delights" and "The Virgin's Ribs", were thrown, just o spice the imagination a bit...

    The party grew a bit grim about this. "Well... we'll fit right in!"
    "We may need some good disguise. We cannot just fight our way there."
    Mad Dog: "We can't? Says who?" but even he said this jokingly. This seemed to pose quite a challenge...
    "How do we get Nocticula's attention in such a place?"
    "Don't know. We'll get there, and then see..."

    Sena wished to talk with Arulashee more, now that he knew they were going to a place connected to her past.
    S: "How do you feel? telling us of Porphyry?"
    Aru: "I do not know how I feel. It is the place that once was home, and now... It poses the greatest danger to us all, to you..."
    S: "Are you afraid of the Isles?"
    Aru: "I'm afraid of the effects of the demons on me. In the Worldwound, if I was close to a demon or few, I felt the surges of evil within me, at time I froze, at times I ran. A few times, it turned me to my darker sides. But to face a whole city? Teeming with them?"
    S: "I promise you this- If you will fall, I will catch you."
    Arulashee smiled a sad smile. "I fear I may stab you in the heart as you do."
    Sena paused for a moment, and made sure that no one was listening: "I have a question for you: before you tried to get close to me. Was it you?"
    Arulashee was embarrassed, confused: "I think it was me, but maybe it was the succubus in me? I don't quite know for certain."
    Sena thought for a moment more, than asked her to revert to her true form. Confused, she turned to her succubi form. In passion, he tried to kiss her, but she backs away. "I am not sure this is the right time!"
    Now Sena was confused: "My feelings are for who you are, and what your are. We are both connected, more than we both understand!"
    But Arulashee foudn this confusing: "The path of passion, desire, love, is central to who a succubi is. The road is difficult as it is, I don't want to evoke those qualities, that set of mind again?"
    Sena challenged, was not deterred: "is true love the path of the succubi?"
    Arulashee was conflicted: "I need to be one with myself, before I can be with another." Sena looked downfallen, so she quickly added "It's not that I don't want to, but I can't, right now."
    Sena nodded, understanding,m and hugged her, while casting the angelic appearance spell. Their wings, that of an angel, and that of the demon enveloped them both in their warmth, making a small cocoon of intimacy. Sena whispered to her "Remember that- I love as you are! You are unique, you are the future. You are strong, and I can see that even if you have doubts about you, I do not. Maybe I am a fool, but hope is what we have right here, in these situations. And if you will fall, I will catch you." Arulashee trembled a bit, but could not respond. He hugged her again, and then let her be.

    Portal closing ritual:
    Now, having read the sixth module itself, which DOES deal with closing the last portal, I saw that the authors of the different modules did not in fact correlate between the two rituals, to make them anywhere connected. So... I devised new rules for the ritual, to resemble the last ritual a bit more, something on a smaller scale... This differs somewhat from the ritual in the module, making it a bit more complicated.
    • Preparation: One person reads various passages from the Lexicon of Paradox. Since the lexicon was written in at least 7 languages, the person needs to know them all, or... use comprehend languages. As he does the reading, he nominates the main characters linked to the closing of the portal. These need be unique figures, with great power. Of those the party knew, only themselves, the Queen and Arulashee might fit. (The sixth module enables only the party, but I wanted to make these two more significant, since the party interacted with them, and respected them). These designated participants are called Primary, and will be the main force to try and either unravel or increase the portal. ("The key can be turned both ways...") Other people may help, as Secondary participants, who can then act as a sort of "Aid another" to the main effort, though the bonus increases to a +5.
    • Once the participants have been linked, Each of them tries to invoke and either unravel the portal (Closing it), or extending it (Making it bigger). The portal, as Julian understood this, is made up of frays/ cords/ links from the two worlds, having been tore open from their own worlds, now intertwined in each other, sort of like a mesh of threads, a sort of complicated lock of a sort. Each person may try their skills at affecting this. This is basically a skill check or similar. One must be close to the portal for this (Within 20 ft), and the process takes 1d6+4 rounds. This is a full round action.
    • Potential skills that can be used: Disable device/ Perception (Seeing better the threads, guiding others), Knowledge planes, Knowledge Arcana, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.
    • You may also cast a 4th level or higher good aligned spell. In this case you make a concentration check. This replaces a skill check.
    • You can also Smite Evil. In this case you use your attack instead of a skill, but adds a charisma modifier instead of a strength modifier.
    • The DC was not known for Julian, as this changes from portal to portal, but it was fairly high. The process is draining. If you fail, you lose some of your life force (Permanent negative levels) and you're stunned.
    • If any attempt is disrupted (Similar to disrupting a spell), the threads will start to unravel quickly, unless the other participants are able to close it before it fully unravels. The time frame in which this can happen was not known to Julian (Again, changes from portal to portal), but it seemed to be quick, and a real danger.
    • Sealing: Lastly, a portion of the Lexicon must be thrown into the portal. The massive energies and research of the planes imbued in it, enabled the closure to finalize. Julian theorized they may need just one page for this.

    The party made a few more small purchases and the like. But they were soon ready. They did not quite have a plan (It amazes me how often that happens), but just decided to "get there, and roll with it." There was another small matter before going.

    Before we go...
    The NPCs asked for the party to come together on the night before they intended to leave. To their surprise, they offered their help, to join the party in their journey to the abyss! They offered to accompany them. The module rightfully says that the NPCs are no longer on par with the party's power, and will probably not fit with adventuring. Yet, In case the party got attached, they can accompany the party, and each offers small benefits. I wanted to offer this opportunity, since it may enrich the roleplay later on, and also- the party have often surprised me!

    Anevia spoke first: Hey, You guys are going to look for info in that place, looking for rumors, and such, right? I can scout ahead in the city and find rumors, I've been doing this in Drezen and Kenabres for longer than i can remember. After all, it's just one big city. Right? Right?"
    Andera thanked her: "You've been with us from the start, and jelpd us greatly on the way, and here with the Sleeping Eye. But you will not blend well there. We need you here, to continue on the work. Thank you Anevia." Anevia by this point is a level 11 rogue. She could help a bit with the random rolls in the city to look for useful info.

    Aravashnial: My group, the Riftwardens, have focused on studying portals our entire lives. This is our great research! Please, I can help perhaps with the portal. After all, it is what we have studied all of this time!"
    This got the party curious. They ended up agreeingthat he will teleport with them to the location, but will not venture in until all opposition was taken out. Then he will see how he could help with the portal, but afterwards return to Drezen. Aravahsnial by this point is a level 11 Conjurer and he adds some bonuses to checks needed to close the portal.

    Arabeth: "My strength is at my sword. I will come with you, and protect you. I fear I may be a bit known amongst demon folks, I have hunted and purged quite a few in my time. It may help to have a reputation there, but it may hinder as well. My sword is yours."
    Andera talked: "We need your judgement and rulership more than your sword. You have done good in Drezen, and we'd like you to keep doing so. Where we're going, we have to fight on our terms, I fear that your sword better serve here." Arabeth by this point is a level 11 Cavalier. Her reputation helps a bit in drawing Nocticula's attention. (Though I must say, that this is odd that the party itself, having done what it has done by now, does not provoke a particular attention by the module. Oh well...)

    Horus of all people, suprised them by offering himself: "Going to the demon's hive? You poor naïve goody two shoes bastards! You will be swindled out of your money faster than Julian makes a smart comment, Sena makes a speech, Andear eyeballs someone or Mad dog kills something. I can make sure you're not swindled that high…"
    Andera, who never liked him, thinks of maybe taking him there to die, as a sacrifice or something, but only in his thoughts. The group reclines the offer. Horus is considered an 11th level rogue, focused on social skills obviously. He can lower the extra prices.

    Brian: "I can come with you, and provide you with support and succor in this darkest of all places. I too, like Arabeth, have a reputation… Julian, consider this. You have gone through something... marvelous, but not fully explained now. You may need all the guidance you can have in such a dark place." It was obvious he wanted to join her, protect her.
    But Julian replied warmly: "Thank you Brian, you have always looked out for me, even when I did not wish it. I see it now. But I need you to stay here, continue the work I have started with the Abbey. It is not less important- as I've said, the small things must not be forgotten by the bigger things. I shall have my friends to guide me, support me, and offer wisdom." She put her hands on Andera and Sena's shoulders. Brian is an 11th level cleric of Iomedae. Like Arabeth, his reputations is somewhat known. (I gave him the influence of the cleric of Shellyn in the campaign, forgot his name).

    And at the last, there was Arulashee. She seems to have thought of this for awhile, and spoke softly: "I will go with you, as asked, but the corrupting power of an entire plane… I'm not sure if I I will be help or a burden. Plus Nocticula's influence on me may be more… direct… I think I may be of great help. I have been to Porphyry, even if this has been a longtime since. I know how it acts, it's currents, it's feel. But I can also try to offer assistance from afar... through a kiss. If I do this, I will be able to contact the one I kiss even through the planes, and offer some assistance. It will not be as direct, as immediate, but it may be safer, if my resolve does not stand, and I turn. (This is the preferred path in the module. Despite having Arulashee join for the ride, in a perfect that just screams roleplay with her along, and after they went to so much trouble in finding her, the writer of the fourth module seems to not want to deal with her, and writes the entire module as if she stays behind, offering guidance through her connection to whom she kisses. I swear, I just don't get the writers at some points. Well, many points, but some points more than others...)
    Andera questions her, uncertain of her ability to cope with so many demons, with a plane that is in it's essence evil, and with Nocticula herself. As the player said "Too much is riding on this adventure, to have unnecessary risks along". Still, he questioned her: "Be honest, how do you feel about it? Can you withstand this journey?"
    Arulashee swallowed: "I do not know. I think I have become stronger in these years, and with your company I grow stronger still. But this... it is beyond the scope of what I have faced so far. I do not know."
    Andera turned to the rest of the party, knowing well that at least Sena is determined on bringing her, especially after the Ivory Sanctum, where she was left behind: "I do not want to hurt her, if she becomes evil, she can pose a great danger to us. Not only is she capable and strong, but she also knows more of us than any enemy. If she goes to them..."
    Sena stepped forth, willing to vouch for her to come: "If this happens, I will neutralize her. I believe she is strong and able to withstand the corruption!"
    Andera was unsure: "She already said that even weaker demons, such a a babau can affect her. The entire plane? Full of the strongest demons? I think she need not come with us. But she can come with us to the Fane."
    Sena was going a bit angry (The character, not player) but remained fairly calm: "You know my opinion. If you want to try the Fane first, I agree."
    Mad Dog surprised then, coming to Arulahsee, looming over her and smiling in his slightly awkward way: "I think we'll manage with you. Trust yourself, and we'll trust you. Or if you become... not well?" The huge half elf shrugged, and smacked his fist to his other palm. "We will give you head calibration!" (This is a reference to the first Avengers film, which the player loved. Guess which character he loved most? )
    Sena again emphasizes: "I can neutralize her if need be, I have the spells!"
    But Andera was uncertain: "Can you? She is quite strong willed, and may become stronger in this place, and have the aids of lots of demons to fall on. Not everything is under your control. If she turns, and then joins forces with the enemy, will you bet the fate of the world on this?"
    Sena would not answer, but his stance meant that yes, he would.
    Julian cut the discussion. "She will come with us to the Fane. It will enable us, and her, see how she functions. I believe that there MIGHT be SOME demons, some of them quite powerful, there." She looked at the succubus, which seemed like a multi colored shifting ball of colors, between light and dark, swiveling in confusion and chaos. Arulashee swallowed again, nodded, and smiled nervously.

    Spoiler: Last goodbyes, and Arulashee
    Basically, up until the start of the 6the module, this is the last time they see the NPCs that escorted them from the start, as in the 5th module they go quite quickly to another part of the abyss yet once more. So there will be a long absence from them.

    I quite liked how things turned out with Arulashee. Both Sena and Andera care for her, but in different ways. And while Sena's player is interested in adding her to continue their joined story, and for roleplay potential, Andera is quite wary of serious complications down the line (And for a good reason! ) He was always the cautious one. This throws a complication in planning, as the module assumes she stays behind. Oh well, I think I may have a few ideas to toy with here. In the words of Mr. Burns...

    It was time to go!

    Apparently the entry I thought to post is too long, so I need to make another post. So I'm cutting this here. Next post coming soon enough though.
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