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    Spoiler: Characters

    The Other
    A voice in Sebastian's head that seems to know more than he is letting on. He's been a part of Sebastian's life for almost four years.

    The Blue Girl
    A mysterious individual who seemed to be reaching out to Sebastian at Times Square. Her powers seem to be based around the white crystalline structures growing on her skin and what she used to fly.

    Magpie/Windstorm/The Raven
    A super-heroine that has appeared in New York City and has been active for four months. Her powers seem based in the black wings on her back and the ability to generate and control the wind.

    The first hero to emerge on the scene, Comet has taken a fairly stereotypical stance on costumed crime-fighting, trying to mold his image as a paragon who helps the innocent. Using a specialized suit developed with the antigravity technology, Comet is able to absorb energy and repurpose it to his needs. The suit grants him flight, super strength, and the ability to project energy blasts from his palm emitters.

    Fabian Firemark
    Originally from the American southwest, Fabian Firemark is a flamboyant and eccentric inventor who grew up in relative poverty. His humble origins propelled him to use his genius to help people, and he used his inventions to change the world. It is Firemark Industries that powers NYC with advanced nuclear plants further up the Hudson River and provides most of its technology with goods and services developed in his factories outside of the city and in other areas of the country. He also has Fireworks Securities, a paramilitary force tasked with protecting his holdings. He is a key member of the Interstellar Initiative and developed many of the vehicles and prefabricated structures that would be used in the voyage.

    He also developed the Firemark Institute for Gifted Youngsters to find other inventors and thinkers like himself to help make the world a better place.

    Azura Patel
    Sebastian's classmate and work partner at the Institute. Azura is the son of Pakistani immigrants who has a knack for electrical engineering. He can be easily plied with Hershey Chocolate bars.

    Linda Torrence
    Sebastian's little sister. Although they tend to tease and argue with each other on occasion like any pair of siblings, Sebastian genuinely cares for his sister and will go his way to help her in more or less any situation, as well as attempting to keep her out of trouble. His relationship to her tends to be that of exasperated big brother, although they can be quite effective sibling team when trying to think up solution to a problem.

    Michael Torrence
    Sebastian's father, and the family member with whom he is most at odds with. Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) of the successful biomedical company, the Alto Corporation , he generally lives and breathes his work, thus setting his family on the second place and hardly ever being available for his children to actually bond with. Sebastian is angry for his father for being work-obsessed and generally growing more and more distant from the rest of the family, and his father in turn is less than impressed by him remaining in public school and wasting his time in internet instead of doing something more productive with his life (even if he is still young). Sebastian also wonders what his father thinks of his mental condition, and at times attempts to come up with plans to win his approval even if he is rather bitter towards the man.

    Christine Torrence
    Sebastian's mother is the stabilizing influence in his life, a good parent if there ever has been any. She is the one he and his sister see most around the house, a kind and understanding parent who is not one to berate her children for potential hijinks. Although she does not generally have a chance to keep an eye on his comings and goings that much, Sebastian tries to keep out of overt trouble for the sake of sparing her nerves.

    Raiko Munakata
    Inventor of Cosmos, the all-encompassing social media virtual world that has become a supplement to daily living. His company also helped make the Interstellar Initiative possible.

    Theodore Alto
    Owner of the Alto Corporation, one of the members of the Interstellar Initiative.

    Spoiler: Concepts

    Cosmos is a virtual reality and social media provider where people have avatars to work, communicate, play games, and other activities. A large percentage of world trade and business is also performed through the extensive virtual world, and many governments have representative services within Cosmos. It also has entertainment beyond games, such as watching TV shows or movies or reading books. On top of that, shopping is a major business through Cosmos, where customers can go to the virtual stores of both major brand names and smaller designers.

    New York City has been experiencing it's first taste of costumed super-heroics over the last six months, with the introduction of Comet, Magpie, and a handful of others. They stay predominantly out of the limelight and seem very secretive.

    The Interstellar Initiative
    A privatized attempt at colonizing the Solar System, beginning with Mars. Spearheaded by Fabian Firemark and supported by a consortium of businesses, the Initiative was launched roughly 16 years ago, and has been in successful operation for the past eight years. The first return voyage occurred four years prior.

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