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Ooooh, shiny. I'll grab my copy and read and/or review ASAP. Thank you for your contribution to the FFRPG pool .

Props are required - *claps*. The fact that combat 1. doesn't have to be its own system, but 2. is laid out as it is in its own book is sweet. Gear rules are good, combat clear. Offensive and Defensive Stats both being part of Weapons make them very important, and until I see how large your Stats get I can't say how important Armor is in comparison. Suffice to say, the combat system by itself is something. Will begin the character-creation frenzy once I have Book 1 in my hands. Good job and good luck .

Thanks! I'm really waiting for this review :D

Anyway, as I said, i began with the second book as it's the bigger, and the hardest to translate. CD 1 is done (it is about 1/4 CD 2's pagecount) and ready for download!