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    Default Re: "I will crush you, puny mage!" (3.5 hypermundane class, PEACH)

    Is it just me, or does the Berserker completely obviate the Veteran? I can't find anything that Veteran's get that Berserker's don't also get. I guess the fluff is different, but there's a pretty huge power disparity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    No, but if you can tank 20d6 True Damage/round without magic, something's gone horribly wrong.
    Well, if, at level 20, you swap every Trick into Paragon (which would take 10 days), and put all the bonuses from that into constitution, you'll end up with +200 constitution. That, plus rage bonuses, plus natural 18 constitution, +2 from race, +4 from levels, nets you 268 constitution. Which would give you 2790 hp. Which would let you sustain Berserkergangr for 39 rounds.

    That's probably a bit extreme, you might want about 10 tricks for other things so that you can slaughter people more effectively while in Berserkerganger. Maybe, Combat Coup, Speed of Sound, Speed of Light, Combat Maneuver Master, Sudden Movement, Iron Mind, Killing Blow, Heroic Killing Blow, Full Attacker and Incorporeal Bane. Maybe replace one of those out for Lifeburst or Healing Hands so you can so you can heal up after the fact. That leaves 40 tricks for constitution bonuses, for 2390 hp, for an average of 34 rounds of being an invulnerable death machine.

    Oh, and I'd just like to mention how impressed I am at Jormengand's prodigious homebrew speed.
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