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    Name: Molan
    Availability to Host Campaigns: Available
    Contact Information: e-mail, PM
    Posting Frequency: Daily, Hourly
    Systems You Can Run: 3.5e D&D
    Preferred Campaign Types: Dark, Evil, Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Humor, Story-Driven, Dungeon Crawl
    Sample Game Threads: All of my games have been via Roll20. I'd like to start post and play though
    Current Games: Tend to stick with 3.5e. Multiple campaign types, including home made settings, WoW RPG, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, ect.
    Future Games: I would love to get 2-6 players together for a new Quest. Frankly I'd also be happy as a player but my last campaign ended a year ago and I'm itching to start back up

    About Me:
    I'm hamstrung by my love and preference for 3.5e DnD, but I have a very large and accessible Google Drives repository with everything any prospective group would need to play and more.

    I'm open to campaigns of all types but prefer to make them dark, and I tend to enjoy higher then normal difficulties. I have a few different campaign worlds more or less ready to go, so PM me if you're interested!
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