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    Anyways, I think this character sheet is long overdue:

    Sun Kai

    Age: Probably As Old As The Sun
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5 ft
    Weight: 130 pds
    Species: Kai
    Station: Bureaucrat Sun God

    He is a short, golden-skinned man with white hair styled as if he was elvis, and wearing big sunglasses and fancy kai clothes.


    He has a strange combination of being completely relaxed and chill, while being completely loyal to bureaucratic procedure and his job, which has made him out of touch with Earth and holding no influence over mortals. However he is a good guy and will do the right thing when needed, in whatever small way he can. Has a comedically antagonistic relationship with Yama Kami.


    When The Sun Formed:
    Due to his lax, laid back nature, the higher Kai’s assigned him, a young go-getter to a backwater sun far away from where it was predicted that main civilization would arise. This was fine with him, because it meant that he got to do less work as a result and wouldn’t be bothered much.

    Dawn of Life:
    Because of life-bearing planet forming in his Solar System, Sun Kai got a promotion and a pay raise, but more responsibility because of it. From then on, he would have to prevent various cosmic disasters from destroying the Solar System so that the life within may flourish. Throughout the history of life, he prevented three different asteroids from hitting Earth.

    The Kami Before Yama:
    They had a pretty chill relationship, allowing him to take vacations on Earth whenever the work was getting too much and he could get some young intern Kai to take over as training for their star. Sun Kai tried to present himself as the god of the sun to various cultures, but they all laughed him off or said that if he were REALLY the sun god, he’d look more impressive and divine, and no matter how much he protested, they just laughed him off and called him an Elf.

    During Yama Kami:
    The peoples treatment of him led him to working more on the job and being less in touch with Earth, not helped by a new Kami coming in and proclaiming that he shouldn’t be on his “territory”. But Sun Kai as he worked more and more over the years, grew despondent in his loneliness and snuck down to Earth to relieve the drudgery even if Kami protested and began to have….dalliances with mortal women as a way of relieving stress. Unfortunately such affairs led to children. Demigods whom he had no time to raise himself and did not deserve a life on the sun, alone with no people around. So he kept them on Earth so that they could at least have a good life among others rather than be alone on the sun.

    Story So Far:

    -Approved the death of Solitus, who proven himself immoral.

    -Reversed the gravity of the spirit bomb to save the Earth.


    Power Level: Not Applicable/Low since he is not a fighter. His powers are purely of his office.

    Sun Beams:
    Can communicate to others on Earth through them. He can also jump into them to travel back and forth between planets and the Sun at will.

    Emergency Protocol: Reverse Gravity:
    Can reverse the gravity of certain objects of any size headed towards Earth to make sure they don’t hit. Meant to prevent asteroids from hitting Earth if normal measures are too late.

    Emergency Protocol: Rebuild Planet:
    Can start a process to rebuild and restore entire planets if needed, such as the moon. This process however does not restore lives lost, only inanimate things.

    Emergency Protocol: Move Solar System
    In case a Black Hole comes near, he can move the entire Solar System away from it to make sure it doesn’t get sucked in. This takes all his concentration though.

    Other Emergency Protocols:
    He probably has other ones in place in case he needs to do something that involves preserving the safety of the Solar System.

    Immunity To The Sun:
    Is immune to its unending, intense heat and gravity.

    Deific Shenanigans:
    How he reproduces with mortals. He is a god. He just has his ways y'know?

    Other information:

    Lives on the Sun. His Sun Palace is made of burning golden flame, and only those with the powers of a Sun Kai can walk through such places without getting burnt to cinders instantly. This is a security measure to make sure no one takes control of the Solar System for selfish ends.
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