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    I don't see any ranks in Perform (Limerick) in that build...

    Quote Originally Posted by Barton d'Kundarak

    Barton d’Kundarak

    Spoiler: story

    The thing about all silver keys
    Is the urge to pick up what he sees
    But this is forbidden
    His skills all unbidden
    So you see them all beg on their knees.

    A petulant Key named d’Kundarak
    Picked everyone’s pocket with quite a knack
    For getting in where he shouldn’t
    His house, abide this? They couldn’t
    So this d’Kundarak they had to sack.

    Now he was stuck on the street
    He needed to make his ends meet
    In so many places
    There were hid-away spaces
    And there his way in he would cheat

    Once someone stepped out of thin air
    And went down the street without care
    d’Kundarak stepped in
    His face a broad grin
    Once inside he ascended the stair

    He found himself in a large mansion
    At such splendor his face was a’blanchin’
    The table was set with food so delightful
    He was sure his excitement would seem quite frightful
    So he sat down and began his stomach’s expansion.

    The servants around were unseen
    And asked him not where he’d been
    They filled up his cup
    And from it he did sup
    On this lifestyle he’d say he was keen.

    Spoiler: abilities and lvl breakdown

    NE dwarf rogue 3/incarnate 2/silver key 10/incarnate 7

    str 8
    dex 14
    con 14
    int 18
    wis 12
    cha 8

    after adjusters:

    str 8
    dex 14 (16th lvl ability boost here)
    con 16
    int 18 (other increases here)
    wis 12
    cha 6

    Spoiler: build

    Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
    1st Rogue 1 +0 +0 +2 +0 bluff 4, diplomacy 4, dd 4, forgery 4, hide 4, k(architecture and engineering) 4, listen 4, ms 4, open lock 4, spot 4, tumble 4, umd 4 midnight dodge Sneak attack +1d6, trapfinding
    2nd Rogue 2 +1 +0 +3 +0 bluff 1 (5), tumble 5, umd 1 (5) evasion
    3rd Rogue 3 +2 +1 +3 +1 bluff 1 (6) jump 5, tumble 1 (6), umd 1 (6) least dragonmark (mark of warding) Sneak attack +2d6, trap sense +1
    4th Incarnate 1 +2 +3 +3 +3 k(planes), 4, k(religion) 1 Aura, detect opposition
    5th Incarnate 2 +3 +4 +3 +4 k(planes)1 (5), k(religion) 4 (5) Chakra bind (crown)
    6th Silver Key 1 +3 +4 +5 +6 balance 5, umd 3 (9), tumble 2 (8) lesser dragonmark (mark of warding) Armored abjuration, heir's mark, trap master +1, warder's keys, wardsense
    7th Silver Key 2 +4 +4 +6 +7 dd 5 (10), listen 1 (5), spot 1 (5), tumble 2 (10), umd 1 (10) Crafty hands
    8th Silver Key 3 +5 +5 +6 +7 dd 1 (11), hide 3 (7), listen 1 (6), ms 2 (6), spot 2 (7), tumble 1 (11), umd 1 (11) Invisibility
    9th Silver Key 4 +6/+1 +5 +7 +8 dd 1 (12), hide 3 (10), listen 3 (9), ms 2 (8), tumble 1 (12), umd 1 (12) shape soulmeld (kruthik claws) Trap master +2
    10th Silver Key 5 +6/+1 +5 +7 +8 dd 1 (13), hide 3 (13), listen 3 (12), ms 2 (10), tumble 1 (13), umd 1 (13) Sly soul
    11th Silver Key 6 +7/+2 +6 +8 +9 dd 1 (14), hide 1 (14), listen 2 (14), ms 2 (12), sleight of hand 4, umd 1 (14) Cunning body
    12th Silver Key 7 +8/+3 +6 +8 +9 dd 1 (15), hide 1 (15), listen 1 (15), ms 2 (14), search 1, sleight of hand 5 (9) open lesser chakra (shoulder) Trap master +3
    13th Silver Key 8 +9/+4 +6 +9 +10 dd 1 (16), hide 1 (16), listen 1 (16), ms 2 (14), search 1 (2), sleight of hand 5 (14) Slippery mind
    14th Silver Key 9 +9/+4 +7 +10 +11 dd 1 (17), hide 1 (17), listen 1 (17), ms 2 (16), search 2 (4), sleight of hand 3 (17) Veiled spirit
    15th Silver Key 10 +10/+5 +7 +10 +11 dd 1 (18), hide 1 (18), listen 1 (18), ms 2 (18), search 5 (9), sleight of hand 1 (18) darkstalker Master of doors, trap master +4
    16th Incarnate 3 +10/+5 +7 +11 +11 k(arcana) 7 Expanded soulmeld capacity +1, incarnum radiance 1/day
    17th Incarnate 4 +11/+6/+1 +8 +11 +12 k(arcana) 3 (11), k(religion) 3 (8), k (planes) 1 (6) Chakra binds (feet, hands)
    18th Incarnate 5 +11/+6/+1 +8 +11 +12 k(arcana) 2 (13), k(religion) 3 (11), k (planes) 2 (8) Master pickpocket Rapid meldshaping 1/day
    19th Incarnate 6 +12/+7/+2 +9 +12 +13 k (arcana) 2 (15), k (religion) 3 (14), k (planes) 2 (10)
    20th Incarnate 7 +12/+7/+2 +9 +12 +13 k (arcana) 2 (17), k (religion) 2 (16), k (planes) 2 (12) Share incarnum radiance

    Spoiler: playtips

    Spoiler: lvl 5

    play as a relatively straightforward skulk with your melds giving you quite the leg up. they give helpful bonuses to a huge number of skills, including your bread and butter as a hopeful silver key through the theft gloves. 2+2essentia to dd, open lock, and sleight of hand is awfully nice. plus since you actually have trapfinding from rogue, you can save yourself a hand bind later on and use it on something else if you feel so inclined.

    the airstep sandals let you fly right out of the gate, so enjoy them as much as you can, they’re never going away.

    skulk around and poke people with sneak attack and make use of your melds to greatest effect. dissolving spittle is great at low levels (since you add SA dice onto it transforming it into energy damage) and necrocarnum circlet is invaluable in turning the tide in a battle, providing utility, tanking, and pretty much anything else your DM throws at you monster-wise.

    Spoiler: lvl 10

    congratulations, you’re in the secret ingredient!
    silver key begins pulling its weight immediately with a variety of cool abilities.

    You no longer have to be up close and personal to the things you’re trying to mess with, so can linger safely around the corner while still imparting all your bonuses. great.

    invisibility is up and running, helping you out with stealth as well.

    speaking of stealth, you nab kruthik claws from the totemist list at this level as well. you can have them chill out on either your hands or (more likely) your shoulders to give a 4+2essentia bonus to hide and ms. very nice. plus this leaves your hands free to shape the theft gloves.

    you’ve got lesser dragonmark to help fuel your cunning body next level, so everything’s falling into place. you’ve kept your sneaking skills up to par alongside detection, so nothing should be able to get the drop on you.

    Spoiler: lvl 15

    goodbye silver key, parting is such sweet sorrow.

    you’re done already, as soon as you were in. slippery mind’s up protecting you from nasty effects (supplement it by binding the enigma helm to your crown chakra, negating all (charm) effects) and your spell resistance is up to protect you as well.

    your shoulder chakra’s open now, allowing you to bind your melds there should you feel so inclined.

    your capstone activates, which is my all time favorite thing about this (or quite possibly any) class.

    gatecrash a magnificent mansion and eat all the cucumber sandwiches. waltz into held portals, bypass land wombs, slip through rope tricks, whatever you want. the sky’s the limit. keep an eye out for extradimensional spaces if you ever need a quick escape and cool your heels as long as you want. non-silver keys will find it, at best, problematic to follow you.

    Spoiler: lvl 20

    you round out with more incarnate, giving you more melds and binds. it boosts your utility and your esentia cap is raised by virtue of your third level, so all your melds hit harder and you can invest more essentia into them.

    master pickpocket’s up now. you can take anything someone adjacent has on their person as a standard without provoking an aoo (as long as it’s not in their hand)
    +4 if you’re grappling. plus if you try to do it as a free, the penalty’s only -10 instead of -20.

    your mod alone is high, but with theft gloves active (and necrocarnum touch if you can spare a meld, its bonus type is profane, so stacks with theft gloves’ insight) you should be able to pull this off essentially whenever you feel like. take a bunch of free actions and strip your opponent of everything you need. your imagination’s the limit.

    Spoiler: sources

    srd: rogue
    magic of incarnum: midnight dodge, incarnate, shape soulmeld, open chakra
    eberron campaign setting: least dragonmark, lesser dragonmark
    city of stormreach: master pickpocket
    lords of madness: darkstalker
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