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I don't know whic actions are SLOW (X) actions and by how much X. I suspect magic spells are but I don't recall seeing any mention of it.

Any precision would be welcome.
Thanks for the props, but lets adress your doubt.

Each action describes itself as Quick or Slow (X). Let's take, for example, the Arcane Discipline Ability (Adept, page 12, CD 2).

"!Elemental Strike is a Slow (1) magical action. To use it, choose Fire, Lightning or Ice. You concentrate the chosen element and strikes an weapon attack causing normal damage, but of the chosen element.

!Holy Strike is a Quick magical action. Using your own vital energy as a fuel for the sacred power, you attack with the force of Light. Spend 10% of your max HP to attack with your weapon. Your attack deals 150% weapon damage, Light-elemental." (emphasis mine)

So you can see that !Elemental Strike is Slow (1) while Holy Strike is Quick. Other actions are worded accordingly. Just read the Spells chapter again and noticed I forgot to mention whether they're Quick or Slow. Thanks for pointing that error. All Spells are QUICK actions.