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I disagree. Hannibal Lecter is deffinetly CE, but his sophistocated personality sort of blinds that fact that he eats people's faces and doesn't do all that good a job of hiding it...but only because he doesn't care.
I disagree. Remember, Clarice says she doesn't worry that he'll come after her because "he would consider it rude" or something worded like such. To me that implies a strong sense of morals, though a heavily skewed one. Also, most of his actions throughout the film seem cold and calculated. Like you said, he doesn't do a good job of hiding the fact that he eats people because he doesn't care about keeping it secret. Remove that and what you're left with is that sophisticated personality which seems to scream lawful.

I for one interpret alignment by the Means (lawful, because he behaves civil and with clear intent) to an End (evil, because he kills people and eats parts of them).

But alignment is one of those things that most people can never agree on a single interpretation of until they see an official character sheet or something.