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    Default Re: At the edge of Humanity : A 3.5 Monstrous game

    Okay, I think we're at least close to being set.

    Here is Jeridexeles.

    Spoiler: Sources
    Sending Stones MIC 184
    Shax's Indispensible Haversack LINK
    Strength of the True FormDoE 15
    Vestment of Many Styles RoE 175

    Spoiler: Backstory
    I am Jeridexeles, the most powerful dragon in these deserts. Don't make that face. I am! Granted, it wasn't through any great feat of strength. Merely process of elimination. My broodmates and I hatched three years ago. Our parents were old enough - if only just - to remember a time before the Cataclysm. They spoke of blues lording over the desert skies, destroying entire caravans to sate their appetites. If they weren't my parents, I would have thought their stories were a joke, or more charitably, a invention to boost morale. The tales certainly kept us motivated and, above all, obedient. It was a good year, until our luck ran out. Dragon hunters descended upon my parents' lair. They put my family to the sword. How was I spared? Simple. I- I-

    Damn it! I hid, all right? Bow down before Jeridexeles, Hide and Seek Champion! I could only cower helplessly as those mongrel humans butchered my kin! I exacted my vengeance on a nearby human settlement. The sheep do too count! You people, I swear. My luck ran out there as well. No, it wasn't the hunters again. If it had been them, I would not have survived. No, it was a mob. A well-armed one. I fled into the forest, covered in nasty wounds. I thought I would die there. A young man found me. Adventurer, by the looks of him. Then he did something truly unbelievable. He dragged me into his cabin. Bandaged my wounds and gave me food to eat. I saved my strength for cursing him. He merely smiled through it all. Watt was his name. Eventually, we bonded, though his friendship in no way diminished my hatred for his kind. He encouraged me to come out among his people. I did have the ability to take other forms, particularly one of a young man. Watt seems convinced that, given enough time, I could come to accept humans and they me. Frankly, I think he's an idiot. Most of the time. Others, I wonder what the future might have in store for me. For all of us.

    Spoiler: Character Pictures
    Spoiler: True Form

    Spoiler: Alternate Forms

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