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    Default Re: At the edge of Humanity : A 3.5 Monstrous game

    OK, here is Take 2, DFA style:

    Omar Greeneye

    Spoiler: Omar's (great great great great great great great great great great great grand) Mom
    Mrs. Euphorbia Tirucalli

    Spoiler: Physical description

    He is a male humanoid of average height but skeletally thin. On closer inspection he resembles a small tree that has grown into a humanoid shape. His light gray-brown skin has the texture of rough bark and his hair and beard are formed from narrow frond-like leaves, greenish gray in color. His eyes are a slightly darker green, with pupils but no whites.
    ( For colors and textures see https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...tonrulkens.jpg )
    When magically disguised he resembles his old self, a slender young human male of average height and build with olive skin, brown eyes and black hair.

    His distant ancestor was a Euphorbia tirucalli, also known as the Firestick tree (or, more precisely, the Dryad that lived inside one and took its form and properties). E. tirucalli is a shrub that grows in semi-arid tropical climates. It is a hydrocarbon plant that produces a poisonous latex which can, with little effort, be converted to the equivalent of gasoline. The milky latex from E. tirucalli is extremely irritating to the skin and mucosa and is toxic. Contact with skin causes severe irritation, redness and a burning sensation; contact with the eyes may cause severe pain, and in some cases temporary blindness for several days. Symptoms may worsen over 12 hours. If swallowed, it may cause burning to the mouth, lips, and tongue. Deaths have been recorded from swallowing the latex, and anyone swallowing some should seek medical attention.

    ( See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphorbia_tirucalli )

    Omar can exhale a concentrated version of the toxic sap that is capable of melting flesh and corroding inanimate objects. Because the sap is flammable, he can ignite it as he breathes to set people and things on fire. He can thicken its consistency so that it covers the target in gooey, caustic slime... or sticks and burns like napalm...

    Spoiler: Personality
    -Irreverent, sarcastic and always ready to crack a joke. Sometimes his humor is hiding sadness and self doubt.

    -Mistrusts authority, now more than ever. Always roots for the underdog.

    -Despises bullies. Enjoys cutting the arrogant and cruel down to size.

    -Always wants to help those in need. He was something of a pushover in this regard, but has had to become more cautious and suspicious by necessity.

    -He is innately good-hearted but has drifted to a more Chaotic alignment since his transformation, going from a slightly rebellious youth to a pariah. He has been let down by both human and monster leaders and that has made him more skeptical of rules and order.

    Spoiler: 60-second Background
    He grew up as an ordinary human in a farming family. The Greeneye clan were noted for their unusual green eyes and rumored Fey heritage. They had a talent for making things grow, and a few of them even became minor Sorcerers or Bards. (They were actually the descendants of a powerful Dryad).

    Omar had no obvious talent for magic, but he was a very bright young man and excelled in school. He earned one of the scholarships granted by the local lord to the most promising commoners. He left for the big city to attend the University.

    Halfway through his first year of studies, Big City was struck by an outbreak of an especially virulent strain of influenza. Like many others, Omar fell gravely ill. At the brink of death the Fey life force hidden deep within him struggled to survive. It repaired his dying body, utterly changing it in the process. When he woke up he was no longer human...

    Omar fled the city one step ahead of the monster hunters. He hid out in the forest, but he was soon ambushed and captured... not by soldiers or adventurers but by a small group of monsters who welcomed him as one of their own. Having no other choice, he stayed with them. But soon enough he came to fear his saviors. It became clear that they were using him him. He could not hide his background, and they did not trust or respect somebody who was born human. They just wanted someone who knew human ways and who could still (with some magical assistance) pass for human. Worse yet, they didn't just fight the monster hunters. They terrorized and murdered innocents, not just out of revenge but because they and their ancestors had always treated humans as prey...

    He was beaten and imprisoned when he refused to join in the killing of captives and the ensuing feast of human flesh. Later he escaped from his cell, stole some cash and valuables and fled into the wilderness. Once again he was on the run...

    This is mostly pretty simple:

    -I've obviously fudged one thing, picking a Warlock invocation with the Extra Invocation (I've seen this houseruled to work like the Expanded Knowledge psionic feat, but it's not RAW). The idea is that a walking plant would be good at clinging to and climbing things... not so good at flying.

    -I'm refluffing the DFA class and abilities as the result of Fey and not Draconic ancestry. The one mechanical change I would like to make is replacing "Dragonkin" with "Fey Kin" (so he'd have a +4 diplomacy bonus to Fey instead of Draconic creatures. This could be a bit more powerful if Fey critters are more common than dragon things, but I have no idea how that will be in this setting. This guy won't be much of a face in any case... I'm ignoring "immune to frightful presence of dragons" (he has racial immunity to mind effects) and assuming the class DR does not stack with the racial DR unless told otherwise. I'm not adding the Human feat and skill points because he was no longer human when class progression began (and that would kind of violate the whole spirit of this game ).

    The sheet is done except for mundane equipment and the more detailed backstory. I should have that ready tomorrow.
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