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    Default Re: At the edge of Humanity : A 3.5 Monstrous game

    I've re-read the instructions on applying Awaken from the OP and followed those (adding the Awaken roll to a base of Int 2). The only remaining question I have on Intelligence is whether I was allowed to Empower it.

    Now edited and (I think) complete.

    Tai, the Awakened, Magebred Dire Rat
    Spoiler: Sources
    Factotum: Dungeonscape at 14
    Practiced Manifester: CPsi at 57
    Knowledge Devotion: CC at 60
    Psychoportive Shelter: CPsi at 97
    Damp Power: CPsi at 82

    Book of All Knowledge (CC at 142)
    Tome of Worldly Memory (MIC at 190)
    Tome of Ancient Lore (MIC at 189)

    I think everything else (so far) is in the SRD.

    Spoiler: Level Progression
    1. RHD // Factotum
    2. RHD // Factotum
    3. RHD // Factotum (LA +1 of Magebred bought off at this point, at cost of 2,000 XP)
    4. Psion (Telepath) // Factotum
    5. Psion (T) // Factotum
    6. Psion (T) // Factotum (at this point, finally reached BAB +4, qualifying for Slayer PrC)
    7. Slayer // Factotum
    8. Slayer // Factotum (equivalent is Psion 4, ML is 8, due to Practiced Manifester; with two Bloodline levels, ML is 10)

    Spoiler: Background
    "'Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.' Build a better rat, and . . . hmm." Some plans are not the best thought-out. So it was with one nameless artificer, experimenting in a cramped laboratory, seeking how to improve domesticated animals. In the post-monstrous age, such people could devote themselves to "pure research": as long as you could get a grant from the Capital, your work didn't necessarily have to be useful.

    Take for example, Test Subject 23, Male, Magebred Dire Rat. Experiment: Intelligence Enhancement and Language Acquisition -- a literal lab rat. One of many, in large, wired cage, stacked along one wall of the laboratory. Already the progeny of an improved lab stock, it had been the subject of a number of experiments: blood transfusions, psychic chirurgery, and other probes. The latest goal was to see whether it could be raised to the level of understanding language. Not merely simple commands, like, "Go," "Stay," "Attack!" Really understand language, like, "Clean up the lab," or "Refill my stein!"

    Now, that could be useful: an army of servants you could breed as fast as . . . well, as fast as rats.

    In broad strokes, that was the theory. The problem with increasing intelligence, however, is you don't necessarily know how far you're going to go. That was the case with the Artificer and Test Subject 23. The incantations, injections, incisions, and infusions took all day and all night. At the end, Test Subject 23 looked a bit like a drowned rat that had been hit a few times with a hammer, as it was returned to its cage to recover, while the Artificer betook himself first to bed and then to the tavern. Plenty of time to rest and refresh, while TS 23 recuperated.

    Meanwhile, back in the lab . . .

    It is hard to describe the change, when one goes from the intellectual level of a farm animal to a level usually reserved for Great Wyrm dragons and Archmages. Concepts you once never even knew existed, you not only perceive, they have become simple to understand. Locks and cages are child's play, when you are able to see and manipulate the universal incarnum like an adept arcanister.

    "Freedom." TS 23 now had a word for the instinctive desire of any caged creature. Picking the cage lock did not even require the use of magic, and he was out, able to roam the lab. Most of the equipment held no interest for him, but the books: "Knowledge." A new word for an entirely new concept, but one that excited TS 23 immensely. "I must learn. There is no other creature like me. What do I want? Who can tell me what I should do?"

    But true freedom -- and answers -- could be found only outside the walls of the lab, and only if no one were looking to bring him back. "Many cages. Many rats. Much equipment. Fire. What if there were an accident. An explosion and fire. Lost animals, lost equipment, lost books." TS 23 opened the other cages and shooed the animals out of the lab. A wriggle of the paws, a touch of tallow from the candle, a few grunted syllables, and he had conjured a flaming sphere that rolled around the room, setting everything alight.

    Satisfied with his handiwork, TS 23 retreated into the streets, scurrying away as the cries of, "Fire! Fire!" started to rise.

    Spoiler: Other
    TS 23 has taken the name Tai. He looks like a common dire rat, an image he tries to cultivate when he must be seen in his natural form. Other times, he uses his Hat of Disguise to pass as a Halfling or Gnome.

    He lives on and below the city streets, hiding most of the day inside a psychoportive shelter, studying, and roaming at night. He has learned enough of what happened to the monsters to know that he would be in great danger if he were to be found out, but he figures, these days, the monster hunters have long considered the cities cleaned out, so he may be as safe here as he could be anywhere. He is trying to decide what to do, long-term.

    I am fluffing Tai to be relatively recently escaped. His class levels have more to do with his pre-history in the lab, rather than any adventuring since then. Likewise, most of his equipment was stolen from the lab or scrounged and pilfered since then.
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