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    Default Re: At the edge of Humanity : A 3.5 Monstrous game

    Spoiler: Equipment Buy
    Fullblade (Huge Size) 150 GP
    - Masterwork 300 GP
    - Hideaway 2000 GP
    - Crystal of Illumination 400 GP
    - +1 Bloodfeeding 8,000 GP
    - Baatorian Green Steel 2,000 GP

    Breastplate 200 GP
    - Elven Darkleaf 2,250 GP
    - +1 Pitspawned 4,000 GP
    - Nimbleness 600 GP

    Strongarm Bracers 6,000 GP
    Bag of Holding Type #1 2,500 GP
    Backpack 2 GP
    Boots of Agile Leaping 600 GP
    Healing Belt 750 GP
    Silk Rope 10 GP
    Winter Blanket + Bedroll 6 SP
    MW Thieves Tools 100 GP

    Vutha Suaco, a Reth Dekala Crusader Psion is getting there. I think he's almost done, minus his backstory and features (hair, height, etc) (something in which i'm not sure how to do with him in this case).

    Spoiler: Sources
    Elven Darkleaf, Fullblade, Baatorian Green Steel (Arms & Equipment Guide P. 6-7, 13, 19-20)
    Psion (Expanded Psionics Handbook)
    Crusader (Tome of Battle P. 8-14)
    Bloodfeeding, Nimbleness, Hideaway, Illuminating; Healing belt, Boots of Agile Leaping (Magic Item Compendium[Shiny New Version] P. 13, 29, 36, 76, 110)
    Pitspawned{Weapon/Armor Template} (Dungeon's Master's Guide #2 P. 278)

    Spoiler: And finally... Pictures
    Vutha Suaco

    Volts the Psicrystal

    Spoiler: Backstory
    There was a time when after Vutha had helped slay his own master, he was content with slaying his mortal descendants (see ToB P. 154). However, as the years past by, he found that he was doing this for no reason other than to rid himself of his torment. Vutha decided to embrace what he had become and live elsewhere than Acheron. When it came time to leave again to head to the mortal world, Vutha figured this to be his opportunity to get away from anymore fighting and live his life as normally as possible.

    However, the fighting seemed destined to follow in his footsteps. As when he landed in the mortal world from the astral caravan, the only thing he saw was a human male chasing a gold wyrmling dragon. The human was toying with it, making it run in circles and eventually into a corner, trapping it poised and ready to kill. Vutha couldn't stand by and watch this happen. He rushed in and cleaved into the man with his sword. For a moment, the Vilefire temporarily released on his skin freeing him from the torment. Vutha immediately realized that he just killed one of his descendants. Vutha staggered backward a foot or two until he hit into a tree. Looking at his hands, he cursed himself for killing another descendant. Meanwhile, the gold dragon walked over to him, staring at him intently. As the dragon stared, a Psicrystal formed into existence near Vutha's head. The dragon became somewhat confused as this was something it never encountered before. The Psicrystal spoke to Vutha in his head saying, "the dragon's watching us, what do you think it's going to do?" Vutha looked up at the dragon, only now realizing that his sword was behind the dragon. The dragon looked over at Vutha and said in the only language it could at the time, Draconic, "Thank you for saving me, my name is Wer Siksta, what's yours?" Vutha replied without even thinking about any consequences, "my name is Vutha Suaco." "Hey, I don't think that was a wise move, who knows if the dragon is going to remember that to hunt you down when it gets older?" the Psicrystal thought. Vutha responded to the Psicrystal, "If that happens, I might just welcome death then." The dragon nodded to Vutha saying, "well, again thanks. If we happen to cross paths again, who knows, maybe I can help you at that time with something you need, well got to run." With that the dragon turns and runs further into the forest.

    Vutha slowly gets up from the tree and picks up his sword and says "dakma", in which the sword starts folding itself into a dagger in which he then sheathes it and looks back to where the caravan was. "I will stop these people from hurting for fun" Vutha thinks to himself while he's looking back. However when he looks to where it was, it's no longer there. So now Vutha wanders the world fighting off those who harm/kill monsters for fun.