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    For Pathfinder, for my purposes, all Constructs are priced by CR, Clockworks lose the Difficult to Create ability, and Constructs lose bonus hp by size instead gaining bonus hp for higher Str.

    Plants List
    This is a list of 3.x plants.
    Edit: And here Jowgen did a MUCH better job!
    PF Plants List

    Construct Folding
    Applying the Squeezing rules to Constructs and extradimensional spaces.

    Dust is Lazy
    How to make and utilize dust and dust like materials. Surprisingly awesome.

    War Spells
    Thread filled with spells modified by the Dragon Magazine War Spells spell template.

    Best Generic Feats
    List of the best feats that any character can take in 3.x. Good for NPCs, minions, and monsters.

    Best Generic Feats in PF
    As above only it would seem that PF has far fewer feats that anyone could take that give you superpowers.

    Random Animal Templates
    Every 3.x Animal in random lists with every template one could apply and still leave them as Animals. For simulating animal marketplaces and buying Warbeasts (MM2).

    Every Playable Monster
    Lists of every playable monster (monster with listed Level Adjustment) from which one could roll a random monster. Oh, and they're sorted by Effective Character Level for your convenience.
    Also includes every playable template by ECL.

    List of every extraplanetary creature in PF
    Under construction indefinitely. Currently unpacking certain expandable templates and adding racial ability modifiers.

    3.x - My rendition of the Leylines of Faerun

    PF - Combining Mundane Items and New Tech Grenades

    Clockwork Mimic
    Clockwork Mimic Amalgam Doppelganger
    Doppelmancy Ideas

    3.x spells to use in PF

    Pathfinder Necromancy Options

    PF - Race Point Costs for Construction Point Abilities

    Magic Also Taketh
    Discussion/collection of economy breaking exploits and how to counter them with more than just Rule Zero.

    How to Craft a Pantheon

    Threads Informing My Constructs Obsession
    Solving a Magical Population Explosion
    Protecting the Minds of Construct Minions
    Excellent Discussion on Animating and Retained Traits
    PF - Clockwork Spacewhale Tattoos
    Optimizing Create Crawling Claw spell
    PF - Craft Construct at low levels
    Were and vampire Intelligent Magic Items.

    Shrift the Mighty

    Jumping Shark CRs

    Medieval Demographics
    Town Demographics

    Special Cloth Materials

    3.P Spelljammer

    Lets Do The Time Wrinkle Again

    Spell Modifications list

    GitP Regulars as...
    I am a Magic Item! And a Cursed Magic Item! And an NPC! And though I did not inspire it I reminded Zaydos of one of his dragons!
    And now there's a disease for me too! And another disease! And I'm a special material! And a cursed special material!
    And I was kindly transcended into a deity!! And now I have a Domain and a domain feat! (thanks Zaydos!) Now too I am a Reserve Feat!
    Now I'm an Artifact! And a Cursed Artifact!
    And I am some lesser deities!
    Now an organization! And another organization!
    And now a Vestige!

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