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    Spoiler: Astra & Orianna
    Lady Andrel launches into a reply. <Common> "Well, Breno - our eldest - is living near Lheshayl, where we bought him a village so he could learn to govern. Maro married some rich merchant woman in Westgate-"

    Lord Andrel interrupts. <Common> "They have this stunning house, all white marble..."

    <Common> "It's crass and gaudy, Giles. But Maro's happy, so we can't complain. And little Erica is training to be a knight in Elversult."

    Giles taps his lips with his finger. <Common> "She's not a knight... Oh, what's the word she uses... Argh, I can't remember it."

    <Common> "Either way, we're going to Westgate via Elversult. I'm sure they'd like to come back here, but they have their own lives, now..."

    Spoiler: Kor, Opal & Sakura
    "Ah, I see." He strokes his beard. "It is certainly ambitious of you, to try and destroy and entire pack at once. Normally we like to stay out of the humans' conflicts - they usually bring even more trouble down upon us - but I have seen what a plague these gnolls are, and we have a long history of peaceful trade and mutual respect with the people of Cershire. We will consider your request. In the meantime, I grant you the freedom of our little camp. It may be more basic than what you're used to in Cershire, but we have healers who can tend your wounds and smiths to repair your weaponry, should you need such services." He makes it clear that he is finished talking for now.

    "How many of our warriors do you need to carry out your plans?" Asks another elder. "If you want to assault a gnoll cave, we might not be able to offer much help - it is difficult for us to move around in such cramped spaces."
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    A Faerie Affair

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