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Because the impression was that it's the act of dying honorably not just havin lifed a honorable live and then dying in bed you still go to heaven as you have not sined during your life.

If it's just "live good and you're fine whenever you die" it's easy to fullfil the requirements
It's not easy. That's the whole point! Why do you think it's supposed to be easy? What does being happy have to do with being a dwarf?

What you are describing is what every other race has. The dwarves do not have that. The dwarves have it worse. They have an unfair, unjust system that forces them to live their life a certain way or risk eternal damnation. You can feel however you want to feel about that system, but that's what it is. If you're expecting me to agree to some sort of loophole that you can then feel better about how it works...No. No, there are no loopholes, other than the broad definitions of honorable death I've already discussed. Some dwarves live honorable sainted lives of pure humility and service and then choke on a chicken bone and die and are condemned to Hel forever for an eternity of torture and misery. This is a thing that happens. The world is not fair.