Raistlin Majere is a cross between neutral and lawful evil. In the earlier books (but after be became evil) and near the end he follows a very basic code, however in the middle of his evil he thinks of himself more than any other being, because he thinks all others are fools, inculdeing the cowardly and self serving gods. And in Dragonlance, i personally think he is the best character. Anyways,
Artimis Enteri from R.A. Salvator's books would be LE. He does his job as an assiasion, kills without mercy, and is utterly ruthless, however he does not kill those who are not connected to him, nor does he kills those who don't get in his way. he is also completly dedicated to self perfection, and to becomeing hte worlds best swordsmen, which makes him insanely jealous of Drizzt.
Light from DeathNote starts out as LE. He follows a very perticular code in order to purge the world of evil. However, he kills anyone who gets in his way, breaking his own code. he also wishes to instate himself as a god. He their for become NE. he still follows a code, but breaks it when it is convent.
Rommel from real life would be LE (until his attempted assianation of Hitler of course). He still does the nazies bidding, and was involed in multible jew and black killings. However, he act like a gentalmen and an honorable soilder to his british enemies, and treats his prisioniors with respect. He is also critical of Hitler's ideas and murders. Look him up for more details
Scar from Full Metal Alchemist is LE. He abides a very scrite code, and dedacates himself to 1 goal, but he also protects his people and works for their well being. However, dispite that, he kills any inocent that gets in the way of his goals.
Silas from the Devici code is LE. Dispite beliving he is doing the lords willl, he is still a killer. However, he is deeply relgions and repents in the end.
Sarorack From Balder's Gate is LE. He belive that the strong rule the weak, and that he is the unltiment incartation of the strong. However, He is very loaly to his comrades in armeds and close assosets. And he never breaks his word.
The Slicer from Full Metal Alchemist is LE. He is a pair of serial killing brother who's souls are trapped to a single suit of armor. However, dispite the fact he likes killing for the shear joy of it, he fights his foes fairly and seems to follow some kind of code. In the anime, when he is defeated, one brother kills himself because he lost.
Miko is now LE. She still follows some sort of code (i think) and will do anything to further her belief of justice. Just what it is remains to be seen.
Redcloack is LE. He is quite loaly to Xycon and his goblin follows. However he hates his hobgoblins and like to kill them.
Lord Sloth is LE, for reason said before.
Lord Straqh (the vampire lord from Ravenloft, i can't spell his name) is NOT LE. While he is charming and urban, he is completly dedicated to one goal and has not moral code which he abides by, even the consent of the one he chases.