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Other than failing to include directions on how to insert a giant stick up their posteriors, this is one seriously awesome piece of work.
Well, the idea was that they shouldn't need the stick...

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Only gripe I have is the references to God, but that seems to be more a placeholder than an actual reference.
Yes, it is. The word 'God', even capitalised, doesn't (to me) have to mean the Christian God, especially within a fantasy setting. I just didn't like how it sounded if I used more generic terms: 'your god', 'the gods', 'the deity'. It lacked punch; it sounded like 'any old god will do'. Even in a polytheistic setting, I think paladins (and clerics, and any other devotedly religious character) should have essentially the same ways of referring to their god as real religious people do. Also...

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what I like most about this entire bit is that it is nested within the context of a setting. It makes the rhetoric far more believable and far more compelling than just a flat discussion.
...I was trying to do that, put it in the context of 'a setting', without getting setting-specific at all. So I couldn't say 'Pelor' every time I used 'God'.

Basically, I wanted to convey that this here bunch of paladins is dedicated to a god, their God, even if others exist in the setting. Any resemblances to the Christian God... would be a breach of forum rules for me to delve into.

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Very well said. That's what many players (and a lot of DMs) should learn about paladins. People that belittles paladins for their codes, and DM's that plays "divine sargent" could learn something from this.
Truth is that a lot of players and DMs despise any Lawful aligned character, and forgets that paladins need to be Lawful and GOOD.
Yeah, this was meant to be as much for DMs who choke players with the paladin code as for players who do it to themselves. The section about 'discuss your code with a mentor, especially if you've come to us from far away' was code for 'talk it over with your DM, especially if there are setting-specific things involved'.

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Good - but I would like to stress one point: "You are sworn to uphold the laws of [Insert deity here] over and above those of any Earthly master. Any human rule or law that conflicts with this duty must be utterly disregarded."
That's not how I'd phrase it (not "utterly disregarded"), but you have a good point. I suppose in my defence I can say again that I was trying to be general, so I couldn't delve too much into what happens with deity-specific laws that are binding in addition to the idea of 'be righteous' that underlies the code. But I could put in at least one line saying that you have to uphold them as well, without going into what they might be.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone! It's nice to see it so generally positive...