Ritual Warrior stuff:

General - Made everything 3rd person.
Bone Web - Changed from swift to standard, cleaned up.
Bloodform Champion - Boosted
Boosted Brume of Broken Blades, also cleaned it up.
Disfiguring Death - Cleaned up, rewrote a bit.
Boosted Evacuating Touch to all saves.
Fear Ward can now stack with itself.
Finality - Increased the range
Flesh of the Fallen - Boosted, changed
Grasping Hands - keep as swift action?
Hematic Shield - Boosted, made it a delay damage effect
Leeching Aura - Removed save
Permeable Ward - Renamed Impermeable Ward, extra damage taken dropped.
Rush of Blood - Now grants +Init as well.
Rush of Blood, Greater - No penalty for full attacking.
Scything Bane - Enemies only now.
Siphon Spirit - Boosted from 1/3 to 1/2.
Sympathetic Pain - Changed it, since it seemed weak for a 5th level ritual.