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    Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman

    The call of the open road is difficult to ignore, and the allure of the uninhibited, open spaces of the natural world calls to some more strongly than others. Some lead lives quietly cloistered within the confines of society, choosing to pursue a dream other than that of the peacefully curving, well-worn road. Some cannot hear the call of the open road, they miss the subtleties of its melody, the lulls between the refrains of birdsong. But others yet hear its song, and see the open road for what it is: life, unrestrained. These are the musicians that play the song of life, the song of freedom, the song of the open road.


    The song of the open road is expressed differently in every traveler, and no two nomad is alike in their connection to the road. This connection can be empowered by feats, spells, alternate class features, and many other methods. Some feats or other abilities below provide a travelerís bonus. Travellerís bonuses stack with any other bonus, but not with other travelerís bonuses.


    All feats below are considered Song of the Open Road feats for all purposes.

    Song of the Open Road Feats


    Call of the Open Road Wisdom 13, Endurance You are able to travel long distances and exist in inhospitable climates more easily, but cannot be satisfied without traveling constantly
    Travel Light Call of the Open Road You forsake material possessions in order to remain unhindered in your travels and gain benefits
    Sightseer Wisdom 15, Spot 8 ranks, Call of the Open Road Gain benefits to your visual abilities when outdoors
    Friendly Stranger Charisma 15, Diplomacy 8 ranks, Call of the Open Road You make a good first impression when traveling, and are to more easily influence those you meet
    Nomadic Priest Ability to turn or rebuke undead, Call of the Open Road Gain the Travel domain as a bonus domain
    Untiring Constitution 13, Call of the Open Road You can no longer become exhausted, and are more easily rested
    Comerado Character level 6th, Call of the Open Road Gain a traveling companion
    Path of the Aging Traveler Character level 12th, Call of the Open Road You no longer incur any aging penalties, and you live longer
    Reliable Guide Call of the Open Road You may assist your allies with their movements and can more easily traverse difficult terrain

    Call of the Open Road
    By accepting the call of the open road, your ability to travel long distances and live in the harsher realities of the natural world is increased immensely. You can travel more quickly and lightly. However, you are no longer happy with the everyday life most find acceptable and cannot stay in one place for too long.
    Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Endurance.
    Benefit: All benefits of this feat stack with the benefits of the Endurance feat. You are automatically considered have succeeded on any of the following checks and saves: Swim checks to resist nonlethal damage, Constitution checks made to continue running, and Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments. In addition, you may take 10 on the following checks and saves even when threatened or distracted: Constitution checks made to hold your breath, Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst, and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation.

    You may sleep in heavy armor without becoming fatigued.

    When traveling for long periods of time, your overland speeds (one hour and one day only) are increased by 25%. For example, if you have a 30 ft. movement speed and are traveling for one hour, your walk speed is increased from 3 miles per hour to 3.75 miles per hour.
    Special: You must travel at least 30 miles every week under your own power or lose the benefits of this feat, and any other Song of the Open Road feat you have. The benefits of any Song of the Open Road feat may be regained by traveling at least 30 miles under your own power. Any distance traveled using a mount, a vehicle, a spell that affects mobility, etc. does not count towards this distance.
    Special: A monk may select this feat as a bonus feat at any level, as long as they meet the requirements.

    Travel Light
    Not all who forsake material wealth do so for pietyís sake, or in the service of a higher power. Some wish to remain unburdened in their travels, and give away their wealth to the less fortunate and instead choose to subsist upon the gifts of the natural world, with the wild grass as a bed and a gentle stream their overflowing glass.
    Prerequisites: Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: This feat provides all benefits of the Vow of Poverty feat (Book of Exalted Deeds pg. 48) except as noted here. Instead of bonus exalted feats, you instead gain bonus Song of the Open Road feats. Any benefit of the Vow of Poverty that grants an exalted bonus instead grants a travellerís bonus. In addition, as long as you are outdoors, you gain a +10 bonus to your base movement speed at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.
    Special: All restrictions of the Vow of Poverty feat and voluntary poverty in general apply to this feat, except as noted here. In addition to the other material goods you are allowed to carry, you may also carry a nonmagical musical instrument and divine focus.
    Special: If you do not follow the restrictions of this feat (and the Call of the Open Road feat), you immediately lose all benefits of this feat. The benefits of this feat may be regained by ceasing any activity that violates the restrictions and traveling, uninterrupted (not stopping to eat, drink, or sleep), and under your own power, for one week. If you stop moving at any point due to fatigue or otherwise you must start over again before the benefits of this feat can be regained. If you are prevented from moving due to any kind of outside interference, you must simply begin moving again once you are able to or are no longer being hindered. This includes being involved in any kind of combat encounter. If you do not begin your journey again within one minute of the encounter ending, you must start your week over again.
    Special: You may not acquire the Vow of Poverty feat if you have the Travel Light feat, and vice versa.

    Accustomed to the sights and sounds of the worn pathways and the untouched wilderness, you are more aware of your surroundings and your visual abilities function even at great distances.
    Prerequisites: Wisdom 15, Spot 8 ranks, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: When outside, you gain the following benefits to your vision. You gain a +2 bonus to Spot checks. You receive a Spot check penalty of -1 per 20 feet of distance. You gain Low-Light Vision, as an elf. If you already have Low-Light Vision, you can see three times as far as a human in low light conditions.

    Search checks made outdoors can use your Wisdom modifier instead of your Intelligence modifier, whichever is higher.

    When flat-footed during the first round of combat, you may apply your Wisdom modifier to your armor class in lieu of your Dexterity modifier. This bonus may not exceed the bonus you would have received from Dexterity if not for being flat-footed.
    Normal: You receive a Spot check penalty of -1 per 10 feet of distance.

    Travelerís Tales
    As you journey the world by walking its well-traveled paths, you hear the tales of the travelers and learn more about the world through their passed on knowledge.
    Prerequisites: Bardic knowledge, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You may use your Wisdom modifier instead of your Intelligence modifier on any bardic knowledge check you make. Also, your bardic knowledge may be used to determine if you know relevant information from or about non-local places.

    You gain a +1 travelerís bonus on all Knowledge checks.

    Friendly Stranger
    After many years of meeting strangers while traveling and coming across enemies of all kinds along the road, you are able to give a good first impression and influence the demeanor of those you meet more easily.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 15, Diplomacy 8 ranks, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: When interacting with an intelligent creature outdoors and for the first time while traveling or in a new place, you gain the following benefits. You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks. You gain the ability to cause intelligent creatures you have never met before to give you a chance to prove yourself before attacking. If a creature or group of creatures (up to a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier) is Hostile or Unfriendly towards you or any member of your party, you may make a Diplomacy check as an immediate action in order to change their attitude towards you from Hostile to Unfriendly or Unfriendly to Indifferent. This may only be attempted when first encountering a new creature and only once per encounter.

    In addition, when making a Diplomacy check to improve a strangerís attitude from Indifferent, you gain a +5 travelerís bonus. You can also make this check even if you donít speak the same language as the subject, but you take a -5 penalty instead of the bonus. Both uses only require half a minute instead of the normal full minute, and the attempt may be rushed as a standard action.

    Nomadic Priest
    Rather than be trapped in a cloister, poring over religious texts and seeing only by candlelight, a nomadic priest instead treats the outside world as their church and travelers as their congregation.
    Prerequisites: Ability to turn or rebuke undead, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You gain the Travel domain as an extra domain, including all granted powers. If you already have the Travel domain, you may choose the Liberation domain, Earth domain, or Ocean domain instead.

    Many, many miles of road beneath your feet has lead to hardened muscles and a spring in your step. You find yourself less weary after a long day, and never seem to run out of energy.
    Prerequisites: Constitution 13, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You are no longer able to become exhausted. Any effect that would exhaust you causes fatigue instead. You only need to sleep for 4 hours a night in order to recover health due to natural healing and prepare spells. You gain hit points due to natural healing even if your sleep is interrupted, as long as the required 4 hours are within a single 8 hour time frame. You cannot become fatigued due to lack of sleep.

    Once per day, you may perform one of the following maneuvers:

    Last Reserves: You gain a temporary boost in energy, lasting for one round and activated as a free action. Your base movement speed is increased by 15 feet and you may perform a full-attack as part of a charge. You may also perform a full-attack after a standard move action if you do not wish to charge.

    Last Drop of Energy: You may immediately recall one spell of your choice that you have already expended today.

    Your travels have not given you only acquaintances, but true, life-long friends.
    Prerequisites: Character level 6th, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You gain a traveling partner in the form of a cohort as if through the Leadership feat. You cannot gain followers other than your cohort, but you gain a +1 bonus to your leadership score for moving around a lot for the purposes of determining the level of your cohort instead of the normal penalty. Your cohortís level still cannot exceed your ECL -2. Additionally, instead of a +2 bonus for having a stronghold, base of operations, guildhall, or the like, you get a -2 penalty.

    Path of the Aging Traveler
    Although your body ages, the constant exercise from your travels has left you young and energetic yet. While your skin may weather and wrinkle, your body stays strong and healthful.
    Prerequisites: Character level 12th, Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You continue to age, but you no longer incur any penalties to your ability scores due to old age. Any penalties already incurred are not reversed.

    Additionally, your maximum age is much older than most people of your race. When determining your maximum age, increase the number of dice rolled by 50%. For example, a human would add 3d20 to their venerable age of 70 in order to determine their maximum age instead of the normal +2d20. If you have already reached venerable age when you acquire this feat, roll to determine your maximum age again. The new number cannot be lower than the previous one. If this is the case, keep rolling until the number exceeds your original maximum age by at least 1.

    Reliable Guide
    Your travels have lent you the ability to perceive the path ahead of you accurately and knowledgeably. You and your allies find it easier to travel across rough terrain or unfamiliar landscapes.
    Prerequisites: Call of the Open Road
    Benefit: You, and any ally within 30 ft., are no longer impeded by rough terrain. Allies that are traveling with you get the same bonus to their overland speed as you do from the Call of the Open Road feat (and the same restrictions for this bonus). Additionally, you may use your Wisdom modifier in place of your Dexterity or Strength modifier on Balance, Climb, Jump, Ride, or Swim checks.

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