Overall changes:
Added General Terms to the Basic Rules

Immolator Apostate:
Self-Purgation - Shortened amount of rounds spent in fire. Clarified charred touch to MTA. Can now use hit points burned away in fire to create a single ritual. Removed fire size.
Cleanse in Fire - Clarified it was a ritual, added action, reflex save, and ritual level.
Fever in the Flesh - Clarified wording, added duration, boosted damage dealt.
Flame Transference - Now works on any attack that deals fire damage.
Lost in the Flames - Removed fire size.
Immolation - Added action, extended time when hit points could be used for ritual creation.

Planar Animist:
Planar Rituals - Can summon a creature up to 14 hd now, and they cannot use SLAs above the level of the ritual used to summon them.

Rituals of Undead Creation - To create sentient undead, sacrifice must have been sentient. Clarified it is a greater shadow. Undead cannot create spawn. Added Ritual of Pain Remembered (spectres).
Bloodless Sacrifice - Made it explicit the Quietus can sacrifice its own minions. Changed from duration/half to sacrificial hit dice/half.

Gift of Self - Removed gold sacrifice, now ignores temp HP.
Healing Touch - Cannot target self

Grasp the Lifeblood - Any successful save renders target immune. Targeting undead no longer considered mind-affecting.