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    Default Re: 3.X Ancillary Contest VI - Power in rhyme, poetry time

    Epic Poem of the Universe [Epic]
    You can speak the greatest poems the world has ever heard.
    Prerequisites: Truespeak 24 ranks; able to speak utterances of the maximum normal level.
    Benefit: You can use Epic Utterances. More information on epic utterances is given below.
    Special: Worldspeakers have their own 10th-, 11th-, 12th- and 13th-level utterances which are distinct from these and can be taken just by advancing in level.

    Epic Utterances

    Epic utterances are built from lines of poetry that combine to make a full utterance. You must choose a range line, a duration line, a save line, and a number of effect lines, including more than one copy of the same one. You may also choose any number of augment lines for each category except effect. These combine to determine the DC of the truespeak check: it doesn't follow the normal rules for lexicons.

    You can use meta-utterance feats and Speak Unto The Masses normally.

    When you speak an epic utterance, each line of poetry suffers from the Law of Resistance separately, once for each time it was used. For example, if you spoke the epic poem:

    A master of my own will,
    Just a few fickle moments,
    But just a little longer,
    Oh, but just a little longer,
    Oh, but just a little longer,
    If they should be willing,
    I will heal them,
    Oh, I will heal them.

    The master, moments and willing lines would have their DCs increased by 2 (to -2, +6 and -2), the longer line would have its DC increased by 6 to +8, and the heal line by 4 to +5. This means that it is entirely possible that you may speak an utterance without needing to roll, and later find that you cannot speak the same utterance at all.

    Range Lines

    Against the world: The utterance affects creatures within 20 feet, except you (DC +4)
    A master of my own will: The range is personal. The target is you (DC -4)
    From a single point of light: The utterance affects a single creature within 60 feet. (DC +/- 0)
    In a place I speak to you: The utterance affects a space of 20 ft radius within 60 feet. (DC +12)
    Of a tool of gods and men: The utterance affects an object within 60 feet. (DC +/- 0)
    Through the path I dare not tread: The utterance affects a 30 ft line. (DC +4)
    With the grace of those who follow: The utterance affects allies within 20 feet, including you. (DC +8)

    Range Augment Lines

    Over the lands afar: The utterance's area, but not its range, doubles (DC +12. You can take this more than once, but the cost increases by +3 each time).
    With the eyes of an eagle: The utterance's range, but not its area, doubles (DC +8. You can take this more than once, but the cost increases by +2 each time).

    Duration Lines

    For as long as I can hold it: The utterance lasts as long as you concentrate. (DC +4)
    In an instant's thought: The duration is instantaneous. This means that most effects will only take effect for an instant, not that they last long after the magic fades. (DC +/- 0)
    Just a few fickle moments: The duration is 5 rounds. (DC +4)

    Duration Augment Lines

    But just a little longer: The duration lasts 1 extra round (After you finish concentrating or the 5 rounds are up) (DC +2. You can take this more than once, but the cost increases by +1 each time).

    Save Lines

    For the weak among them: Fortitude negates. (DC +/- 0)
    If they should be willing: The spell has no saving throw; it only works on willing targets. (DC -4)
    Should they believe and not succumb: Like phantasmal killer, a will save disbelief and a fortitude save against the effects are allowed. Unlike it, fortitude negates the utterance. (DC -2)
    To those of fickle mind: Will negates. (DC +/- 0)
    Unless it can be dodged: Reflex halves damage and negates other effects. (DC +2)
    Upon those less rapid: Reflex negates. (DC +/- 0)

    Save Augment Lines

    Oh, they shall succumb: Save DC +1. (DC +2. You can take this more than once, but the cost increases by +2 each time).

    Effect lines

    By fire, be purged: Deals 1d6 fire damage. (DC +1)
    Cold shall not weary them: Grant cold resist 2 (DC +1)
    Find the will to fight on: Cures 1 point of ability drain or 2 of damage (DC +5)
    Hear your doom about you: Deals 1d6 sonic damage. (DC +2)
    I shall heal them: Heals 1d6 hit points. (DC +1)
    Life springs forth eternal: Cures 1 negative level (DC +20)
    Sharpen your blades for war: +1 on attack/damage rolls. (DC +2)
    They shall not fear fire: Grant fire resist 2 (DC +1)
    We do not hear our deaths: Grant sonic resist 1 (DC +1)

    (Gonna do more of this later.)
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