Okay, so, couple things - a few of the things you're posting about are addressed, just not here yet (because I've been revising the Rituals over on my home forum). So I'll copy over the changes and post the change log below.
Makes perfect sense, one of the reasons so many people are using google docs nowadays. I appreciate your sticking to forums, at least for the moment, as I find them much more usable and readable on my end.

Spoilers to keep the thread navigable
Spoiler: General
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The Martyr actually has to pay a bit more than that, because it's ritual level + the effective hit dice, so a 5th level ritual is 10hp minimum.
If you're doing rituals of your highest available level it's a little less than 1.5*level, I used an "and change" note somewhere. You could also just do one ritual and have very little overcharge. I meant it as a quick comparison for people reading and didn't want to round to -4hp/level= d4 HD, since 3*level is the HD cap anyway, so I rounded down if you will.
I added a General Terms section afterwards, which should hopefully help. And as of the update, almost all of the hour/HD durations are gone, if not all of them.
I don't remember it being up there in the long descriptions before but it is now, and the terms list is a nice summary.
Please note though that use rituals die after the duration of the final use, not before.
Yeah I caught that, a number of rituals lacked that duration is all.
This should all be in there, especially on the Martyr rituals where it was really lacking. That was one of the main goals of the update. Not quite sure what you're getting at with the transparency rules, though. There's not meant to be any here.
I'll be taking a break for a while before diving back in again but scrolling up and down it looks good (until I noticed the Target lines, see below). What I meant by transparency is just that psionics and incarnum both make a point of it and I figure it's good to have under it's own header for any big system, so when someone asks the question it's in bold. I also just like acknowledging that everything can always be adjusted, so if a DM is finding that the lack of transparency is a problem they can change it-a reminder that sometimes needs to be repeated.
And the minimum HD requirement is the ritual level (which might not be high enough).
It feels reasonable, certainly for the Ritualist, I'd have to do some proper mock-ups. It'd probably be easier to fix individual (Martyr) rituals if needed than potentially cripple the other two classes by changing the minimum from what you designed them under.
Updating the Martyr class features is already on the to-do list. I'm not super thrilled by them at the moment, and the 1st level ability (Touch of Friendship) is completely useless and needs to be replaced.
Huh. It looks like it's supposed to let you pass personal rituals to others, but I'm guessing then that all the Martyr rituals are written this way to begin with. Being able to dismiss rituals as a free action instead of the usual full-round is definitely a thing though. Lets you free up capacity if you decide you're willing to take the burn for another ability or prepare to use Reversing Strike.
Remove Temptation - The Martyr doesn't get to decide what the hit dice of the sacrifice are. The gold cost of the item does that for him. But the whole gold sacrifice has always been a problem, and I'm very tempted to boot it over to the variant rule post and let it stay there.
I can't double check it now but I know I'd been writing for a while and didn't at the time. Dumping the gold option is probably better for balance, but in general I'd still say that forcing you to use the full value of a sacrifice is silly when the whole point of a sacrifice is that you're willing to give up the whole of it in return for whatever you're getting. Or the bad RL example: if I pay for a $1 item with a $20 bill and tell them to keep the change, most people will keep the change (unless the multiverse is afraid of the Better Business Beureu or something ). I was going to ask about basing it on cost to create rather than market value and how that makes mundane items only worth 1/3 and then I read the crafting rules in your main setting link and was wondering what exactly the magic item market price is then (you say that adding the xp cost of creation as gp drastically increases the cost: specifically the cost to create becomes 70% instead of 50%, so does that increase the market price to 120% or 140%?).
Healing Touch - It's only supposed to work on other creatures, actually. Looks like I don't have that clause in there. The unlimited slow healing doesn't really bother me though, it's something I've got all over the place in my various systems. Just saves the party the cash of a wand of lessor vigor.
Indeed, I was sure you couldn't use it on self for a good while, and I also don't really mind the healing. It's a solid reason to be around even if you botch your preparations.
(Re: Grasp the Lifeblood) It was at will so that the low level Ritualist had something it could do, in addition to the getting a sacrifice bit, because a lot of low level creatures are just boring and don't have the interesting abilities that rituals feed off of. I'll make the changes suggested though. In order to limit uses per day though, I'd probably need to create a second low level ability for the Ritualist in that case.
At-will should be fine if they're immune on the first save, just means you can try it once per opponent, and you still have to concentrate or go all/nothing. Choosing between concentrating or risking the second save-out chance is a nice dilemma.

Spoiler: PrCs
(Re: Immolator Apostate) Medium Fire it turns out is 2d6 a round, which is 1d6 higher than I wanted. I'll just write it into the text. Cleanse in Fire is poorly written, but it's actually a special ritual that gives you a fire burst attack, and is meant to be created via Self-Purgation. It needs to be reworked. It's also unlimited use.
I still don't see a target for that burst, is it centered on self or what now looks like the standard-ish 20'/HD? (And if centered on self, do you also take the damage?) That's a lot of fire damage, up to 6d6 per level at-will.
(Re: Planar Animist) Yeah, always knew this guy was a little strong. I'll have to revise it so it's relatively sane. Honestly, just switching it to Ritual Level = +1 per 2 hit dice probably would do it. That caps you at 14hd and under outsiders. And add in a clause I have elsewhere, which blocks the SLA cheese.
Interesting, that should put a good damper on it until someone can go through and see if there's any gaps left.
(Re: Quietus) Because it was meant to be a Greater Shadow. Hence the level restriction. And no, there isn't... which means you could turn some of the large HD but squishy animals into very interesting options. The NightXs come online at level 16 at the earliest, so I'm a little less bothered, especially as your DM needs to hand you a 21 HD+ monster to sacrifice. Game balance by that point is kinda hosed anyway.
The DM doesn't have to just hand you a big animal though, you can go for a hunt as easily as you could any other downtime activity, or faster with the right magic items or allies to locate and teleport, at which point they have to find a reason to deny you. I'll have to beg to differ on game balance being automatically screwed: it's that attitude that usually causes the problem. Doesn't mean I don't like the ability mind you, that's friggen awesome, and the creatures are roughly equivalent in power to say Greater Planar Ally/Binding a Planetar or something. But like the Planar Animist, you can get multiple minions and pay effectively no cost, which is what pushes it over the edge even if you have to hunt a dino.
I'm not aware of the class feature rule on sacrifices, since this system never existed before... so I'd say you certainly can.
Paragraph three under Performing Rituals: "The creatures used for this cannot have been created, summoned or called, including being gained via any class feature, and they must be alive at the time of sacrifice." An undead you created via a ritual gained as a special class feature has two hits, and even if you use a spell it's still a creature you created.

Spoiler: Chained Body/Target Entries
Chained Body got cleaned up/nerf-batted in the big update, but Reflexive Retribution still needs a few changes, looking at it again.
Solid nerf, but I strongly, strongly disagree with the convention of "Target: one creature/HD" when only one creature is affected by each activation. Simply put, I can't think of any other ability in the game that uses a target line to refer to multiple creatures over time without doing so in the same sentence (Ex: Implosion, which says "Target: one corporeal creature/round.") I expect this would cause massive confusion in anyone trying to read the entries quickly, obviously I know I would have been if I hadn't read the old version without them. The standard for target entries in any 3.5 system is that if it says multiple targets, they're all hit at once. If someone jumped to Chained Body because they heard it was good, saw "target 1 creature/HD" and didn't read carefully enough to notice that there's no "s" at the end of "creature" in the first sentence, they'd think it worked on multiple creatures every time. Further down on say, Spirit Shackles, it only says Target: Two creatures as expected (even though it has multiple charges), as does Justice (which has only one charge). Skimming makes it look like there are a ton of mass debuffs, when in actuality there are lots of charged single-target debuffs. Apologies if this is already being /has been addressed or sounds harsh, but I think it's very important. The rest of the new description blocks is all familiar and works as expected except this.

Spoiler: Responses to post-changelist entries from changelist spoiler
Divine Presence: summoning changed from hours to days, most impact at lowest levels before hours last all day. Let's see: Lesser can get you a herd of bison or a flock of hippogriffs, that's actually pretty strong if only for overland travel. While I'm here, the middle can get you at best a scad of polar bears or Bralani, decent for wiping mooks but easily cooked by a caster, and greater is good for a pride of Leonals, which sadly at that level aren't all that crazy either (at-will Wall of Force always has uses though, and extra healing/fireballs never hurt anyone). Don't think there's any serious problems here then.

Entwined Magic: is that maximum level restriction or total levels transferred? I expect the former but can see argument for the latter. I'd use, "The highest level of spells transferable."

Healer's Warning: I didn't mind the remote casting, but you're right that usually isn't available that level.

Heavenly Gift: I'm more confused on this one now. Before it seemed like a small instant buff best used for immunity to poison before entering a lair. Now I can't tell if it's an aura or just a very long lasting AoE buff.

Justice: hmm, thinking on a book I re-read recently, I'd like a provision regarding false-surrender. If the benefactor surrenders he should forfeit his buff, but if the accused surrenders and then tries to attack after the buff's gone the buff should come back. Assuming aggressive player use, their ally is assumed to surrender truly (because they couldn't hack it even with the buff), and their enemy is assumed to be treacherous. Unless that's meant to be a valid way for a canny foe to negate your single-shot (though high-powered) ritual.

Network: aha, it seems you'd already removed the penalties, well played.

Radiance: has flipped from anti-undead to not really, since the only status effects here that work on undead are blinding and ghost anchoring. Pretty good array of effects and still does something against undead, but I'd still take Judgement because it doesn't make you stand stock-still for a minimum of 7 rounds each time you use it, that's just asking for it.

Life's Wrappings/Shield of the Soul: I mentioned these before, but I'll add that they're reminding me of the Druid's Rejuvenation Cocoon spell, except instead of being a solid combo of not dying this turn/Healed in three turns/get your buffs ready, this is just lay there and hope your allies fend them off. So it remains best as a somewhat humiliating method of keeping NPCs alive when in hostile territory.

Nice to finally have someone give it the once over :D
I'd like to give it a couple more, but I don't want to make any promises. I never did finish responding to all that 5e Eberron material like I'd intended.