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    Default Re: Lessons for paladins [rules discussion disguised as prose]

    It is absolutely possible within the rules to create a cleric or paladin who has no deity, no religion and yet can somehow use divine magics and divinely gifted powers. I've yet to meet any GM who allowed it, though. It simply makes no sense that an ordinary person can somehow gain access to divinely gifted powers without any deity being in any way involved. If it's that easy, there's no reason not to allow wizards to research mage versions of clerical spells, and that's a thing no GM wants, I'm sure.

    Nonetheless, to get back to paladins: the vast majority will be holy warriors who draw their powers from one or more deities. Can we at least agree on that? So while there may be a tiny minority who are secular, the majority will not be?


    Edit: I suspect the real reason 'non-deitic' clerics and paladins exist in the game is to allow genuinely religious people in real life to play clerics & paladins without any possible qualms. This is however pure speculation on my part.
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