Martyr Rituals:
Absolve the Weak - HP cap removed
Call Boon (All) - Banned items with charges or uses
Fettered Mind - Removed HD limit, added Will save
Forge Lifebond - Added rounding
Judgement - Applies to undead, and all other unliving creatures
Justice - Added a nasty kicker for those who interfere
Prayer Focus - Now applies to (and blocks) special abilities
Sacrificial Knowledge (All) - Added in a ritual-wielder level
Shackled Thoughts - Added will save
Shelter in My Soul - Items are sheltered as well
Shifting Spirit - Cleaned up, added directions for unusable results
Sorrow's Burden - No longer a gaze
Soul's Shards - Cleaned up
Spirit Aura - Boosted power level
Swirling Lives - Made an AoE
Trammel the Soul - Clarified
Weaken Flesh - Fort save added
Woven Tapestry - Boosted to 6d8