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    Sannrtala (Jormengand)
    Type: Remains unchanged, gain [Sannrtala] subtype.
    Alignment: Any Lawful
    Saves: Gain +4 bonus on Saves vs Truname Spells and Utterances
    Ability Score Changes: CON +2, DEX +2, CHA +4
    Skills: +4 bonus to truespeak checks.
    Feat: Gain Truename Training as a bonus feat.
    Special Abilities:
    Aura of Truth (Ex): All enemies within 20-ft become under the effect of a Zone of Truth (Will Save DC 15+1/2 HD +CHA mod negates) the effect continues to effect those that failed the Will Save for 1 minute after they leave the aura.
    CR: +3 Level Adjustment: +2

    Deep in the core of the plane of Mechanus exists those whose skill with truenaming becomes second-nature. These beings are called Sannrtala. Within hushed circles rumors continue to spread about these Sannrtala as beings born from the venom of the World Serpent. Individuals are rarely born as Sannrtala (though it can happen), and are more often then not made by imbibing the venom of Jormengand, the world serpent.
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