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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Templates (have we seriously not done this yet?)

    Jorm, maybe it's because you cast Unname indicating you're a Sor/Wiz with Truename ranks? How about this, is this better Jorm?

    Mangled Tongue

    Mangled tongue is an inherited template which can be bestowed upon a living creature's bloodline via the ritual of the Mangled Tongue.

    A mangled tongue uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Special Attacks:

    Natural Utterer: A Mangled Tongue's natural inclination to truespeech grants them a single utterance of the Lexicon of the Evolving Mind with a level up to 1 + 1/5 RHD they possess. They use 1/2 their character level plus their truenamer level as their effective CL for this utterance.

    Special Qualities:

    Cursed Lineage: A Mangled Tongue's bloodline is cursed with a curse that is passed along to their descendants. Any child whose parent is a Mangled Tongue gains the Mangled Tongue template. In addition those under this curse suffer a -4 penalty on saves versus other curses.

    True Tongue: A Mangled Tongue cannot speak except in the language of truespeech. They cannot talk normally, and cannot perform activities that require speech except truespeak. A Mangle Tongue gains a +4 racial bonus to Truespeak checks. Truespeak is always a class skill for a Mangled Tongue.

    Everything else is the same as base creature.

    Also... feat...

    Words that Eat Themselves
    Your words can be uttered while still holding power.
    Prerequisites: Truespeak 8 ranks, ability to speak 3 or more utterances.
    Benefit: The Law of Sequence no longer applies to you. You may have 2 or more instances of the same utterance active at one time.

    Ritual of the Mangled Tongue:

    This ritual can only be performed by a character capable of speaking 5th level utterances of the mind that is undergoing the process of evolution and has at least 20 ranks in Truespeak, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft. It requires 8 hours a day for 8 days and 125 GP of special incense each day, as well as 4 assistants with at least 8 ranks in Truespeak. To perform the ritual you must know a target's personal truename and recite it once during each day (making the check successfully) one failure forces you to restart the ritual completely. The target must make 8 Will saves (DC 20 + your Int) at -2, if all are successful the curse fails to hold. Otherwise you place a curse upon the target's blood line, the curse of the mangled tongue. Any creature that the target serves as the biological father/mother of from this point further is born with the Mangled Tongue template. This curse can be lifted via a Wish spell, or a Miracle spell, or by killing the creature that led the ritual and using their blood and viscera to perform a counter ritual (requires Knowledge (arcana) 20 ranks, and Spellcraft 20 ranks).
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