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    Draconian Hoardling (Draconium)

    Descended from an ancient black dragon lineage, these creatures have a fondness for the finer things. THis template is inherited and may be applied to living creatures.

    Size and Type: The creature gains the Dragonblood Subtype (see Dragon Magic). Their size is unchanged.

    Resistances: The creature gains Acid Resistance 10.
    Damage Reduction 5/Magic.

    Ability Score Changes: +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Dex. These creatures are good with using the tools they are so fond of, be they of war or magic.

    Skills: +2 to Hide, Move Silently, and Swim.

    Special Qualities :
    Magical Finery(Su):
    Weapons, armor, and shields are considered to have an enhancement bonus based on their value when worn or used by Draconian Hoardling. See the tables below for the enhancement values for the costs.

    Darkness (SLA):
    Once per day, the Draconian Hoardling may cast Darkness as a spell-like ability.

    Water Breathing (Ex):
    Can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use breath weapon, spells, and other abilities underwater.

    Feats: Draconic Heritage (Black Dragon). The Draconian Hoardling gains this ability

    Alignment: Any. Even though they are descended from Black Dragons, their blood is so dilute that it does not affect their disposition towards other creatures. Their items, however...

    LA: +2
    CR: +2

    GP Value Enhancement Bonus
    3,000-8,999 +1
    9,000-18,999 +2
    19,000-32,999 +3
    33,000-54,999 +4
    55,000+ +5

    Armor and Shields
    GP Value Enhancement Bonus
    2,000-4,999 +1
    5,000-9,999 +2
    10,000-16,999 +3
    17,000-25,999 +4
    26,000+ +5
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