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    Spoiler: Sometimes you dodge the bullet.

    Apparently, Matilda spent some time after getting killed watching British telly.

    Nyssa and Tegan are two companions of the Doctor from the Tom Baker/Peter Davidson era. Tegan's introductory story was the the same one in which Tom Baker's Doctor "died" and became Peter Davidson, which is fairly memorable because it was the first time I'd seen a Doctor regenerate.

    I find it hard even now to think of Nyssa and Tegan separately, since even though they were quite different people they had a tendency to keep getting mentioned together, usually as part of the formula "[They've captured/They've got/We have to help/We have to rescue] Nyssa and Tegan". This apparently is because the BBC didn't like Nyssa and kept wanting her removed, but the cast and crew liked her, so the compromise was to sneak her into the script alongside Tegan. Tegan was the "foreign appeal" character because she was Australian, so SHE was safe until they came up with a "better" idea.

    I honestly don't remember Adric at all. Even though he's from the same era and the fanbase apparently considers him one of the most annoying and hated characters in the franchise. I guess he was so annoying I blocked him out.

    My own country had an odd relationship with classic Who. I remember when I was VERY young it used to be on quite late at night and Tom Baker was the Doctor. Then it got moved to an after-school timeslot and also reverted back to somewhere in the middle of the Jon Pertwee era for some reason.

    I don't remember the Sixth Doctor at all. I must have seen him because I do remember his companion Perpugilliam Brown, both because of the silly name (she was meant to be American. Make sense?) and because she was a rather attractive young woman in fairly fanservicey outfits and I used to feel vaguely happy to see her on screen even if I still wasn't mature enough to understand why.