'You give Tor tribute, or Tor will eat your heads. Tor is bastard at heart."

Mutant Giants with pink or alabaster skin, and the head of animals/magical beasts. Despite being shorter than most other Athasian Giants, they are more powerful given their psionic abilities

∑ ++26 Strength, +6 Dexterity, +12 Constitution, +4 Wisdom, +6 Charisma, -4 Intelligence (minimum 3).
∑ Size Class: Huge size. -2 penalty to Armor Class, -2 penalty on attack rolls, -8 penalty on Hide checks, +8 bonus on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits quadruple those of Medium characters. Space is 15', Reach is 15'.
∑ Giant, giving them Low Light Vision
∑ Base land speed 50 ft.
∑ Rock Throwing (Ex): The range increment is 140 feet for a Crag Giantís thrown rocks.
∑ +12 Natural Armor Bonus.
∑ Psionics: Beasthead Giants can Manifest Psionic Powers as a Wilder whose Level is equal to their Hit Dice. If they take Levels in Wilder these Levels stack.
∑ Beasthead: Beast head Giants often have a monstrous head that gives them a Secondary Natural Attack doing 2d6 plus Str Modifier.
∑ Power Resistance: Beasthead Giants have Power Resistance equal to 12 plus CR.
∑ Racial Hit Dice: A Plains Giant begins with sixteen levels of Giant, which provide 15d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +12, and base saving throw bonuses of Fort +9, Ref +5, and Will +5. A Desert Giants Giant levels give it skill points equal to 18 ◊ (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) and 6 Feats. Its class skills are Autohypnosis, Climb, Listen, and Spot.
∑ Plains Giants have a Primary Slam attack doing 1d6 plus Strength Bonus. They get 2 Slam attacks with a Full Attack.
∑ Automatic Languages: Giant. Bonus Languages: Common.
∑ Level Adjustment: +9
∑ Favored Class: Wilder

Adulthood: 110
Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +4d6
Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +6d6
Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +10d6

Middle Age: 175
Old: 263
Venerable: 350
Maximum Age: +4d% Years

Base Height: Male: 15 ft. Female: 13 ft.
Height Modifier: +2d4 ft.
Base Weight: Male: 5000 lbs. Female: 4000 lbs.
Weight Modifier: 100 lbs.

Beastheads make pretty decent melee tanks with their psionic powers backing them up.
Adventuring Race: Beastheads are xenophobic savages. They rarely leave their islands, so for one to be an adventurer it would need to be an outcast or have suffered some cathartic event.
Character Development: Beastheads have a little more flexibility since their racial levels stack with Wilder Levels for manifesting, but they still have a pretty massive racial LA.
Character Names:

Defense of your island and it's herds are your top priority. Being smaller than some Giants you can't roam the Silt as freely, and casters want your blood for their magic.
Personality: You kill anything that comes within sight of your home. There is no question, there is no quarter.
Behaviors: Typical behavior for the Beastheads is virtually unknown, as their society is rarely observed, if at all.
Language: Beastheads have no writen language, and usually speak the Giant tongue.

Beastheads are at the stone age level, having a society and culture only in the loosest sense.
Alignment : Beastheads are almost universally Neutral Evil, with some few being Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.
Lands : Much like the other common Giants of Athas, the Beastheads live on islands in the Sea of Silt..
Settlements : The Beastheads do not settle. They keep to themselves.
Beliefs : Beastheads have few religious beliefs or preferences, as with most Athasians.
Relations: Xenophobia is strong in the Beastheads. They rarely pick fights other than to keep creatures from their homes, but their savage nature makes it impossible to get along with them. Casters use their blood as a component for spellcasting, so they hate outsiders.

∑ Somehow a Silt Horror has taking a liking to you, and you now refer to him as your pet critter. Mom is pissed, and has thrown you off the island.
∑ A being claiming to be a God has appeared in the Sea of Silt, and has declared that you will lead an all powerful army of the Damned in the final battle for control of the world. Personally you think he's nuts, but he did vaporize the entire island you were on with a wave of his hand, so Go Armageddon!
∑ You want a mate. The available women have told you to do something heroic, and worthy of their favor. You think their favor is overrated, but whatever. So you go out and kill some Templar or other. Now you have potential wives squabbling over you, and a slavering horde of the Templar's buddies screaming for your heart. Romance is not as great as the storytellers say...

Beasthead Giant Racial Substitution Levels

Levels 1, 6, 11: New options for Combat Mastery.
Combat Mastery (Ex): Quicksand Style gains you the following Feats: Combat Expertise (1st), Improved Trip (6th), and Sand Snare (11th). Hurler gains you the following Feats: Power Attack (1st), Brutal Throw (6th), and Power Throw (11th).
Level 3: Replace Endurance with Heat Endurance
Heat Endurance: You gain Heat Endurance as a Bonus Feat.
Level 4: Replace Animal Companion with one from Sandstorm list (or for something more Athas appropriate).
Level 4: Replace Woodland Stride with Sandskimmer
Sandskimmer: You gain Sandskimmer as a Bonus Feat.

Level 1: Replace Fast Movement with Silt-Fighting
Silt-Fighting (Ex): You gain Silt Fighter as a Bonus Feat.
Level 3: Replace Trap Sense with Silt Trap Sense
Silt Trap Sense (Ex): Your Trap Sense Bonus is now received against natural hazards of the Silt Sea (and also applies to his AC against same). Hazards being various terrain features.

Level 1: You have a slightly different Powers List.
Powers: You get alternative powers at each level. At each Level you may switch one Power from your list for a Power from the Egoist or Psychic Warrior Lists. The Powers must be of the same Level.