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    Default Re: Zaydos Decides to Expand on Past Work Again So What Would You Like to See?

    So promised 20 hours and they've passed. Therefore I declare this round of voting over. The next round will begin... once I can do it without triple posting.

    And the fruit of this round, and second entrant into the Harrowing Halloween Harvest of Horror is:

    Body of Poison [Vile]
    Your very sweat is toxic, your blood a poison which oozes forth, even your spit is potentially deadly.
    Prerequisites: Deformity (Toxin)
    Benefit: Any creature struck by one of your natural weapons or unarmed strike or which grapples you suffers the effects of your poison granted by the Deformity (Toxin) feat. In addition you may spit on a creature as a standard action, this is a ranged touch attack with a range of 10 ft which does not provoke attacks of opportunity from the target. This spit inflicts poison like your natural weapons.

    Cook Flesh [Vile]
    You are able to prepare the flesh of your species in such a way as to heal others not just yourself.
    Prerequisites: Kin Eater, and Profession (Cook) 5 ranks or Halfling.
    Benefit: You can cook the flesh of a creature so as to allow up to 5 other creatures, or ½ your ranks in Profession (Cook) worth (whichever is higher), to eat its flesh and gain the benefits of the Kin Eater feat from doing so; it must be a creature which triggers the Kin Eater feat for you regardless of what species the creatures you feed it to are.
    If you have Devour Knowledge you can cook a creature’s brain this way.
    There must be at least 1/4th a pound of meat per serving, or at least a mouthful of brain.

    Corrupted Chakra [Incarnum, Vile]
    You have corrupted one of your chakras, sanctifying it to the forces of darkness to draw more power through it.
    Prerequisite: Con 13+, Ability to shape 1 or more soulmelds.
    Benefit: When you select this feat you must choose one chakra for its effects to apply to. Any soulmeld shaped in that chakra is treated as having any essentia invested into this feat invested into it up to that soulmeld’s essentia capacity, and you gain a bonus to your meldshaper level for the purposes of this soulmeld. If the soulmeld has the [Evil] descriptor or you are on a plane with the Evil Aligned trait then each point of essentia invested into this feat is considered to be 2 points of essentia in the corresponding soulmeld up to that soulmeld’s essentia capacity.
    The scarring of your soul necessary for this feat makes you somewhat standoffish and inhuman in your responses giving you a -2 penalty to diplomacy checks. This penalty is increased by the amount of essentia you have invested in this feat.
    If you have bound a soulmeld to the selected chakra you gain an additional benefit based upon the associated chakra. All bonuses are profane.
    Chakra Benefit
    Arms +2 to Grapple checks
    Brow +2 to Search and Spot
    Crown +2 to intimidate
    Feet +5 ft land speed
    Hands +2 to sleight of hand
    Heart +1 to saving throws
    Shoulders +2 to Concentration and Survival
    Soul DR 2/-
    Throat Gain the benefits of a Tongue spell
    Totem +1 damage with natural weapons
    Waist +4 to resist Bull Rush and Trip attempts
    You gain 1 point of essentia.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time you have to select a different chakra.

    Deformity (Flesh) [Vile]
    You have scarred or burned your flesh with the blasphemous sigils of fiends, dark gods, and ancient evil powers.
    Prerequisites: Willing Deformity.
    Benefit: Your scars supernaturally harden your flesh, and you gain DR 2/good and a +1 to your natural armor, +1 more for every 2 Vile feats you possess other than this one. Your scars cover your torso and arms and any creature able to see them clearly may identify your dark allegiance with a DC 20 Knowledge (religion) check, identifying the general nature of your liege if they make DC 25. If you use a transmutation or transformative effect to transform your flesh so that these scars no longer appear (you may choose to keep them) the benefits of this feat are lost for the duration as well.

    Deformity (Heart) [Vile]
    You have removed your heart offering it up to your dark gods in exchange for their blessings, leaving nothing but a hollow whole in your chest where it should be.
    Prerequisites: Willing Deformity.
    Benefit: You are staggered in an anti-magic or dead magic zone. You gain DR 3/- and your existing DR increases by 3 (this does not increase DR /- twice). You gain a +4 profane bonus to saving throws against Death effects and a +2 untyped bonus on saving throws against injury poisons.
    Normal: You die if you rip your heart out.

    Deformity (Tongueless) [Vile]
    You have cut out your own tongue in a dark pact with ancient forces of shadow and silence.
    Prerequisites: Willing Deformity.
    Benefit: You gain a +6 profane bonus to Move Silently checks. When you successfully strike a creature in melee you may choose to forgo dealing damage to force them to make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + Strength or Dexterity modifier + 1 per 5 points of damage which would have been dealt) or be rendered mute and unable to make any vocalizations for 1 round per Vile feat you possess.
    Special: You have no tongue, or at most a stub of one. You cannot talk, and swallowing is sort of hard.

    Demonic Rage [Vile]
    When your anger rises you take on traits of the Lords of the Abyss, your dark power seeming to bleed from you.
    Prerequisites: Ability to rage.
    Benefit: When you enter into a rage you seem to grow slightly, demonic traits growing evident upon your body; your feet changing into hooves, your face becoming mane or babau like, vestigial vrock wings extending from your back or other cosmetic changes. Any creature observing you rage may make a DC 15 Knowledge (the Planes) check to determine that the changes are fiendish in nature, and a DC 25 reveals that they are from a willing pact.
    While raging you gain a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks, DR 3/good, if you have DR X/- you gain DR X+3/good instead, and Spell Resistance 6 + your character level against spells and spell-like abilities of good aligned creatures.

    Devour Knowledge [Vile]
    You can eat the brains of your own kind to gain their knowledge and insights.
    Prerequisites: Kin Eater.
    Benefit: You may safely eat the brains of creatures of your type. If you eat the fresh brain of a slain creature which shares your type or species (in case your type has changed due to class features or templates) you can garner some of the knowledge held within. When you do so you gain knowledge of that creature’s Intelligence score, Wisdom score, Charisma score, Skill Ranks, and Feats and may choose one of the following benefits:
    • You are considered to have ranks in one skill equal to the number of ranks that creature had in it.
    • Gain the benefits of one feat the creature possessed.
    • Gain an enhancement bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to make your score equal the eaten creature’s.
    • Gain knowledge of 1 question per hit die as if interrogating the eaten creature’s intact corpse with Speak with Dead.

    These benefits last for 1 hour, or in the case of questions can be asked at any time within that period as a free action.
    You do not have to eat the entire brain to gain this benefit, one mouthful is sufficient. You can only gain this benefit from any one creature once. To gain this benefit the brain you devour must be no more than 8 hours old, a Gentle Repose or Preserve Organ spell can prolong this period.
    Normal: Eating brains is unhealthy and can lead to prion disorders (mad cow disease).

    Invoke Vile Heritage (Outsider) [Vile]
    You have the ability to invoke the blood of fiends which runs through your veins temporarily granting yourself their blasphemous forms.
    Prerequisites: Character Level 3+ and Fiendish Heritage, Fiendpact Medium, Tiefling, or Half-Fiend.
    Benefit: When you take this feat select Tanar’ri or Baatezu as your fiendish heritage (if you have Abyssal Heritor feats you must select Tanar’ri; if you select Tanar’ri this feat counts as an Abyssal Heritor feat). As a swift action you may assume the form of a fiend as if with the alternate form ability except that you lose any Su abilities from your race and gain those of your assumed form and you do not replace your physical ability scores with those of the assumed form instead replacing your Racial Ability modifiers for Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity with those of the assumed form (Ability score -10 or 11 if it is odd). You may return to your natural form as a swift action, and may remain in this alternate form for up to 10 rounds each day. The form assumed is dependent upon your Effective Class Level, and chosen fiendish heritage as shown on the table below. A fiendpact medium must choose Tanar’ri or Baatezu as matches their fiendish pact (exception: if they have Abyssal Heritor feats and a Baatezu pact they may choose either). All fiends are either from MM, FCI, or FCII. You may choose a weaker fiend.
    ECL Baatezu Tanar’ri
    3 Lemure Mane
    4-6 Spinagon Rutterkin
    7-10 Bearded Devil Bar-Lgura
    11-14 Erinyes Succubus
    15-19 Bone Devil Vrock
    20+ Gelugon Glabrezu

    Kin Eater [Vile]
    You can eat the flesh of your own species to heal your own wounds, and recuperate after battle.
    Benefit: You can eat the raw flesh of a member of your own species (they may be a different subrace of the same species, for example a goblin could eat a blue but not a hobgoblin, meanwhile a drow could eat a high elf or even an aquatic elf) without medical issues. In addition if you eat 4 or more ounces of meat from a single dead creature of your species you heal hit points equal to ½ their hit dice (minimum 1), and if you are fatigued that condition is ended immediately. When healing from this ability you may heal 1 point of ability damage to one physical ability score (Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity) instead of 5 hit points. If the devoured flesh is from your close kin (2nd cousin or 1st cousin twice removed or closer) you heal 2 hp per hit die of the devoured creature, and 1 point of ability drain to one physical ability score or all ability damage to all physical ability scores.
    To heal from this feat the meat you devour must be no more than 8 hours old, a Gentle Repose or Preserve Organ spell can prolong this period. You may not heal from eating the flesh of one creature more than once.
    If you are a half breed you count as both of your halves; or all of them if you have more than 2. If you have a template such as Half-Fiend you must choose one species of fiend to count as; despite the method of promotion each type of Baatezu or Tanar’ri is in fact treated as its own species.
    Normal: Eating the raw flesh of a member of your species is a good way to get sick, especially if it is the brain or certain other organs.

    Lolth Sworn [Vile]
    You have sworn yourself to the traitor goddess betraying Larethian and the elves as she once did.
    Prerequisites: Elf, non-drow, patron deity Lolth.
    Benefit: Swearing yourself to the spider goddess she grants you some of the benefits of her superior race of elves. You gain Darkvision 30 ft, your racial bonus to saves versus Enchantment now applies to any Will save made against a spell or spell-like ability, you gain proficiency in hand crossbows, and you gain the ability use the following spell-like abilities once per day: dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire. Your caster level equals your character level minus 2, and you must be at least 3rd level to use these spell-like abilities. You are considered a drow for spells and effects and fulfilling prerequisites (with the exception of this feat). Like drows you must pass the drider test at 6th level.

    Luck of Hell [Luck, Vile]
    There is no luck greater than that granted by Asmodeus (or other archfiends).
    Prerequisite: Must devote yourself to the service of an archfiend, elder evil, great old one or evil aligned deity.
    Benefit: You can expend one luck reroll to reroll any attack roll, saving throw, skill or ability check as an immediate action. However each time you use this feat you must hunt down and kill a good aligned humanoid for no purpose other than to placate your dark master, this humanoid must be ritualistically sacrificed to the dark entity. If you do not do so within a week you lose all benefits of this feat, suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, skill and ability checks, and have fiendish bounty hunters assigned to bring in your head until you perform the requisite sacrifices (however many are owed) and atone.
    You gain one luck reroll per day.

    Nightmare Weapon Specialization [Vile]
    The darkness of your soul wears away at the sanity of your foes with each blow.
    Prerequisites: Weapon Focus, Fighter level 4+.
    Benefit: When wielding a weapon you have Weapon Focus for your attacks deal 1 point of Wisdom damage in additional to their normal damage; this Wisdom damage is multiplied on a critical hit. Evil aligned Outsiders, Aberrations, Undead, and Magical Beasts are immune to this Wisdom damage.

    Overwhelming Hatred [Vile]
    Your hatred of your foe stirs a supernatural dread within them.
    Prerequisites: Favored Enemy, Intimidate 5 ranks.
    Benefit: The first time during an encounter that you strike a creature that you have as a Favored Enemy (trigger tracked separately for each creature) it must make a Will save (DC 9 + ½ your ranks in intimidate + Str or Dex whichever you use to hit) or be shaken for 1 minute as your sheer hatred overwhelms their senses. A creature must also make this save any time you score a critical hit which deals more than 4 damage to it per hit die it possesses.

    Vile Skill Focus [Vile]
    Who needs dedication and training to an art when dark pacts and sold souls can grant a fast road to power?
    Benefit: When you take this feat select a skill. You gain a +2 profane bonus to that skill. By sacrificing an animal to the dark powers you may increase this to a +3 bonus for 1 day. By sacrificing a sapient creature you can increase this to a +4 bonus for 1 day. By sacrificing a humanoid you can increase this to a +5 bonus for 1 day. By ritualistically sacrificing an Outsider with the Good subtype or a humanoid child you can increase this to a +6 bonus for 1 day. A creature whose alignment is evil and whose species is Always [insert] Evil does not count as a valid sacrifice. A creature which it is in your interest to kill for reasons other than as part of a vile feat is grants a bonus 2 less than it would otherwise (if you kill an animal and plan to eat it you get no bonus, if you sacrifice a defeated enemy you only get a +3 total). A ritualistic sacrifice for this feat takes 1 minute and involves reciting an incantation to the dark powers which grant it to you. If you select Craft or Profession with this feat all bonuses last 1 week instead of 1 day.
    Special: This feat counts as Skill Focus for the purposes of prerequisites.
    Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time you must select a different skill, however a single sacrifice functions for all instances of Vile Skill Focus as long as the dark beings with which you made a pact are the same for all instances.

    Vile Wild Shape [Vile, Wild]
    You can use your wild shape ability to take the form of an evil aligned magical beast or certain outsiders.
    Prerequisites: Wild shape class ability, wild shaping class level 8th.
    Benefit: You can use your wild shape ability to turn yourself into a displacer beast, hell hound, hieracosphinx, winter wolf, or worg.
    You can also turn into a fiendish version of any animal you could normally transform into. (At the DM’s discretion, other magical beast forms might be available to you. In general, this should be limited to creatures of CR 3 or lower.) You gain the extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the creature. This ability counts as a use of your wild shape ability and functions the same way.

    Writ in the Book of Names [Flaw]
    In a rite honoring the dark powers you have marred your own truename, abridging it and transforming it into something blasphemous.
    Prerequisites: Truespeak 2 ranks.
    Effect: The DC to speak your personal truename is decreased by 4, and you no longer gain a bonus to speak your own truename. If an evil outsider speaks your personal truename it may call you to its side from anywhere in the multiverse, or if you are within hearing offer you a suggestion (CL = its ranks in Truespeak); either way you may make a DC 15 + the speaker’s Int modifier Will save to resist the effect and be immune to that creature’s invocations of your truename for 1 hour. If another creature speaks your personal truename in your presence they may offer you a suggestion but the DC is only 13 + the speaker’s Int modifier, and they may not call you to their side.
    Special: You may only take a Vile feat or Fiendish Heritage as the bonus feat from this flaw.
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