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    The Brey-An

    Bhreey 'an, Qurhaam-Ghorh.
    Feetz arndh dhweendee hardhzh.

    Population: 670,000
    Region: 271

    Spoiler: Ruler

    A leader is chosen from amongst the herds by the amount of herds under their control, a majority does not need to be reached in this position, so long as the Herding Lord has the largest of the herds they can claim domain over any Hunting Ground, and can rely upon the other herds falling somewhat into place.
    The current Herding Lord is Karam Gor, he controls twenty five herds and can count on the support of a further thirty, his grounds are located in the central western area of the region and his herds are spread over a total of ten Herding Stones.
    His personal retinue consists of the Brey Shaman Ghaar, and twenty of his closest sons to whom he has bestowed the title of best-gors, giving them first rights to selection at the Herding Stones, the most senior of which, Adhrok, is a capable fighter and inspiring leader, of good stock.
    Karam's personal vestments include the banner of Aauldh-Hiin, made from tanned mannish hides and the eclectic collection of stones, bones and trinkets added over the decades, and the spear of Mugrar, a long polearm barbed down its shaft and designed for pain and suffering.

    Karam Gor
    Diplomacy: 2
    Military: 5
    Curiosity: 4
    Faith: 4
    Luck: 3

    Spoiler: Terrain

    The land to which the Breying herds call home is a combination of dense forests and thicket groves, interspersed with gentle glades and wild meadows, typically it is the glades and meadows upon which the Brey-An call home, their titanic herding stones at the center of a constantly drifting and chaotic community, and the forests where the beasts hunt. A particular landmark of this land is Bhuighrheets-Tor, a vast stone monument surrounded by smaller stone circles, and painted in archaic and crude glyphics, it serves as the focal point of many migrating herds as they pass throughout the land.

    There are also signs of some previous civilisation, a collection of stone houses and roads long overgrown or burnt to a cinder, perhaps the telling signs of the Brey-An's sordid past.

    Spoiler: People

    The Brey-An are a natural oddity, in the sense of their seemingly mannish qualities torturously grafted onto a goat like physiology, they stand upon cloven hooves, and yet show as much dexterousness as any handed creature, they gather in herds, and yet portray a society as close as the proudest kingdom, thick fur covers their hide, and yet they still adorn themselves in vestments and cloth.

    The culture of the herding Brey-An is somewhat backwards, on a technological level they are closer in form to ancient man, utilising stone and gathering to encourage growth, a few small herds have shown an ability, however limited, to smelt from bronze and press gold, the common herds will rely upon quarried stone; Large obelisks of unworked stone, painted with glyphics, form the center of herding communities, a herding stone will be placed at the center of a hunting field, this serves as a meeting place, fortification, beacon, supply hub, throne and multiple other functions.

    Communication is infrequent, and often done through the form of glyphics, the low grunts and shrill screeches of Breying beasts is often seen as the signs of animalistic behavior, but it hides a verbal tongue that only those properly attuned to the natural world, those such as druids and shaman, truly understand. Written communication is performed with the oft mentioned glyphic language, it is the means by which a herding lord will claim domain over a hunting ground, a shaman will announce the passing of the seasons and general news of exploits and story are shared, these painted runes coat the herding stones, in layers of faded ochre and lost meaning, no uniform either exists for the glyphics throughout the land, context and dialect can change a peaceful symbol into an aggressive insult.

    Spoiler: Resource

    The Brey-An are not often wont to trade, they lack the communication skills to meet out a proper balanced exchange and prefer to acquire their resources from frequent raiding. That said, the proper partner can expect abundant Stone from the herds, in form ranging from the sharpened slivers used in skinning and scraping game animals, to the hefty slabs that form the basis of Brey-An communion.

    Whilst the Brey-An do not want for much; additional Food would surely increase the expected size of a raiding herd, something no Herding Lord will turn down, such is their voracious appetite for both gnawed flesh and bloody combat.

    Spoiler: Religion

    The Brey-An are a shamanistic and superstitious lot. A Brey Shaman will act as a spiritual leader for a herd and advisor to its lord, they will also serve as the more intellectual moral support for a passing herd, as it is they who often decode the glyphics to determine the better choice in hunting grounds, whilst a Shaman's status is elevated amongst herds, both a Shaman and Lord will understand that neither shall attempt to overpower the other, since both mutually rely upon the others skill.

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