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Thread: My pantheon's take on Olidammara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mith View Post
    Potential titles to add to deities:

    Obad -Hai is the God of Summer (He rules during the growing periods, and dies at the end of Summer.)

    Nerull is the God of Winter (He kills Obad - Hai every Fall (Samhain/Halloween)?)

    Wee Jas is the Goddess of the Equinoxes (She buries and raises Obad-Hai every Fall and Spring)

    Obad-Hai is actually a new god every year (we just keep giving him the same name). He looks different every time and everything. Think kinda like...

    Anyways, this means that Obad-Hai is always young, and a bit of a wild man. A deific Tarzan. He's a primal badass, and much of his life is spent in combat with Nerull. The length of the seasons is determined by how long he lasts. The fact that Obad-Hai always loses is no indictment of his badassery; a fight to the death with the god of death is not what one would call a fair fight. Nerull just kinda goes "Oh, I can win by killing the other guy? That sounds easy." Remember that during the Winter Age, the gods and all their hosts together failed to ultimately defeat him. Obad-Hai is holding him off in single combat. Some think that if the Three Kings ever reconciled and really got their **** together they could take out Nerull, but even if they could get along they might not want to personally risk themselves in such a confrontation with a guy who churns out death effects by the millions.

    Harvest festivals show gratitude to Obad-Hai. They have an air sort of like those scenes in movies when one of the heroes takes a bullet for you, and he's propped up and bleeding out and says "Did... did I do it? Is everyone safe?" And everyone's in tears and says "You did it man. Everyone is happy and super safe." And he smiles and closes his eyes.

    At another holiday (possibly the winter solstice?), you're supposed to be very loud and distracting while Wee Jas sneaks out, evading Nerull's watchful eye, and steals Obad-Hai's corpse so she can plant a new Green Man somewhere.
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    As always, LudicSavant, while your expertise on the crunch of the game is obvious, to me it's the way you give fluff a flavour that I love; Every little detail like this is a golden nugget.
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