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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Templates (have we seriously not done this yet?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydos View Post
    That's how I got started here.

    You don't want me to make something right now... it'd be a ghoul only template for ghouls.
    Dragon Lord

    Type: May be applied to any Dragon of Ancient or older Age categories (including Dracoliches). Gain subtypes according to alignment ([Good], [Evil], [Lawful], [Chaotic])
    Size: A Dragon Lord becomes Colossal if they are not already.
    Alignment: Unchanged
    Armor Class: Natural Armor increases by 8
    Hit Points: A Dragon Lord's Hit Points are maximized.
    Resistances: Lose vulnerability (if any), gain resistance 10 to all others (keep immunity). DR increases to 15/--
    Speed: All speeds increase by 40 feet. Fly Maneuverability increase to (Good).
    Ability Score Changes: Str +10, Dex +4, Con +8, Int +10, Wis +10, Cha +8
    Skills: +10 racial bonus to appraise, diplomacy, all knowledges, and intimidate.
    Spellcasting: A Dragon Lord casts as a Sorcerer 5 levels higher than listed on their stat sheet.
    Special Abilities:
    • Aura of Majesty - Allies of the Dragon Lord are bolstered by their very presence. All allies within 10 ft. per HD of the Dragon Lord gain a +2 perfection bonus to all ability checks, skill checks, saves, attack rolls, and damage rolls. They are also not disabled when they reach 0 hit points, though they still die when they reach -10 HP (3.5) or -CON (PF). The Frightful Presence DC is increased by 4, and enemies are frightened if they fail their save and shaken if they succeed. Enemies of up to 12 HD cower if they fail their save and are panicked if they succeed.
    • Perfect Breath - A Dragon Lord may use their breath attack as often as they wish, as long as it is unmodified by metabreath feats. Metabreath feats applied to the breath weapon have their added time reduced by 2 rounds. The save DC for their breath weapon is increased by 2 and always deals maximum damage.
    • Inscrutable Mind - A Dragon Lord is immune to mind-affecting effects.

    CR: +4
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