Tree, Calrass
Gargantuan Plant (Evil, Psionic)
Hit Dice: 12d8+300 (354 hp)
Initiative: -5
Speed: 0 ft (0 squares)
Armor Class: 8 (-4 size, -5 Dexterity, +7 natural), touch 1, flat-footed 8
Base Attack/Grapple: - /-
Attack: -
Full Attack: -
Space/Reach: 10 ft/-
Special Attacks: Call Prey, Desecrate Aura, Entangle, Psi-like abilities, Shatter Mind Blank, Soul Eating, Wisdom draining aura
Special Qualities: Blind, Blindsight, Damage Reduction 15/slashing, Inanimate, Lifesense, Plant traits, Telepathy 300 ft, Vulnerability to Fire
Saves: Fort +32, Ref -1, Will +16
Abilities: Str -, Dex -, Con 58, Int 31, Wis 30, Cha 21.
Skills: Bluff +20, Concentration +30, Diplomacy +26, Intimidate +20, Knowledge (arcana) +25, Knowledge (history) +25, Knowledge (local) +25, Knowledge (nature) +25, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +19, Knowledge (religion) +25, Listen +25, Sense Motive +27, Spellcraft +27
Feats: Ability Focus (Call Prey), Ability Focus (Entangle), Improved Toughness, Iron Will, MindsightLoM
Environment: Cold and Temperate forests.
Organization: Solitary and protectors
Challenge Rating: 11???
Treasure: Incidental
Alignment: Always Neutral Evil
Advancement: 13-24 HD (gargantuan), 25+ HD (colossal)
Level Adjustment:
The conifer before you towers overhead. Its bark is a dark, dark grey unusual for a pine, nearly black in its coloration, its needles an emerald green. You can feel its whispers in your mind, calling you towards it.
A Calrass Tree looks like a large pine tree strangely dark of color. The truth of these trees is something far more sinister than a darkly colored tree. A calrass tree is a powerful psychic entity capable of reaching out telepathically and luring prey to it where it strips them of their Will and compels them to end their own lives.
A calrass tree uses the bodies of those who fall prey to its control as fertilizer, but that is merely incidental to its true purpose. A calrass tree hungers for something more, something else, a calrass tree hungers for the souls of men. It draws a psychic nutrient from these souls, even as it digests them over decades binding them to it and forcing them to serve as its guardians even as it devours them.
The presence of a calrass tree is perhaps even worse than its hunger. Its very existence twists the forest around it, leaving it a perverted realm. In a game which uses taint a calrass tree typically is found in a tainted region, if only because a place where a calrass tree grows typically becomes tainted as if with a concentration of undead.
A calrass tree cannot speak, but can communicate telepathically and can understand Common, Sylvan, and 9 other languages.
A calrass tree is inanimate making no movements during combat. It fights purely through its own psychic power and the wraiths created from those which have died in its surroundings.
Blind: A calrass tree is completely blind relying on Blindsight, Lifesight, and Mindsight.
Blindsight (Ex): A calrass tree does have highly sophisticated senses which are reliant upon fluctuations in electrical fields and air movement. They gain blindsight 30 ft.
Call Prey (Psi): A calrass tree is able to send out a psychic lure for the weak willed once per day. When it does so the nearest non-immune humanoid, giant, monstrous humanoid, or native outsider within 1000 ft must make a Will save (DC 23). If they fail their saving throw they are held within the sway of the tree being compelled to move closer by any means necessary until they are adjacent to the tree where they will remain. A creature under this effect may make an additional save every hour and the effect is broken if they move more than 1 mile from the calrass tree. If they succeed their saving throw then the next nearest applicable target must make a saving throw. Power Resistance applies to this effect and it is considered a 6th level psionic power. A creature under the sway of Call Prey will approach the tree in the most efficient way possible avoiding suicidal risks until within 30 ft of the calrass tree at which point it will move adjacent and wait taking no actions to defend itself. If a creature receives lethal damage equal to their character level in a single attack they are allowed a new save against this effect.
Once per year a calrass tree grows a single fruit. While it has the fruit it can use a modified version of this ability. When a creature under its effects is adjacent to the tree it can compel them to take the fruit and then send them away. This creature will act unwittingly under a compulsion effect which compels them to act normally except for a desire to protect the seed and avoid any effect which could break a compulsion (such as Dispel Magic) until they can find a suitable site to plant the fruit and then to end their life atop the site. They become the fledgling tree’s first meal and first wraith. It is in this means that a calrass tree propagates itself and why they do not grow in groves.
Desecrate Aura (Su): A calrass tree radiates an aura of desecration. This functions similarly to a desecrate spell cast on an altar of an evil god, but it extends out to 90 ft from th\e tree in all directions. As a supernatural ability it cannot be dispelled.
Entangle (Su): A calrass tree can cause fungus, plants, and dead plants within 60 ft to writhe and wriggle reaching out to grasp creatures within the range. This functions as an Entangle spell (DC 25). A calrass tree can suppress this ability or reactivate it at will as a free action. As a supernatural ability it cannot be dispelled and its saving throw DC is Charisma based (10 + ½ HD + Cha + 2 from Ability Focus).
Inanimate: A calrass tree is inanimate. It cannot move. It is rooted to the ground and extremely hard to move, and is immune to most effects which would move it. It is between 7 and 9 ft in diameter and the larger calrass trees take up the entirety of their square.
Lifesense (Su): A calrass tree notices and locates living creatures within 90 feet, just as if it possessed the blindsight ability. It also senses the strength of their life force automatically, as if it had cast deathwatch.
Psi-like Abilities: At-will: Ego Whip (DC 21), Intellect Fortress, Telekinetic Force, 3/day Mind Probe (DC 20), Psionic Modify Memory (DC 19), 1/day Psionic Divination, Psionic Legend Lore (this functions as the spell, despite being a psi-like ability this retains the spell’s casting time), Suggestion (DC 21). ML 12.
Shatter Mind Blank (Psi): A calrass tree can instantly dispel any and all mind blank effects on a target within medium range (100 ft + 10 ft per manifester level) if it can overcome the target’s power resistance. This requires a standard action and is equivalent to a 5th level psionic power. The manifester level for this effect is 12.
Soul Eating (Su): A calrass tree is able to consume the souls of humanoids, giants, monstrous humanoids, and native outsiders which die within 60 ft of it. These souls are the main portion of its psychic diet and are digested slowly over the course of years; tales stating 1000 years, but actual research indicating something closer to 50 to 100 years. While a creature’s soul is being digested the calrass tree can project it as a wraith, or on rare occasion a powerful soul manifests as a dread wraith, forcing the half digested soul out into the world to defend the wraith or kill its new victim. A wraith created this way can meld back into the tree as a full round action that requires them to be sharing a space; 1 minute within the tree allows the wraith to fully heal. Wraiths created this way are automatically created within the aura of descration around the calrass tree gaining the normal bonuses (+4 hp/HD). A wraith created by a calrass tree has its daylight powerlessness suppressed within 1000 ft of the calrass tree and serves it unswervingly; a calrass tree gains a +10 racial bonus to Charisma checks to control such wraiths.
Telepathy (Su): A calrass tree may communicate telepathically out to 300 ft with any creature that has a language.
Wisdom Draining Aura (Su): Any creature which begins or ends its turn adjacent to a calrass tree suffers 1 point of Wisdom drain.