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    Before even the first among the undead, the fight between light and dark has raged. Men and women have, since long before memory, held up the light as a talisman against the many fears and uncertainties that they faced. But the faces of darkness became ever more frightful, leading many to fear that the glittering stars of civilization that dotted the darkened map would be extinguished. So they fought fear with fear and sought to give the light a terrible visage of its own. They took to their crops and gathered up gourds, turnips and pumpkins. These they hollowed, hallowed and carved until they glared upon the world with pointed fangs and gaping eyes. Within these shells they stowed the sacred light, and held them aloft to terrify the darkness with burning shadows of their own.

    Jack's Lantern
    This pumpkin has had terrible faces of anguish and fright carved upon it in many varying sizes and expressions. From every angle, hollow eyes and twisted grins greet the world. A twisting, green stem serves as a rope to hang or hold the lantern. There is a place inside for a candle, which can be reached through the largest of the mouths. When lit, twisted, glowering shadows are projected in every direction from the various faces cared into the lantern. They flicker as the fire does, seeming almost alive.

    As long as the lantern is lit, mindless undead cannot move closer than 20 feet from it. They are not pushed back if the lantern bearer advances, however. Outsiders and sentient undead are also repelled, though they may make a DC 15 wisdom(DC 18 Will) saving throw to ignore the effects. Success renders them immune to this effect for 24 hours. Treat Jack's Lantern as a hooded lantern for the purposes of exposure to wind. If the fire goes out, it must be re-lit before Jack's Lantern will function again, entitling all who failed their saves the first time around to a second saving throw.
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