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    Quote Originally Posted by inuyasha
    I just discovered the pathfinder settlement rules and made this

    Is that spooky enough for the purposes of this thread?
    It looks pretty good to me! Seems like it might be a cool place to quest in- albeit really worrying. :)

    Sirocco of the Last Breath{Weather of Horror}:
    There truly is magic in the act of departing. A stunning blow of silence and finality that closes the doors of the future in one last gasp. Some say that the soul leaves the body with the final sigh, wending its way to wherever it may chance to wander. But what is that last breath? Is it a release of life or a final, flailing stutter, grasping at survival? Whatever it is, whether clinging or releasing, the last of our lives are in it. Sometimes, that final spark doesn't pass by so peacefully as a sigh. Sometimes, when the gates of death are thrown wide by the lives of many, or the final gasps of the greedy and strong, that last breath clings.

    The Sirocco of the Last Breath is composed of the final exhalations of the living. It is a violent gust or sudden storm that sweeps across large areas, clawing with rough, dry grasps at the throats of those who would keep their breaths within. It is hard to predict how long it will last or how far it will travel before the force that stirred it will finally let go of life. Sometimes a Sirocco will haunt a single area for a few moments, or scythe, wild and frantic, across a countryside. Those within the rushing wind find their breath torn away from them, unable to pull it back despite their choking and sputtering.

    All those subject to a sirocco of the last breath are rendered unable to breathe normally, taking 1d6 points of nonlethal damage unless they make their saving throw (see below) until the storm has passed or until the creature has found cover from the wind.

    Each creature so affected may make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15)/Fortitude save (DC 17) each round on its turn to regain its breath. Any creature who regains its breath may spend two consecutive rounds aiding another (CPR), allowing that creature to automatically pass its saving throw.

    The area of a sirocco of the last breath is also subject to Strong Winds that automatically extinguish unprotected flames (candles torches, and the like). Such gusts impose a -2 penalty on ranged attacks and Listen checks. Tiny and smaller creatures are Knocked Down by the wind (falling prone unless they succeed on a DC 10 Fortitude save/Constitution save) and if flying, are blown back 1d6x10 feet

    It is unknown if necromancy can be applied to deliberately create this phenomenon.
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