If you do not wish to request an avatar but still want a custom made one:
The Adoption Center is Open!

OotS Avatar Artists: If your status has changed, please PM either me or one of the Arts and Crafts mods to change the list. Thank you.

To all others: It is considered bad form to use an avatar without asking permission of the artist. Unless, of course, you have it specifically made for you. Please ask before you use any of the avatars in the portfolios of the artists unless it states in their requisites or on their portfolio site that you may use the avatar without asking permission.

If after you've posted your request to the request thread twice and there is no response, please PM one of the active artists below. (Do not repost your request until at least 48 hours after your original request, please.)

If you are PMing a request please do not PM multiple artists. They don't want to waste their time doing a favour for you if you've already got someone else doing the exact same thing.

If you've made a request but want to change it completely (that is, a whole new concept and not just a tweak to your original request) you may do so without waiting the 48 hours one normally has to wait in between requests. However, if you do this you must cancel your previous request, and you may not change it again until 48 hours after your most previous request.

A slight suggestion: to save loading time to make a post, please make a link to your picture after 3 days to make it easier on dial-up.

Guides to Making Avatars:
Please check here before you post a question about how to make your own avatars.

Adobe Illustrator
MS Paint and Ifranview

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Just click on the artist's name to send them a private message for requests.
Design Hints
Courtesy of Sneak
Please include the following things in your request.
Things with Xs next to them are not required, but would be helpful.

X Any other notable features (scars, tattoos, etc.)
X If their skin is a special color, add that
Hair color
X Class
X Pose you would like your avatar to be in

Avatar Designers

If you want to know which avatarists are available for PM, take a look in the OotS Avatarist thread.
or the Calling OotS Avatarists thread