Name: VoidStalker, Stalky, Vovo, and so on and so forth. [Disclaimer : Call me ridiculous names at your own peril.]

Availability to Host Campaigns: Yes.

Contact Information: Please PM me, it goes straight to my mailbox.

Posting Frequency: Every day we're shufflin'

Systems You Can Run: Tabletop experience with Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K (Dark Heresy;Black Crusade), Pathfinder, Homebrew system.
I can run almost anything I can get my hands on, but I'll run it my way. Without number crunching.

Preferred Campaign Types: Role-play heavy, grimdark.

Sample Game Threads: I've DMed a Dark Heresy campaign on Skype via Obsidian Portal, but haven't gotten around to anything on this forum. Yet.

Current Games: None. Yet.

Future Games: It's somewhere in the recruitment forum. Look for it. Ssstalk me assss I ssstalk you.