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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    Gender Male
    Equipment: Emerald Mindblade Katana, Emerald Mindarmor (light armor) (with partial transparency); other clothing: black camouflage ninja outfit.
    Skin color: Tan (think middle-eastern olive-skinned)
    Hair color: Black with Green Highlights (full-head of hair but short cut)
    Eye color: If not black, emerald green
    Race: Emerald Dragon-blooded Xeph
    Class: Soulknife
    Pose: traditional, cobra, or tao dueling stance with free hand emanating transparent emerald energy.

    Mindblade specifics: I dont want the soulknife "wielding" the mindblade in the traditional sense that one would wield a weapon, I want the hand in a fist and the blade floating around/over the hand (similar to a katar).

    Spoiler: Something like this except OOTS style and not Top-Down
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