I would like somebody to please make an female Arcosian for a Dragon Ball Z game I'm playing
Spoiler: Description

Has 4 forms, choose any you want, though I'd prefer 3rd form.

She looks like Frieza in forms 1 and her final form, except is pale blue instead of purple. (Other details up to you) Her 2nd form (Frieza's really huge devil one) looks like an Arcosian Valkyrie (Tall, statuesque, etc) and her 3rd form (Frieza's borderline plagiarism of the Aliens movies) looks humanoid, but the shape of her horns, her tail and other details are a lot like a Bullete. Plus her mouth is literally from ear-to-ear (kinda like a Glasgow smile) and her smile is creepy as SH-T!

I would be forever grateful of somebody drew this.