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    Default Re: Request an OotS style Avatar 14: Even More Revenge

    I was wondering if anyone could make a Dwarf Paladin avatar for a pbp I (possibly) might be playing in.
    I haven't really thought of specific details and stuff so he can be a pretty generic avatar if you want.
    Mountain Dwarf Paladin
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Chainmail, Warhammer, Shield, Holy Symbol
    Any other notable features (scars, tattoos, etc.): Brass ring on his finger.
    Skin Color: Mountain Dwarf Skin Color
    Hair color: Brown with a thick beard.
    Race: Mountain Dwarf
    Class: Oath of Devotion Paladin
    Pose you would like your avatar to be in: Nothing in particular but I'd like to see him holding his Warhammer and shield, wearing his armor, and wearing the ring.

    I'll be sure to give you credit in my signature as well.
    Thanks so much.

    EDIT: My Pbp fell through so I no longer need this. Thanks anyway.
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