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    Name: Ludic
    Availability to Host Campaigns: Yes!
    Contact Information: PM me.
    Posting Frequency: I don't intend to run a PbP. Real time games only. That said I'm highly responsive to people trying to get ahold of me.
    Systems You Can Run: Quite a lot, but I plan to run 3.5e.
    Preferred Campaign Types: Adventure, exploration, mysteries, epics, dungeoneering. My games are roleplay and strategy heavy. Expect a challenge both creatively and tactically.
    Sample Game Threads: I don't run PbP games, so there are no sample game threads. If you want to get a sense of my style, check out the stuff in my sig, maybe? Also, you can get an idea of the quality of my PbP posts here (although I'm a PC in that game):
    Current Games: None at the moment, which is why I'm available to host a campaign.
    Future Games: Something involving the pantheon in my sig. Haven't decided on the specifics. Also probably something in Eberron.
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