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    Theoretically, Corellon and Moradin are co-equal rulers. However, Moradin tends to focus on running practical day to day affairs and projects of creation while Corellon tends to announce the big political calls which could change the future of the pantheon. According to followers of Corellon, this shows how Corellon is willing to take on the burden of upholding the face of a monarch, with the strength to make hard choices and to take the blame for controversial decisions upon himself even if they may not in fact be solely his decisions. Proponents of Moradin counter that Moradin is really the one who's making the world turn, and leaves the petty politics to Corellon. Seriously, people argue about who is better about as often as people argue about whether Goku or Superman would win in a fight.

    Gruumsh believes that they are both corrupt. He is "He Who Never Sleeps" because he is filled with a fury borne of a cause which will not permit him rest. He is a god of a vanquished people, patron of revolutionaries and "savages" who are all-too-often forced to acculturate or die in the name of Corellon and Moradin's idea of progress and civilization. He is the god of storms, both natural and social.

    Spoiler: Gruumsh

    Spoiler: Moradin

    Spoiler: Corellon
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    As always, LudicSavant, while your expertise on the crunch of the game is obvious, to me it's the way you give fluff a flavour that I love; Every little detail like this is a golden nugget.
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